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 If you find a tick on you can they cause you to be sick or catch any diseases?

Additional Details
It was a small one I found. Well I actualy found 2 on me. They were not on me for more then a ...

 Where can I get Penicillin / Amoxy today?
I have suffered with tonsillitis for years and normally have a supply of Amoxycililin in reserve however I have ran out and have missed the doctors this weekend. Can any body advise where I can get ...

 MRSA & Nursing Homes?
What are your opinions on service users returning from hospital to a Nursing Home with MRSA ?...

 How long after being exposed to someone with swine flu would it be before i developed symptoms?

 Is it possible that only Hispanics (Mexicans) are effected most severely by the Swine Flu?
Is it possible to have a racial divide between the effects of the Swine Flu? Last time I checked before typing this about 150 people have died from the Swine Flu, all so far in Mexico. Can there be a ...

 Helppppppp Again Please?*!!?
Yuppp so me & my bf broke up last night. I broke up with himm /:

I want him back & i messed up majorly ..

Any suggestions to songs i can dedicate to the situation??

 when will swine flu spread to maryland?
please help me!...

 I had the swine flu back in 1976. Do I now have immunities against this swine flu?

 Should I still take antibiotics even though my bladder infection went away?
I recently had a urinary tract infection (with blood present in urine) and went to the doctor to get antibiotics. After a couple of days, it went away. However, I still have a few days left to take ...

 Why is that HIV virus can not be killed by the vailable medicine on the planet?
I would like to know why the so called scientists are failing for find a cure for HIV virus yet technology is very advanced to the extent that people can even make genetically modefied crops and ...

 Should i get tested for swine flu?
Hav had headaches fatigue and chills and now i have a sore thheoat with a minor ...

 my child has been diagnosed (by a blood test) with mumps. He's been vaccinated . How did he get mumps?

 Can you get HIV from an electric nail file that cuts you in a nail shop and hasn't been cleaned?

 am i gonna die?!!! should i go to the hospital?
ok ive been sick for almost a week.. its just been a cold and ive been taking meds and what-not but its been getting even worse and this cough that i have has been getting worse.. lastnight i woke up ...

 with all the termoil in mexico( swine flu,killings,and now earthquakes?
could it be that god is punishing that society for all the corruption and lawlessness?? it seems to me this country is in deep do do and in a downward spiral that seems to be getting worse ...

 How do you get a tick off your skin!!!?
Burn it, spray it, ????...

 question on vommiting bloood?
my friend just threw up a lot of blood and she said she has a really bad headache now and her stomach hurts. she isnt pregnant and she doesnt drink, shes 14. should we call an ambulence or is it just ...

 why don't people look up the dangerous ingredients in vaccines they let people put in their children?
Squaline has mercury in it and most of these vaccines are new and its not like our parents generation needed them so why do our children
Additional Details
there are health issues in our ...

 How do I catch a cold...BEST ANSWER QUICKLY!!!!!?
Ways to give me a higher or lower temp. on the thermometer....Or just ways to get a cold in 6 hours!!! BEST ANSWERING QUICKLY!
Additional Details
a thermometer that goes into your ear : )...

 how can i improve my immunity power?
i had fallen sick a few days back
docter said that my immune power is low and gave me pills..
now i dont want to take pills can any fruit or vegitable or anything can improve my immune ...

is it true that EVERYONE will ATLEAST get chicken pox once in their life time?
i havent had chicken pox ever an im 15

does this mean im still going to get them later on?>??

Yes it is true that everyone gets them once!!!

if you havent had them this is a bad thing, if you dont have them when your little then when you grow up and have them the turn in to shingles and they are much worse!!

The first sign of shingles is usually a pain in the area of the affected nerve. Seven days later a rash will usually appear, followed by blisters, that tend to only affect one side of your body. If you have shingles you are contagious to anyone who has not had chickenpox. However, it is not possible to catch shingles from someone who has chickenpox.

These are very serious and you should see the doctor straight away if you get them. And even now you should find out if you are at risk or being seriously ill from this!!

Katie P
no, it's just that it's very contagious, so if you come into contact with it you will probably get it, but if you avoid it you will probably never get it!

Almost everyone gets chicken pox by adulthood
Chicken pox is highly contagious. arnd 4 million cases occur each year. The virus spreads from person to person by direct contact or through the air. Approximately 90% of persons in a household who have not had chicken pox will get it if exposed to an infected family member. therefore, u will get it frm sum person or the other sumtime in ur life...

yuuup most likely
im 16 and i got them when i was abouy 5

answer mine

I haven't had them yet ... apparently they get worse when you become older.. as you get shingles.. (:

I am 24 and haven't had them. I had the vaccine when I was 12.

no, but you could, cause you could get it from someone else...

you may have had the vaccine. ask your parents. if you havnt had the vaccine you will probably get it at some point. you should still get the vaccine too. i would get it, as you get older you get shingles (same virus) and it is very painful

not really my husband had no childhood diseases and he died at the age of 64

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