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A cut to the vein -- what to do?
While trying to break up a fight between my cats (stupid I know, but one is much stronger than the other), one of them scratched my left wrist pretty deep. He got me right in my vein. At first it hurt, but now 5-10 minutes later, my hand and wrist hand are feeling kind of numb (pins and needles), and I can feel it going up my arm. I've been putting pressure on the cut with a towel. Is it okay to clean it with peroxide? Anything else I should do? Thanks.

you need to get to the doctor's to see if it is infected or needs stitches. You may have what is called cat scratch fever (yes it is real, I had it once), if so you will have to get special prescription. good luck

Call 911!

See a surgeon immediately, cant really tell the extent of the injury like this.
You also probably need a shot of TT and pain killer with seratiopeptidase n antibiotic coverage.

Dont use hydrogen peroxide, can be toxic if it goes into ur vein.

Well cutting your vein is pretty serious! I think you should #1 go see a doctor as an emergenct appointment

or #2 call 911 and they will come check you out and if they think you need emergency care they will take you to the emergency room. And if they think you will be ok then they will give you some tips and you will not have to go to the ER please call 911 to get an ambulance you could loose a lot of blood from cutting your vein open.

DO NOT PUT PEROXIDE ON IT!!! Please just go to the ER fast!

yes put some neosporin on it and cover with a bandaid the 2 hours later do that again but first wash out the cut. im a docter

Sounds like you need stitches. ANd it may have injured some nerves

Peroxide is pretty harsh for cleaning a wound. Use plain soap and water to clean it and then apply a good pressure dressing if it is still bleeding. If you do have trouble controlling the bleeding even with a pressure dressing don't hesitate to go to an urgent care center. Unless you use peroxide for other purposes I would not worry about having it on hand as it is pretty harsh for cleaning wounds. Soap and water is the recommended cleaning method now.

Just Q
You are probably experiencing some kind of an allergic reaction due to the amount of germs and bacteria that can be found under the nails of animals. . .cats in particular.
Benadryl can help with the "allergic reaction".
If this reaction does not subside within an hour or two or if the symptoms seem to get worse,I would recommend that you make a visit to the ER.
Soap and water is great.Peroxide won't hurt but really won't help that much either.
Once you get the bleeding to subside and you can really examine the wound you might find that you may need a stitch or two if the cut can not be held together with a "butterfly" which you can purchase at the Pharmacy.
Antibiotic ointment should be used on a regular basis until the wound has healed.
Update your tetnus if needed.

This incident only goes to prove that my answer to a question just recently asked about trying to break up an animal fight was correct as you suffered the exact injury that I spoke of.

Good Luck

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