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 If you "get" H1N1, do you still need to be vaccinated?
The entire family has been exposed to ,and infected by the H1N1 virus. All are well after an unpleasant weeek or two.Now that we have all been exposed, do we (or at least the children) still need to ...

 What does everyone think about Swine Flu? is it really something to worry about!?
i am curious to see what others think about this "pandemic"
it seems that with around 6 Billion people on earth and only 60 victims that is not really a big deal?...

 HELP i have a horrible disease! ?
i believe it is called diarrhea i am so afraid i don't want to die please help it is really squishy and stinky will you tell me what is the cure?
i really don't want to die and i have ...

 if your mouth have cut and u drink a saliva from a hiv will you get hiv?

 Me and my family are going to Nevada (Las Vegas) this friday, has the Swine Flu reached Nevada yet?
Me and my family are going to Las Vegas, Nevada this Friday-Sunday. Has there been reported Swine flu infections in Nevada (Las Vegas, in Particular)?

We are flying there from Arizona. If ...

 Do I have Swine Flu or a cold?
Well I looked at symptoms of Swine Flu and 2 of them matched what I have, cough and sore throat. But since it's getting pretty cold out, do I have a cold or Swine Flu? I use hand sanitizer, as ...

 I was bitten on the leg by another person. Now soft, large lumps are beginning to emerge from it. What the?
I didn't feel the bite, but he told me the next morning when I guessed it might have been him after a bundle. There were no boils on my leg overnight, no pain. Then, I woke up the next morning ...

 Is Swine Flu Cureable?
so far 4 people have caught swine flu at my dads work place, and I dunno if it's curable if he gets it :S i'm just abit scared and am looking for some answers... help?...

 is there any chance of survival if someone catches swine flu?

 sore throat question?
keep gettin sore throats it well hurts any ...

 Swine flu help please ?
I have been told by my doctor i have swine flu , i have been ill for 4 days now , no energy at all , really sore even lieing down , i taking am on medication and manuka honey, lemons ,plenty of ...

 best medicine for worms age 36?
best medicine for worms age 36...

 MRSA - (staph infections) What organs does it affect and how?
What organs does MRSA affect?

Additional Details
any websites specifying what organs it can affect?...

 can i get mono by...?
can i get mono by drinking out of my friends drink?!
p.s) she has had mono before, and she isnt forsure if she has it again, but she thinks she might have it, and i drank out of her cup ...

 What is your best approach to recuperating from a severe bout of flu..?
I've just had three days of the worst bout of flu I've ever known.. (I survived the 1968 'Hong-Kong' flu - and that was bad enough for a 10 year old, and several ...

 Urine is weird yellow/green...help?
I have been having high lighter yellow urine, like very light yellow urine to light lime green urine. I don't know what could be causing it beside the tea I might be drinking. My boyfriend has ...

 Work and MRSA???? Can I go?
I work in the Sterile Processing Department of a hospital. My son was just tested for MRSA and the doc said that she was pretty positive that's what it is. I have to tell my boss tomorrow. D...

 Will chickenpox come again?
I've had chicken chickenpox when I was 8. Now I'm 23 years old. My friend got chickenpox recently. But he came back to class before he's completely well. I'm having close ...

 help. im so sick.?
i am 17 years old. 5'4" 91 lbs.

i have had a fever for over 24 hours and i cant get it to go away. its been between 101.3 and 103.9
right now im at 102.3

i almost ...

 Does lyme disease effect your vision?

is it safe for my three year old to have the mmr vaccination now that he is older?

It is not safe to fill a body with a lot of serum. They are linking autism with all the shots kids are getting now.

yes, as long he is not allergic to eggs or neomycin! Provided that he doesn't have these allergies, it was safe at 15 months, and it's safe now.

Jen H
It was safe for him to have it when he should have, at 15 months old, but he should definitely have it now if he hasn't had one already. We are getting outbreaks of measles, mumps and rubella all over the place at the minute because of poor uptake of the MMR vaccine, and people don't understand that these illnesses can be potentially fatal, and have long term complications like infertility, encephalitis and lung problems.

So make sure you get him vaccinated.

They always have these stupid people that run around screaming that vaccines are unsafe so that 10 years later those same kids are sick or dying from measles, mumps or rubella. Get the bloomin' vaccine and stop listening to the idiots out there. I still remember the uproar about the whooping cough one.. 10 years later that was an epidemic!

Consult a doctor.

its safe anyways .. there is no medical evidence to suggest otherwise ...

MMR is perfectly safe and always has been. The only reason there was a media uproar was about a single research paper that has since been discredited numerous times by other studies. Not getting your child vaccinated is more of a risk to his health and wellbeing. Before deciding what is best for your child at least consult the appropriate scientific literature before believing a single flawed piece of research.

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