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 What does it mean when the area around a wound gets hot?
I cut my knee open two days ago, and the bruised area around it is quite a bit warmer than the rest of my skin. What does this mean? Is it infection or just part of the healing process?...

 how to ease the pain of a gun shot wound PLEASE HELP!!!!?
i went and got the bullet taken out at the hospital 3 days ago but every day it gets more swollen and it constantlly burning and it keeps discharging. its very very very swollen. should i go back to ...

 is it possible to break a bone in your foot and?
not know it when you did it? my left foot has, what looks like, a bone out of place. it kind of protrudes and looks like a second ankle bone below my ankle bone. it hurts but more of an ache and it ...

 Should I tell my mom?
I was feeling really down about myself so I decided to cut. The first few cuts were deep but not so deep. The fourth was REALLY deep. Now there is a huge opening on the top of my arm and I don't ...

 What is the worst injury you've ever had?
And how bad did it hurt?
On a scale of 1-10 (1=papercut, 10=birth)...

 i got a nose ring 2-3 months ago...?
the nose ring is gold and its not suppose to get infected.. ( thats what i hear) but inside my nose, i have this huge bump which wont go away and i really want to wear a stud and take the nose ring.....

 Near Death experience Forum please answer 10 points?
Mine was year ago 12 years old =) I was BMX riding with my friends so i was dared to go as fast as i can down a concrete hill so i said fine.
so that went fine. So we were in the woods so i was ...

 Whats wrong with my ankle?
I used to be a good runner about 3 years ago and I still am but I cant run for a long time anymore because my ankle always starts to hurt, this problem started years ago but it goes away and when I ...

 I started walking 2 miles a day, about 3 weeks ago,Then yesterday, upon waking, both knees are swollen?
I don't know if I over did the walking on the tread mill, walking fast, for 2 miles a day.But under my knee caps, Both knees are swollen and very ...

 Finger really hurting, is it broken?
A few weeks ago, i had an accident, my finger make a loud snapping sound, swelled straight away and was red hot and very painfull (i couldn't touch it). I didn't bother going to A&E ...

 I hurt my wrist after gym..its been 2 weeks, still hurt..what should i do?
the pain is under the thumb area close to the wrist......

 Shin Splints??
What are good ways to take care of shine splints. I have them in each leg, and I play 7th grade soccer and basketball and I love running. I don't want to quit basketball. Soccer is already over ...

 Surgery! Driving me crazy!?
I had hernia surgery to my stomach two weeks ago. The incision is approximately 10 in long.

The area along the incision line is itching terribly and is driving me crazy. No sutures or ...

 Why do some black and blue marks turn yellow?
like in this picture:


 i twisted my ankle while running if im go to the hospital will they give me crutches im based in London?

 My Ankles keep swelling?
Two years ago i was in a atv accident and injured both ankles one was severly sprain and brused the other on. Everyday my ankle swells up it leaves sock imprint eventhought there not very tight. I ...

 Last night I fell into a thorn bush?
There were about 17 little splinters in my hand. I pulled out all but 3-4 of them. Now all of the spots that splinters went in are red and slightly swollen. Some that still have the splinters in are ...

 Is My Brother Gonna Go Blind?!?
Please no joking and dont lie. I'm really scared and i cant sleep. Today, i spilt a bit of alcohol (theone used for cuts and ear infection and stuff) in my little brothers eye and he started ...

 absolutely TERRIFIED of needles. how do i get over it since ive gotta take a blood test tomorrow?
the doctor thinks i have anemia and wants me to take a blood test as soon as possible. the thing is whenever the doctor mentions a vaccine or blood test i break down crying. i am so scared. i dont ...

 sprained ankle.wont go away?
i sprained my ankle in practice about a week and a day ago.
i sat out on 2 games and one scrimmage.my ankle is bruised up and hurts whenever i stand up after i sit. i ice it every night but it ...

Can a femur bone spiral fracture occur with out abuse in a 3- 4 week old infant? If so How?
I am looking for accidental or can it be sustained during birth?

Harold D
Yes, it could be broken during delivery, especially if it was a difficult one. Supposedly my collarbone was broken during delivery. Things like that can happen easily since the bones are small and much more fragile.

Could it be from brittle bone disease?

Unless there is some medical condition I would find it highly unlikely that a thigh bone would be twisted in such a way as to get fractured during birth. We are not born feet first like cattle and they don't usually pull a breech baby out they would do a c-section. The most common parts to be injured are the collarbone and shoulders. Also they are going to be able to tell if the fracture occured 3-4 weeks ago cause it would already be in the process of healing.

Why are you asking? Why are you 'looking' for accidental, I mean.... I'm sorry but the lack of information in your question makes your question awful suspicious in a very bad way.

You need to talk to a Dr. I hope the baby wasn't abused.

fracture with no reason? i'd say not unless there is a severe underlying medical problem

‚ô• J'Adore J.M del Potro‚ô•
I wouldn't think it would be easy. Baby's bones are so soft and the femur is still very underdeveloped at that age, in fact, the most commonly broken part of the femur isn't developed. And then you are saying spiral fracture... I mean it must be possible but I have no idea how. Very very very unlikely I'd say.

Spiral fracture in a femur means a hard twisting motion occurred. Sounds like abuse.

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