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 Will I be immune from Swine flu?
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Oh alright, I was hoping I'...

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can they go in their??
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it dosent say how long apart on packet just to take 3x doses

 Will I get Swine Flu if I eat pork?

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 If I eat Pork, will I get Swine Flu ?
Hello(: I heard Swine Flu is involved with Pigs . So, let's say I ate
Bacon this morning; will I get Swine Flu ?

Please and Thanksss(:...

 would you travel to mexico with the current situation with swine flu?

 why can't i bend my pinky finger without having my ring finger move at the same time?

 Can I catch the Swine Flu by making love to fat girls?

 is it possible to die from swine flu if ur 12?
i was wondering if u could die from swine flu if your 12 because i am 12 but i live in canada. if it helps any i am very athletic an rarely get sick
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umm ty to all ...

 my full time maid servant's brother is having T.B.?
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what happens if you are given the wrong blood group during transfusion?

It is not going to happen they are very careful it would probably kill you or something really bad. that is why they are taking 3 hours per pint i think it is so takec are.

For a blood transfusion to be successful, AB0 and Rh blood groups must be compatible between the donor blood and the patient blood. If they are not, the red blood cells from the donated blood will clump or agglutinate. The agglutinated red cells can clog blood vessels and stop the circulation of the blood to various parts of the body. The agglutinated red blood cells also crack and its contents leak out in the body. The red blood cells contain hemoglobin which becomes toxic when outside the cell. This can have fatal consequences for the patient.

The A antigen and the A antibodies can bind to each other in the same way that the B antigens can bind to the B antibodies. This is what would happen if, for instance, a B blood person receives blood from an A blood person. The red blood cells will be linked together, like bunches of grapes, by the antibodies.

you probably will die before they figure out what is wrong with you.

u don't ***** wake up

i think you die. which is why in the hospital your blood is drawn and analyzed twice before you receive blood. it is called a type and cross

Your body be like "what the freak?" and create antibodies which will attack the foreign blood cells. (You die)

You do not survive ! Can not mix blood types.

When you speak of "wrong group" it is generally understood to be speaking about the ABO blood group antigens. BTW, there are literally thousands of different blood group antigens and they all have corresponding antibodies.

In the case of ABO, receiving an incompatible unit can be a fatal event.

When the blood is first infused, there will be immediate pain at the infusion site. The pain level will be very high. Additional symptoms are:
Fever, chills, nausea, low back pain, dyspnea, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), hypotension (low blood pressure), cardiovascular collapse, renal failure, DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulopathy) flushing, hives, itching.....

Antibodies in the patients plasma immediately attack the foreign red blood cells by binding to them. Since Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-A,B are IgM class antibodies, they bind complement very, very efficiently.

Complement is comprised of over 20 proteins that typically help the body's immunoglobulins rupture bacterial cells. The magic of complement is this: It is an amplifying cascade once it is activated.

What's the issue with complement? Well, it causes the cells to rupture - destroying in incoming red blood cells almost as quickly as they are infused. This is called an acute hemolytic transfusion reaction and only the swiftest action will save the patients life.
Once an infusion is begun (usually by a nurse), the patient must be visually monitored and vital signs taken frequently. Infusions should be done slowly at first (for the first 15 minutes or so, unless the patients life is a risk from bleeding to death).

Once the cells begin to be destroyed, the patient will now have free hemoglobin in their bloodstream (as opposed to having it contained within the red cells). The free hemoglobin will bind to all the haptoglobin very quickly; when this is done, it binds to albumin and numerous other proteins when it is transported to the kidneys and the liver. In addition, the stroma of the destroyed red cells can cause activation of the clotting process (DIC) thru the release of a substance called thromboplastin (contained in the cell walls). DIC also consumes all of the clotting factors, thereby depleting them once they are actually needed.

Intravascular clotting can lead to stroke (clot in the vessels of the brain) or heart attacks (clots in the coronary vessels). In addition, other organs can be affected such as the lungs (where the smallest blood vessels are located. Clots in the lungs are called pulmonary emboli - these can lead to respiratory failure if not treated quickly.

Free hemoglobin is extremely toxic to the nephrons of the kidneys and can damage them to the point that they will no longer work. The body begins to poison itself because it cannot get rid of waste products.

The liver is also damaged whilst trying to remove the hemoglobin from the plasma.

DIC (in its most potent form) can cause the body to begin to bleed internally due to not being able to clot.

If the nurse is observant, the patient's life can be saved, but they will always need renal support and liver function tests for the remainder of their life. The consequences are disastrous.

Med Techs, like myself, carefully test each patients blood to determine the ABO blood group (this is entered into their permanent record at the hospital). Each unit that is cross-matched with the patient will also be electronically cross-checked for compatibility by the blood bank computer program with the unit being tested. This is a redundancy to help ensure ABO mis-matches are minimized.

I've been working in a lab for > 30 years and I've only seen 1 of these incompatibilities (although I've heard of several). The root cause of the one I saw was a mis-identification of the patient to receive the unit, not a mis-type of the intended patient. However, I have heard of cases where the type was incorrectly interpreted.
In all cases, multiple errors occurred leading to the transfusion reaction. Only 1 error would be caught by the checks-and-balances of the system, but multiple errors (sometimes by multiple persons) have happened - leading to these types of events.

Nurses are always very careful to identify the patient and the unit and the information is confirmed by another nurse before proceeding.
As noted before, the patient should be visually monitored and the unit infusion begun slowly at first and signs of a transfusion reaction should be noted ASAP. The transfusion should be stopped if any irregularity is noted.


Paul D
The body would reject the blood and treat it as an infection, probably killing the patient, as it would not have the same blood group.

your blood will agglutinate.

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