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 Do I have a head injury?
Last month whilst stooping to pass through a low door I whacked the top of my head on a wooden beam, it felt like it knocked the top of my scalp off! I felt very sick and dizzy, and i did have severe ...

 I fell down the steps...?
I fell down the steps a week and a half ago. I slide down on my back. The only pain i still have is in my tailbone. The pain has gotten worse. Its very painful to sit and stand and it only eases ...

 Today I saw a Doctor he did a cat-scan?
the doctor found a piece of metal that is 18mm in size, has anyone every heard of such a thing?...

 finger injury?
just about 10 mintues ago i had my hands in a punching position and my right hand shifted somehow and i felt a rip in my pointer finger. it is not swolled but it is stiff and hard to move what did i ...

 How much is "heavy" when I'm told no heavy lifting after surgery?

Additional Details
lap appendectomy/ovary and tube ...

 My coccyx... PLEASE HELP!?
About a year ago, i fell really hard on my coccyx and couldnt walk. about 3 mounths later i fell again. about a week ago, someone kicked me in the back, and i have been having pain, and aching and ...

 Hurt on the Job.....Should I try to file a third party Negligence suit or not!?
So my employer decided to have the office fumigated without telling any of the employees. One minute we were all sitting there working & the next Pesticides were being sprayed in front of my desk ...

 how do you know when to use heat or ice for an injury.?
i have a wierd pain in the front of my shoulder. it hurts to bring my arm up and back. what do i do?...

 Bathing with an ankle cast
I have a temp cast on my ankle, almost up to my knee. Is there any easy way to get clean without getting it wet?
Additional Details
I know in theory to put it in a plastic bag, but how ...

 Can you get a concussion if you don't hit your head?
My mom was in a small fender bender the other day. She was hit at a red light, while she was stopped. She thought she was okay, and then a few days later her legs and fingers started feeling tingly ...

 do i have nerve damage?
well i get tingling sounds in the top of my spine by my neck .some times out of the middle of no were my head starts spinning, and it makes it hard for me to breathe, my body goes numb in ceratin ...

 Could I have broken or jammed my finger playing basketball?
Today at school we were playing basketball ( As Usual ) and when I tried to get the ball ( Which was moving really fast ) it slammed into my pinky finger. It hurt so bad I walked off the court and ...

 Is this infected(pics inside)??
hi!!!!! The other day, well friday i wore these shoes that really rubbed me, and gave me a really bad blister on my heel :( ive been puttimg iodine on it to disenfect it, but i think it may be ...

 my forearm was fractured last july. Now it is healed but - muscles on my elbow tigthened, any self therapy?
Any self therapy you can suggest that i can do at home?...

 During my workouts I get blinding pain in the back of my head?
Usually it happens when I'm bench pressing, an immense amount of pain would rush to the back of my head and start pulsating, radiating an immense amount of pressure and pain. I've been ...

 pulled tendon or ligament in my foot? Im not sure ,and need help!?
Last weekend I fell over a toy and did something to my foot. Right after I fell I couldnt walk. And a big ball formed on top of my foot. It soon spread and my whole foot is swollen and bruised. I ...

 Urgent! Sprained Ankle?!?
I sprained my ankle, should I leave my shoe on or take it off? Which is better? Please help me, this is urgent!...

 Speech Problem, need Help here...?
Okay, about 6 months ago, my husband had a serious work related injury, involving about a 2 story fall. He had hit his head on a cement floor and was taken to the hospital. They did there things ...

 Help with a sprained toe?
Hi, last night I was running around on my house and I hit two of my toes on the wooden base of my couch. They were swollen and throbbing when I went to sleep last night. When I woke up, they were ...

 Is this a sprained wrist or just sore joints?
Ok so i was skatebaording and i skated over a pot hole..didnt see til after...and my wrist didnt start hurting until the next day. I still hurts two days after the incident and my parents wont let me ...

Can a slipped disc in the upper back, near the shoulderblade, be caused by a shoulder dislocation??
I have chronic shoulder dislocations and was recently diagnosed with a slipped disc near my shoulder blade. I'm wondering if the disc could have "slipped" or whatever, when I dislocated my shoulder on that side??

Normally, the intervertebral disc lies between the vertebral bodies, which consist of the four concentric layers.
1.the first outer layer is the ‘outer anulus fibrosus’
2.the second layer below it is the ‘fibro cartilaginous inner anulus fibrosus’
3.the 3rd layer below it is a transition zone
4.the central portion is the ‘ central nucleus pulposus’
The central nucleus pulposus is a ball of transparent jelly, collagenous fibers, cells and mucopolysaccharides. The annulus fibrosus is made up of rings of fibers oriented in different directions that surround the central nucleus with a tough casting.
The discs serve as shock absorbers of the forces of compression. The ability of the nucleus to become distorted, and of the annulus fibrosus to bend, gives the vertebral bodies the ability to move on each other and to distribute the forces of compression.
Lumbar disc prolapse results from herniation of soft disc material from the nucleus pulposus through a tear in the annular ligament. It most often occurs laterally but may be central, compressing the cauda equina. It is most usual in fit young people 20-30 years of age, following an awkward strain or lift.
Distribution of load in the intervertebral disc: (A) In the normal, healthy disc, the nucleus distributes the load equally throughout the anulus. (B) As the disc undergoes degeneration, the nucleus loses some of its cushioning ability and transmits the load unequally to the anulus. (C) In the severely degenerated disc, the nucleus has lost all of its ability to cushion the load, which can lead to disc herniation.

As we age, the nucleus tends to shrink and become dry, and therefore to become less elastic and more fibrous. The annulus fibrosus concomitantly thickens and becomes more prone to rupture.
Technically speaking, a prolapsed disc refers to the herniation of the nuclear material due to tears in the annulus fibrosus. Pain and inflammation develop from pressure of the nucleated material on the posterior longitudinal ligament and the dura mater (the outer covering of spinal cord). The nerve root that can be affected is the one below the vertebra. If the nerve root becomes affected, pain may be experienced in the corresponding dermatomal area, and weakness and reduced reflexes may develop in the muscles.

First their is no such thing as a slipped disc, as the disc does not slip anywhere.
The glenohumeral [shoulder] joint is the most mobile joint in the body. The head of the humerus sits in the shallow cup of the glenoid fossa. It is stabilized mostly by soft tissue, including the glenoid labrum and rotator cuff muscles. Because of its inherent instability, the glenohumeral joint is the most commonly dislocated joint.
So the humerus is pulled out of the shallow cup, hence dislocation. Obviously you do not state how this occurred, seems more than once, perhaps a underlying health condition? However in general I doubt dislocating your shoulder, shoulders multiply times would have any influence on the discs in the neck. However depending on how you dislocated the shoulder, for example a car accident, whiplash injury could have repercussions for the discs in your neck. You need to be more specific on the 'slipped disc' as that term is no longer used, so need to find out what damage has been done to the disc. Whatever implies that you do not know, have not had a MRI, do not have a report, so go and have a MRI. Good Luck

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