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whats your opinion on swine flu?
what is your Honest Opinion on swine flu and what affects do you think it will have

For Swine Flu, you may want to check this site out:

I found it out when I search in google.. it helped me a lot. Spread it to everyone you know.. build awareness and STOP the epidemic before it takes your love-one's or your life.

Everyone is making a big deal out of it. & yeah it is a problem in Mexico because loads of people have died but in Britain it can be treated so I'm not worrying.

Sophia R
all a load of crap tbh, people are fussing for no reason. :)

Complete load of scare-mongering and hype.

10,000 people die in this country every year from flu and no-one bats an eyelid. Someone puts the word 'swine' in front of it and everyone thinks there's something worse going round.

it's a big swizz, nothing will happen.

I don't think it will be as much of a big deal as some people are making it. Also I'm tired of misinformed people who are saying that they won't eat ham. This girl told me that if it's not cooked well enough you can get swine flu and wouldn't listen to me when I told her not to worry. Has everyone already forgot about bird flu? Come on people.

i think it will calm down very soon

My old man reckons that 'they' have made it up in order to not waste the tamiflu injections (since they spent so much money getting that around) that they still have from the big birdflu epidemic. So, they got some guy to make up pig flu in a lab, set it out on everyone so then they'll be asking for a cure. 'They' tell you that tamiflu can also cure pig flu, as well as it did bird flu, and it's not wasted. And he reckons that the number of deaths and all the symptoms are exaggerated. Do I sound crazy?? I think I believe it though.

As I've said on YA many times in the last few days, I think people have a right to be concerned, and people should be concerned, but I think people are over reacting. After all, each year, thousands of people die from regular flu, but I never hear panic about it. One reason for the over reaction to swine flu might be that it is a strain people have not seen before, and they don't know what to expect.

I'm not afraid of it. I think it's going to die down in a couple weeks.

Swine Flu - In my personal opinion it was created by terrorist if you look at the map of cases at http://swineflu-symptoms.info/

These sounds bad but they know are board to the south is venerable so what better why to attack us on our own soil . I hope l am way off on this one. What does swine do. It spreads panic and cripples our economy.

This is not the first time of the Swine Flu. I think they are making too much confusion. They reported this so go on. They cant find anything else to talk about. I am sorry for those who have but gosh just move on.

Its propaganda, just imagine what important stuff is going on around the world and not being reported on. I also think that swine flu is an easy thing to report on so giving the media an easy ride for a week or two. Its amazing how these seemingly important issues pass by as soon as something more 'interesting' comes along. You should know how you fell about everything anyway, you are the public after all,and yet it is the media that reports how YOU feel!

yes im a synic haha but not a paranoid one.

Every year, you and those around you deal with the flu and carry on regardless,the HYPE is over now,,,,,,,,well it should be if only the media would do some decent investigative journalism and reporting instead of asking reuters whats happening..............anyone think reuters news agency on on the payroll of a government or two??? Just a thought while im having my good old English 4 o'clock high tea and cake like the good old days.......................to make up for the BLT sandwich i passed by on at lunchtime.

I think the swine flu is just another one of these things, just like Bird Flu, everyone said that was bad, but everything was fine afterwards, I know it's serious but it's only serious to those who are seriously ill. If you are in a well developed country then you have the medication and what not to make you feel better again!

BYE!! :) n_n

The Frog and Sausage
It's giving the papers something to write about that isn't Big Brother, Princess Diana, Gordon Brown....... just a bit of media hype.

It would be bad for the economy if everything had to be shut down, but if people wash there hands and stop sneezing on each other we'll be fine.

dancing mom
My opinion is much like most of the people who have responded already. Influenza is serious, and it should be addressed in a serious matter, but when people put the word swine or bird in front of it, it becomes an incurable disease it seems like. If people would take other things this serious like aids or mrsa, or c-diff, or even pneumonia, maybe tens of thousands of people would be saved every year.

Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
That people are really over-reacting, like l explained in a question the other day, swine flu is completely treatable if it's caught early, antiviral drugs helps get rid of the 'swine virus' and depending on the stability of your immune system that fight it off.

There's a lot of hype around it.. but I think everyone should still be cautious. There's nothing wrong with everyone washing their hands more and staying out of school and work when they're really sick. It should be the norm. Maybe some people will wake up and stop being nasty little germ spreaders! ew

Jewel of Medina
I probably shouldn't say this but I do find it strange that no muslims or Africans have caught it yet.

It is an influenza outbreak, nothing more, nothing less.

i thing some of the questions people ask are funny about swine flu
the questions are a bit like this :
LOL its overreacting im some sense but the reports about the zombie thig is a bit worrying ......................

if i was to get it it would be worring to me ... i have pratically no immune system ( im rlery ill with serious helth prob ) but im still going round touching everyone and everything ...

It's the flu. You take basic precautions and you won't catch it. If you get stick, stay home. Unless you're already very sickly - you should be fine even if you do get it.

Besides, it's not pure swine flu - it's a hybrid swine/bird/human flu.

as long as it doesn't slow the bacon production, **** it.

Personally My honest opinion based on past pandemics of influenza's

I think the World Health Organisation directer was telling the truth about this potential pandemic

All past pandemics have all come waves of 2 or 3 with just a few months apart

The 1918 pandemic started in March 1918
It began as a mild flu like illness that didn't`t cause that many fatalities

Then by late spring early summer of that year the illness disappeared

Then in September The flu like illness returned as a very aggressive killer flu which had mutated and become even more infectious and stronger even though 5 months or so had past since the first mild outbreak

This was the second wave in the autumn of 1918 which lasted for 2 months killing over 50 million people around the world

This pandemic killed more young healthy adults over 20 and under 50 more than the very old

Although older people did contract pneumonia

So for those who say this swine flu H1N1 is going away or is neally over are totally forgetting what history has proved about pandemic flu

Every pandemic including the mild one of the late 1960s had waves and so did the 1957 pandemic

Its way too early to tell if this new swine could become as serious has 1918 it may turn out to be mild like the 1957 and 1960s pandemics but its also way too early to say the worst is over

We won`t know for sure until at least October or November or maybe even january next year

There is a very high chance that this swine flu will have a second wave it may turn out to be bad or mild

but is important to be safe and prepare just incase not to worry but be alert and ready so we can limit the virus as mch as we can

washing hands
using pocket hand gels when at work or out
always have tissues at hand
and try and be as clean as possible to limit the spread and help avoid catching it ourselves

Various anti viral sprays such as dettol kill many bugs and virus`s including H1N1 strains

Computer keypads
door handles
etc are the main breeding grounds for flu virus`s

another thing to bare in mind is that tamiflu in some cause alergic reactions in some but very few people and using them too much during this out break may lead to the virus if it returns being resistant to them

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