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 Do I have a small infection....?
my monocyte level is 10.8% (2-8)
and medium volum of trombocyte...(or however u translate it..:p) is 12.8 (7.4-11)
also do u think the medium concentration of hemoglobin is on the limit...:...

 Are people panicking and acting hystericaly with this swine flu virus?
I mean people are wearing face masks even though the experts are saying they are useless(laughable).
People are slaughtering pigs even though it is a human to human infectious disease(dumb).

 If tylenol is an a mild analgesic, then how does it break a fever?

Additional Details
but an analgesic is for pain, that doesn't explain how it breaks a fever....

 How many people have had Swine Flu in the UK?

 How to get over a cold fast?
My high school graduation is tomorrow evening and our grad night thing is tomorrow night (our whole senior class is going in buses to some theme park). I can't be sick for this. My throat was a ...

 What sickness do I have?
These symptoms all started happening when I woke up and have persisted for the last 10 hours

- Tiredness, my body feels heavy and stiff
- My arms are sore and very hot to the touch<...

 i have a few questions on Swine flu...help?
if i get it can i just get over it like a normal flu?or do i need medical attention?
what are the symptoms of it?
how long do you have to seek medical treatment before its too late to treat?...

 If I get enough high fructose corn syrup, will it protect me from swine flu?

 Do you think the swine flu will be spread flu virus will spread accross the world?!!!?
Im freaking out!!! now its in china so im scared it will be all over the world!! please help me! and im so scared if it comes to florida and i live in ...

 What are foods and drinks that I should avoid if I currently have a throat infection?
I am pretty sure it is not a bacterial infection.. anyway here are my symptoms fyi.. They are pretty typical though: pain when swallowing fluids and solids and lot of white mucus... no headache and ...

 is drinking milk bad when you have a cold or flu?

 does reducing fever prolong the duration of a virus?
I know that the body heats up causing a fever in defense to an attack on its immune system, im not sure of the exact temperature but virus's usually die when exposed to high levels of heat. Is ...

 Do I have the Swine Flu?
Or are there flu viruses going around this time of year besides the swine flu? I threw up and have had to go to the loo many times this morning. I do not have a sore throat or coughing, but since I ...

 Why is my chest infection getting worse after taking antibiotics? Please help me!!?
I've been on antibiotics for about 4 days now. Amoxillin, 500mg, to be taken 3 times a day. Theres only enough left for one more day, and my GP said that if I don't feel better by the time I...

 Do I need a perscription? Pig Flu!!?
just kidding I dont have swine flu but I wanna be ready in case I do get sick so does anyone know if Tamiflu can be bought over the counter like at a drug store chain? I dont want there to be a ...

 how do u feel when u first get swine flue ?? and what do u feel like ??.....?
plz help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 how many of you think that the "swine flu"H1-N1 was a hoax?
just wondering,, someone said it was a bio weapon something about operation northwoods report too ???????northwoods??????...

 Why do some people get the flu when they get vaccinated for it ?

 should the cooked food (dal,sabzi)be kept open in the refrigerater?

 What makes some illnesses contagious, and some non-contagious?

Additional Details
Nope. It's not homework actually. I'm just curious as to why some illnesses are contagious, because half the kids in my school are sick with something, so I ...

is it true that beavers carry some sort of disease that a human can get by coming in contact with them?
someone was telling me about this but i dont know if its true

Vick (Philadelphia Phreedom)
I hope not. I was hoping to stuff one for Amy later.

Amy Feckalot
dear god i didn't know spitty was so smart. i had my beaver check disease free!

pimpster spitty (spitchus)
Giardiasis, the proper medical term for beaver fever, is an disease caused by Giardia lamblia, a one-celled, microscopic parasite protozoa found in stagnant waters where animals, like beavers and muskrats, have been excreting. Technically, you get beaver fever from beaver crap. If you are dumb enough to go swimming in the stagnant waters usually found around beaver dams, Hepatitis A, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Cryptosporidium are also possible choices on your infection menu. Drinking water from contaminated sources is the most common initial infection route. This disease, while more common in the habitats of the beaver, be they of either the North American (Castor canadensis) or the European (Castor fiber) variety, is found all over the world. It is the most common cause of waterborne disease in humans in North America. Giardia cysts, the infectious stage of the parasite, are surprisingly resistant to bleach, and can only be reliably killed by boiling suspect water.

After infection, Giardia can also be found in the waste of infected people and some domestic animals, both farm and household pets. Hunting dogs are a very common infection vector. It spreads by hand-to-mouth transfer of the parasite. A person who is infected may not know they are passing the infection on to others because they may not have any symptoms. Infection rates seem to peak at the end of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere.

What happens when you catch beaver fever? All sorts of unpleasantness. Like any good parasitic infection, Giardia takes up residence in the gastrointestinal tract where it germinates from the swallowed cysts, reproduces, and causes illness. After feeding, the parasites form new cysts, which are then passed in the faeces. The associated fever is the body's response to the presence of outside organisms in the stomach and bowel. Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, gas, malaise, chills, headache, a low grade fever, dehydration and weight loss are the most common symptoms caused by Giardia. These symptoms usually surface six to 16 days after the initial contact and can continue as long as one month. Occasionally, symptoms last longer.

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