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 Do you have a cold or the flu right now?
I feel terrible with a sore throat, bad headache and stuffy nose. I just want to share with people who may be feeling like crapola too!...

 Gloves, Yes?

 Buddy went to take a hiv test said he felt something in side his arm apart from the needle. later found that t
the hospital are racist to balck people
i found this link , http://www.blink.org.uk/print.asp?key=7773

i am so scrared for my buddy
he took another test a month after came ...

 what is the swine flu?
ok i dont watch the news or anything, and everyone is talking about this swine flu...what is it?...

 I think my brother has swine flu. Should I call the police?
i saw on the internet that its really ...

 Swine flu in my school...?
Well, there is this kid who has the Swine Flu (We contacted him, and he does) and we asked the principal what they're going to do, and they don't know yet. What're they suppose to do ...

 my friend when for a std test on her own she said that she could feel something apart from the needle and i to
took her to have another test in a std private clinic and she said she couldnt feel anything .....is this anxiety or did they purposely try to infect her with ...

 Does dog/cat poo have rabies virus?

 I have Infected toes, I don't know what it is? HELP!?
I have looked on Google and searched but haven't got the right description of the infection. My toes have some sort of pimples and a bleeding infected blister. HELP! not Athlete's Foot ...

 can i just get my tonsils removed now so i can avoid it in the future?

i had a cold which was just sneezing and then today i'm feeling extremly sick. I have a high fever headache..i'm a bit dizzy now looking at the computer and i'm sneezing + runny noes<...

 What will happen if the Swine flu advances to a level 6?
What will happen if the swine flu goes to a level 6. Please tell me in a very simple way. Thank ...

 My brother told me HIV is not real?
He was doing research

he told me that hiv is when you have no immune system and you get other sicknesses.
there is no such thing as hiv/aids.
something about how in the long run ...

 Why don't people get leprosy anymore?

 My brother has a 104 fever that has been going up and down all day. What should I do?
This happened last night and has not gotten any better. We've tried applying freezing cold towels all over his body. We are getting more and more nervous. What should I do? He is 10 years old.<...

 I think I might have swine flu! Help.?
I have all the symptoms of swine flu, sleeping on and off all day, aching all over, really bad stiff neck, bad headache, coughing, feeling hot and cold, but iv been eating ok though.

Could ...

 is swine flu deadly in young adults?
is swine flu deadly in young adults? or with people with underlying problems?...

 Someone please tell me why the regular flu isn't an epidemic?
WTF....right now, all over the world there are thousands of people dying from the regular flu, MRSA, and the common cold...
and we don't get breaking news every single time a case is ...

 What should i do if my brother started to get chicken pox and i didn't get it yet?
Im 13 yrs old and i havent had chicken pox yet. i have a brother who is 7 yrs old and he got chicken pox from his classmates. what should i do to not have it? i dont wanna have pox yet cuz i dont ...

 Question For parents?
Do you agree with keeping schools closed after the summer holidays due to the swine flu pandemic?...

why are viral infections more difficult to treat than bacterial infections?

They do not respond to our antibiotics

Virus is not always detected due to lesser information on data.Plus cycle of a virus usually completes before it disappear.

unlike bacteria viruses are not considered living organisms
they are tiny units of protein

we know how cells including bacteria work

A cell is a stand-alone living entity able to eat, grow and reproduce
viruses are nothing like that
infact they are extremely tiny particles that are not easily seen even under some microscopes
they are smaller than bacteria and the cells in our bodies
thousands of times smller

" a virus must have a host cell in which to live and make more viruses.
Outside of a host cell, viruses cannot function.Unlike human cells or bacteria,
viruses do not contain the chemical machinery (enzymes) needed to carry out the chemical reactions for life. Instead, viruses carry only one or two enzymes that decode their genetic instructions".

so after all is said,
how do you kill the virus without killing the cell and eventually the person who's cells have been infected ?????????

also, it is hard to treat viral infections because viruses change their makeup, they mutate every now and then one years virus is totally diferent from the next years'
meaning what ever solution
( mostly vaccines)
might have been used the previous year, will not be effective the following year

the vaccine works by stimulating the bodys immune response to the virus.
it is made from a weakened,altered or killed virus and helps by sensitizing your immune system to that particular virus and
therefore creating immunity

viruses may move from one cell to another without necesarily entering circulation which also adds to the complication in treatment

the list goes on.....................!

to sum it up viruses are tiny complicated,persistant and sturborn horrors

i hope this helped in anwering your question!

Fabio D
because they spread trough the air, bacterial infections only by contact, you don't need to touch the infected person, but you need to breath

Because antibiotics can only be used to treat infections caused by bacteria.However, some infections have become resistant to (unable to be treated by) certain common antibiotics. As a result, these infections are now more difficult to treat than in the past:
Staphylococcus aureus,Tuberculosis,Gonorrhea,Salmonella and
Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Colds,Flu,Most coughs and bronchitis and Sore throats (except for those resulting from strep), are all caused by viruses

Rebecca N
Because there is no drug yet that has been discovered that can kill a virus. Unlike bacteria which has all sorts of antibiotics capable of killing bacteria. Interferon is a new viral neutralizer but its efficacy is very limited or sometimes nothing at all. To treat viral infection, the body has to form antibodies against it and if enough antibodies has been formed slowly the virus will be neutralized. However this is not the case all the time because there are some viruses like AIDS virus or Viral Hepatitis Virus wherein the body is unable to produce antibodies so eventually the person dies.

they do not respond to antibiotics or even antivirals because viruses are mutational, they change their capacity of virulence (attack)...that's why when it's hard to get over colds because there is no medicine that can actually cure it or stop it...but rather aleviate the symptoms.

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