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 can you die from using a same needle?
i was wondering if you can die from using athe same needle for more than 4 weeks...i test my blood sugars and i use the same needle for 4 weeks and then i change it....i am worried about having ...

 toddler with a 104. fever
she is sleeping eating drinkiong and playing she defenitely is sick b/c we took her to the doctor but idk if the thermomater is just wrong or wat?? please help!!!!!!!...

 Do you have the swine flu?
It seems to be spreading like wild fire but I haven't heard of very many deaths. There seems to be no news coming out about it. The school here has a couple hundred kids out sick and the ...

 My 8 year old has a mouth ulcer. Any remedies please ?
Have tried Bonjela and salt. Neither seem to work....

 Why can't people just stay home when they are ill?
I was grocery shopping the other day and there was a man and a woman in line before me. The man was coughing and sneezing everywhere. I knew he was ill because his shopping basket was filled with ...

 What is the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?

 Is it swine flu or something else?
About 2 days ago after i wake up in mornings, i sneeze about 10 or more times, and thats more than normal so i was just wondering if its a sign other than that i feel ...

 My mom tested positive for Hepatitis C antibodies. 2 y.a., got blood test, no Hep. C. No drugs, tatoos.. Why?
Two years ago, her insurance did a blood test and found nothing wrong. Now, she was tested and they found traces of the Hepatitis C antibody. She doesnt cheat, doesnt do drugs or anything else. There ...

 When someone has HIV/AIDS...?
like say someone cut themselves, can you get hiv if they touch you or you also have to have a cut...sorry if its confusing
Additional Details
so i dont have a cut and a person touches me,...

 What do you do when you feel the start of a cold?
What do you take? Anyone got any good advice?

I don't want to be ill for Xmas! :(...

 answers, please..?
About two hours ago i started breaking out into a cold sweat and having hot flashes... my chest feels very tight and i feel like i cannot breathe. I am on my mentrual cycle right now as well, but ...

 should i overdose on sleeping pills, so i wont die from the swine flu?

 How many people will die because of Swine Flu?

 Im scared i have swine flu?
Ok im really scared i have swine flu every sense i heard about it please help im really scared the only symptoms i have is a lil tiny bit of a stuffy nose and my stomach feels a lil weird idk if im ...

 what is disckliksia disease?
It is a brain ...

 If I take antibiotics while sick, (with virus) - will they make me sicker?
I know antibiotics are for viruses! but i am real sick and not sure if its viral or bacterial, my best bet is that its viral ofcourse, but im in the most important time in my life and need to get ...

 should i go to school tommorow?
I have a flu and my symptoms are runny nose, sore throat, headache and fatigue. With this swine flu outbreak i don't know if i should go to school tommorow. I live in Chula Vista right next to ...

 Doctors: Help ME! I think I have Swine Flu!!!?
Ok, so on May 2nd I started to feel really crappy and I have a few flu - like symptoms. Everyone is freaking me out because I heard you can die from it if you have it! I live in Alberta, Canada (in ...

 Why was a vaccine for the complicated new strain of Swine flu made in months but not for HIV/Aids?
For a vaccine all they need to do is inject a tiny amount of the virus for the body to build an immunity against it. So why does the government not make one for the HIV virus but the complicated ...

 Does anyone believe swine flu is no different to normal flu?
I think this swine flu storm is a load of nonsense. People can die from normal flu if they have ill health or are weak and today in the UK has seen the first death of someone who had swine flu, but ...

Kavy x x x
what happens if you take to many antibiotics?
what happens if you use to many antibiotics? is that what causes resistance?
what happens? please help.

Your body develops a tolerance for them and they stop working to help you. I was discussing with my doctor why neither of us seems ever to get a virus. Both of us have jobs that put us in close proximity to sick people and we theorize that we have become partially immune by constant exposure to disease. Neither of us took the swine flu shots and neither of us had so much as a sniffle this past season.

I do operate on the seven second rule. if you drop food on the floor, you can eat it if you pick it up within seven seconds. That rule doesn't apply to chocolate which has a seven hour limit!

Hannelore Schmitt
about it you can get information from here http://webmd23.notlong.com/AAJ18t2

Bacteria are living microorganisms.

When you ask about taking too many antibiotics, It depends what you mean by "too many." If you take too many at one time, too close together, or more frequently than what it says on the instructions, then you could develop serious side effects from an overdose.

If an antibiotic is used too often or frequently over the course of time, then bacteria will appear that will not be affected by that antibiotic.

Weise Ente
You can destroy the bacteria of your normal microbiota, the harmless ones that help you digest food. This can lead to another bacteria taking over and causing disease.

Resistance is normally caused by low levels that don't completely kill the entire population such as not finishing the prescribed antibiotics.

You're exactly right. Once your body becomes tolerant to the normal antibiotics they will no longer work, leaving you with a condition called MRSA. When this happens the only choice the doctor has is to first, swab the infected area and send it to the lab to make sure and treat you for it because as long as they don't start you on the stronger mostly IV antibiotics or a combination of oral and IV Vancomycin your infection will be contagious. Sometimes, depending on the infection, and where it is you might get away with the IV therapy, but will always carry it too. You also need to carry this info in your medical records so that any doctor will find it easily and treat you accordingly too. Good luck and God Bless

Your liver can only tolerate antibiotics for a short period of time (week to 10 days) before it begins to shut down. When you stop taking antibiotics prematurely, the bacteria or virus has a chance to mutate and become resistant to the antibiotic. The organisms multiply very quickly and can mutate according to how the antibiotic works. Some antibiotics work by destroying the outer membrane of the bacteria, others by interrupting mitosis. So the bacteria can develop a thicker outer membrane or find a new way to multiply.

Your skin turns yellow and you pee in vivid colors.

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