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 Should children be vaccinated against chicken pox?
What do you think about the vaccination for chicken pox? Do you think it's good?bad?
Is it bad for children if they get vaccinated and never receive the illness?
What are some ...

 Can anybody who's child has had a swine flu jab tell me if they had any side effects?
Got an appointment offered for my two year old on friday. I know the arguments for and against but was wondering if anyone with children who've had it can say whether they'd recommend it?...

 After catching malaria one time. does the 2nd,3rd time etc get better? (less symptoms?)?
I was considering moving from the UK to uganda. I wondered if after catching malaria for the first time does it get simpler after that?
because i dont want to be going to hospital every month<...

 H1n1 vaccine really necessary?
Every time I call my doc's office they don't have the vaccine in or I just missed it because they only get a few at a time and run out fast. I call the health dept. and I already missed a ...

 Can you catch any diseases from cats?
My friend has 2 kittens and when you hold them they scratch you. One of the kittens scratched me pretty bad, and I'm pretty sure he scratched my friend and everyone else that's been at her ...

 Now, which idiot started this "swine flu" epidemic?
I know it's not their fault, but it is their fault for letting it catch onto other people, thus causing an epidemic. Which idiot(s) caused this? kuz I really want to kill them (with a sniper, of ...

 how many people died of the Spanish flu(influenza) in 1918?

 Can you get H1N1 Swine Flu from bacon- wrapped hot dogs?
I was out on the town on Halloween night, dressed as the Berlin Wall (I was on my way home from an 80’s Halloween party). Needless to say, I was really drunk off of a bunch of Zimas and I couldn’...

 Can a child get chicken pox even if they have had the vaccine?
My 6 year old son has red pimple like spots on the back of his neck and now some have shown up on his back, tummy, and legs. He had the chicken pox vaccine so at first I thought maybe it was flea or ...

 is gardasil vaccine can cause infertility?

 am i going to be alright from swine?
I'm 15,no health problems except asthma, but has been so called "cured" of it..let me tell u what happened to me pass two days:
-yesterday morning, woke up with a slight sore ...

 Lymph nodes?
I have 3-5 swollen lymph nodes in that are scattered throughout my neck and back. I went to the doctor's to get them checked out and i took a blood test. The blood test showed that I did not ...

 What's it like to die of sepsis?
Do you suffer for a prolonged period of time? Do doctors usually pump you full of pain killers so you don't know what's going on? Is it painful?...

 who can spread chicken pox?
is it only contagious from the child who has it, or are those around the child at risk of spreading it too?...

 Do Zombies Bleed..........?
I got to thinking, and I realized that if a zombie has no pulse, no pulminary action, and are not technically alive...? do the bleed?
Additional Details
technically, there is such thing ...

 Why exactly do you feel weak when you are sick?
Is it toxins, the diverting of body resources, the ratio of white to red blood cells, all of the above, or something else?...

 stomache rupturing starvation?
i know that theres a disease out there that causes people to eat and eat themselves to death because they think theyre straving. im not sure what the name is and i want to do more research on it. all ...

 What are symptoms of Swine Flu (H1N1) in CHILDREN?
What are symptoms of Swine Flu or H1N1 in children up to the age of 12? Please answer?...

 Where exactly did the Swine Flu come from?
Please don't answer with 'Mexico'. I already know this. I'm looking for specifically what caused swine flu.
I've seen like, hundreds of questions on here about Swine flu,...

 So how did the swine flu get spread from a pig to a human?

Additional Details
that makes so much sense!...

is hepatitis C Jaundice reversible when you start treatment?
i got diagnose with hep c 4 months ago but i just started noticing my eyes are turning extremely yellow , i havent started treatment yet though. i just wanted to ask for those who have gone through the treatment and was successful, do their eyes still remain yellow or does it reverses? thanks

Yes, jaundice is curable, but unfortunately hepatitis C is not. The disease can be well-managed by medications and it's very likely that you will be able to live a completely normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with what specific medications are used to manage Hep-C, so you'll have to visit your physician to get some prescriptions.

The Yellowness will go away , could be a few days or weeks.More importantely you better tell your partners you have Hep C , yuck.

listen lady,i dont know if you know,but there is a new flu that broke out
i think u should be more worried about that than yellow eyes

a lot of idiots answering your question. sorry about that.

hcv and jaundice can fluctuate with the disease. treatment isn't simply because your turning yellow, treatment is to sustain the virus from replicating and if you respond post a year treatment, your considered cured.

not all secondary issues or diseases of having hcv will resolve, however, many improve. being jaundice will certainly clear with antiviral chemtotherapy.

the reason why some have yellowing eyes or yellow-ish gray skin is because your body has an overload of billibubin- a bi-product of having hcv.

you will need to see a gastrointerologist and he can better explain how hcv destroys the body and what treatment can help accomplish. a good doctor will know what pre-testing is needed.

I would also like to tell you that many of us with hcv have fatty liver or the scientific term is NASH. With that alone a person can tend to see yellowing of the eyes....it is due to fatty deposits.

Best of luck to you!

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