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 Is it illegal to refrain from telling students if you have tuberculosis?
Ok well this student was diagnosed with tuberculosis at my high school and I want to know if it's illegal for the principal and others to not let the student body know who the student is? I mean ...

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i jus eat sum shrimp and some spiach rolls and then i had sum wata now my throat is alll tinggly and stuf.
whats giong on ...

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 Can a person carry and/or spread measles if they've been vaccinated?
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 What would you like to know about swine flu?
I figure since it has to be done in question form that will do. First off let me say unless you have a heart condition, diabetes,asthma or some other serious health problem you don't need to ...

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 Is vacinations bad for babies?

 When I was little i got vacinated for Chicken Pox?
I have never got them in my life but there is a case of them at my school. Is there any possibility even a 1% chance i could still get them even though i have been vaccinated....

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 What is in the MMR vaccine?
What is inside it like e.g. water lol i mean like what is inside the actuall injection?
im doing a case study also if you have anything interesting on about it like any experience email me or ...

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Can one buy AIDS drugs?...

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 Name and list the general functions of the organs of the urinary system.?
Yes, this is a question for school but I cannot find the exact answer I am looking for. If anyone could help that woul be great....

 where do white blood cells develop?

is it possible a needle used in flu jab in upper left arm can damage a nerve and cause weakness & muscle spasm?

Yes it can, especially if they jabbed your arm real hard and hit one of your muscles. You need to go see a Doctor and see what he or she says.

Control Freak
its bruised the muscle thats all

it is possible but the NHS take massive precautions to-close-to-death prosedures.

we only recruit the best doctors and nurses.

Common Sense
Possible ?
Highly improbable.

If the injection was given in the correct area there should be no fear of that happening.
The flu jab should be given either by intramuscular injection into the Deltoid muscle or by deep subcutaneous injection into the tissue above(over) the deltoid muscle.

If yours was given too far down the upper arm ,as was mine recently you will probably have a very sore and stinging lump at the injection site and an inflamed area surrounding it.
Mine was given by a doctor-probably a trainee-but doctors aren't as good as nurses at giving injections.
Nurses get more practice!

Beyond brainwashing
pity you never researched what is in vaccines.

Watch this video for why you should’t take the vaccines.

DON'T TAKE IT!! Or you may get cancer its mass genocide; the vaccine has mercury in it!! It’s the 2d most toxic substance on earth. More people get cancer that take the vaccines, than thoes who do not. In the UK they plan to give every teenage girl free vaccine to supposedly protect them from cervical cancer. Independent scientific evidence shows that there IS no link between the HPV Papilloma virus and cancer, NO LINK! Watch video for evidence – http://www.infowars.com/articles/science...

It’s the same with all vaccines, children's too, can't you see the huge increase in autism and other learning difficulties. Mercury is a deadly toxin and a baby's undeveloped brain has no resistance to the mercury. The same aply's to the flu jab, Aidsjab and travel vaccine. The government need sick people because that the biggest money making racket after oil and war. More people make money out of cancer that those who die from it. Do your own research on the Internet, goggle dangerous vaccines or view them on you tube.

WHY do people not ask what is in the vaccine??????????????? Before they put the shot in their body? Even doctors can’t tell what the ingredients are because they just accept what their told and give it to you. Go on ask what’s in it, you won’t get any answers!

Parents of the gulf war solders asking what was in the vaccines that the army gave were told that that was classified information!! (It was actually a flu jab).

Phenol (poison)
Formaldehyde (Cancer causing)
Alum (Preservative)
Acetone (Nail polish remover)
Aluminium phosphate (toxic deodorants)
Glycerine (toxic liver, kidney and lung damage)
Monosodium glutamate (MSG allergic)
Toxic metals, lead, cadmium, aluminium and MERCUARY (thimerosal)
Faecal matter, dog kidney, monkey kidney
Horse and calf serum, pig blood, horse blood and rabbit brains
Yeast proteins
RNA and DNA from growth medium including retro viruses from animals
SV40 cancer causing from monkeys associated with brain and lung tumours
Aborted baby lung tissue.
Scary ugh?

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