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 i have a urinary tract infection...it says to drink water?
it says drinking lots of water will help flush out the bacteria.but the thing is hello?im scared to pee cuz it hurts, should i really drink lots of water,ill have to pee more and that means more pain!...

 Terrified that I could have food poisoning from chicken yesterday please help :-(?
Yesterday at about 5pm I ate some of a tesco spicy chicken pasta pot, the chicken looks fine inside but one bit I ate tasted rancid so I stopped eatting it after that.
I have managed to panic ...

 Cold or hot drinks when you have a sore throat coming on?
Ive always wondered this, always ate ice cream and its helped, but people say lemon hot water. I found hot makes you have a cough but cold makes you loose your voice... asked my doctor and he said ...

 Did you get sick after your first Kiss?
Hello all im just wandering out of interest, if any of you got sick after your first kiss or just sometimes do get sick from kissing?

just wandering cause for the first time I hooked up ...

 what is the difference between the swine flu and a regular flu?

Additional Details
i know that people die from a regular ful

so y is the media makeing a big deal of it if its the same?...

 How can you get swine flu?
I dont know how you can get swine flu, and i need to know becosue i am freaked ...

 what should i do if my daughter has swine flu? Help?
I purchased 2 bottles of acyclovir in Mexico. Is this all i can do in this little small town that is only a few hours away from a swine flu case.

She has flu symptoms. She has been sick ...


 do i actually need the H1N1(swine flu) vaccine?
i am an athlete and in very good shape. will my immune system be able to fight it off? i have a good diet and am always working out and running every day....

 If you kiss someone who you know has the mono virus, are you definitely going to get sick?
If you kiss someone who has had mono and has gotten over it already, what are the chances of you developing mono?
Additional Details
He gave a girl mono a couple of weeks before he ...

 How likely is it that a person can "re-catch" their own cold virus.?
Does a person become immune to their own germs or can they become ill again after using their same toothbrush or drinking glass. Thus, prolonging one's illness for days or weeks....

 should i go to the hospital?
so i was walking down the street with my horse when all of sudden the cops siren go on the next thing you now im in a high pursuit chase after like 5 min my horse got tired and stop. I then ran and ...

 If somebody had the swine flu, are they allowed out of the hospital?
and do people with the normal flu wear face masks or do only the people with swine flu wear the mask?...

 How are diseases and tumers started? Also how are cancers started, what created them?

 my kid has chicken pox? what do i do?

 Killer sore throat?
So I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. I've been taking zycam because I have an AP test and prom next week. Now I'm awake again at midnight and it's killing me. I don�...

 Should I get the swine flu vaccination?
I got a letter from the hospital today saying I have an appointment to get it on Dec 1st. I told my friend and he told me I shouldn't get it because of the side effects. I Googled it and decided ...

 Is it possible for scientists to come up with new viruses that are deadly? Med Students please answer?

Additional Details
Ryan I do agree with ...

 what is immunisation?

 ulcer or something worse?
I have had bad heartburn for a few months. I treat it with over the counter stuff like prilosec, pepcid etc. This past weekend I thought I had a stomach bug. No vomiting just everything I ate went ...

which has more bacteria, the mouth, or the rectum?
I have often heard that the mouth is a cesspool of bacteria, but i was wondering if it contains more bacteria than the anus. thanks for your help.

The Mouth. Definitely.

The mouth has a larger variety of bacteria,
but the really dangerous bacteria is in your rectum.
We're talking E.Coli here.

what happens if your anus and mouth are the same place?

Rectum by far. Your saliva contains some antibacterial substances.

When you go to the bathroom, avery large fraction of the solids are made up of bacteria.

Nothing got more bacteria than the rectum!! it makes our s h i t smell bad.

Anus has more dangerous bacteria, the external surface would have a large amount, but most likely the largest variety of bacteria would be in the mouth since the bowel (unless sick) only has a few it uses to help digestion.
One can only wonder what it is you got on your mind.

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