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 does the flu jab in the uk make you ill?

 Can the President get swine flu?
Or anybody important for that matter......

 urine infection!?
hey, basically i was wondering do i have a urine infection or summit eles, it really hurt when i wee, and i go go a little bit at a time and always feel urge to go and when i do it only a bit. what ...

 Why is everyone freaking out about Swine Flu?
The swine flu or also known as H1-N1. THERE IS NO BIG DEAL!!!!! A few people get it and the whole U.S. is freaking out saying "Oh my gosh we are all going to die!!!!". Its no big deal. True ...

 Okay, like, I'm really sick here someone help!!!!!?
I'm sick today and I missed school today and I was sick all weekend. I think I have tonsillitis and the flu. Can someone help me determine what is wrong with me.



 Swine flu ...........................?
my boyfriend has been in contact with 2 of his friends in the last few days, both of which have now been struck down with swine flu now my boyfriend is starting to feel unwell as with another of ...

 Why is the swine flu hitting the 25-45 age group?

 do i have the swine flu?
i woke up this morning and felt so sick. im having body aches& chills. a sore throat and my nose is stuffy. i also have been feeling light headed all day. and i keep falling asleep and waking up ...

 does swine flu vaccine kill you?

 Do you think the swine flu was manufactured?
I remember having a swine flu scare in the 70's. We would joke about having it to get out of school. It seems this isn't the same strain of flu. My personal opinion this strain was man made ...

 I think I've got the flu. What should I do?
On Friday I had a dry cough. Yesterday my body got super achy and I'm getting the chills then I'm sweating. I took the day off work. Is there anything I can do to speed up the recovery? ...

 I know I sound horrible saying but this swine flu..?
is a great excuse to stay home from school!


 my 5 year old boy has a swollen throat and a temprature...?
my little boy was telling me his throat was sore on wednesday evening, and by wednesday night he was in agony, i took him to the docs because his tonsil's looked swollen and i could feel it from ...

 My boyfriend has TB, Can i catch it from if..?
I kiss him? (I know its sort of selfish but like, its my own health @ risk and i dont like making it apparant that im holding back abit because it might offend him after all weve been together 3years ...

 Is the swine flu the world's way to get rid people on this overcrowded earth?
Is that the worlds way to clean itself out? Some people might say God or the creator or whomever you think is responsible for the earth....

 my wife has had a cold for a week now and it is'nt getting better. loads of snot and lost her voice.?
has anyone else got this or had ...

 Is this an infection? What is it?HELP!!?
I have a fever of 101.5. I can't stand up or walk around because i feel like I am going to faint. My head starts spinning. Yesterday I couldn't open my eyes because i had such a high ...

 Ok, so I went to the doctor and got antibiotics?
Is there anything else I can do for a sore throat to ease the pain? Like are there a special brand of cough drops you like to use, drink liquids? Should the liquids be hot or cold? Certain kinds ...

 What is the difference between regular flu and swine flu?
Other than the fact that it is spread by pigs rather than humans.
Additional Details
Are the symptoms any different?...

 whats good for your thoat when it hurts when u swallow anthying what medicine?

is the bubonic plague(black death) similar to modern day diseases like HIV AIDS and etc.?
I just wanted to know:) i have an assignment on this topic.

In some ways, sure. In others, no.

For instance, during the plague, nobody actually knew what was going on - so people were quarantined and killed out of fear. Much the same way Reagan supported ostracizing gay men when AIIDS became prevalent.

On the other hand, the plague was spread with rats and insects. The modern scare has been disease originated with birds but spread from human to human.

yersinia pestis is spread by fleas which in turn are borne by wats

No the black death caused a horribly grotesque death and killed about 2/3's of Europe's population (I think)

in that they spread rapidly and kill many people, yes,
otherwise, no.
aids is spread through the transfer of bodily fluids. the plague was spread by fleas of rats,
aids affects only those who are not monogamous , virgins til marriage and faithful to their mates( with rare exceptions in the case of infants infected in utero and people infected through transfusions of tainted blood products.)
the plague affected just about everybody.

Similar in a very worrying way in the earlier days of AIDS when it seemed like nothing could stop it.
Different in in the way they work, the plague is a heamhorragic kind of fever, similar to Ebola.

Bubonic plague is similar to the modern disease called... bubonic plague. Yes it's still around, but with modern medicine it's rarely fatal.

They aren't similar at all today. First of all the bubonic plague still exists. Second it doesn't spread because medical authorities pounce on all outbreaks of diseases. It is actually not as deadly as its reputation has it with treatment.

Good suggestions of better diseases to focus comparisons on are malaria, TB, and the common flu. Those three are responsible more more AIDS deaths than any other disease. And medical services are barely able to control the spread of them.

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