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 Do You Think Swine Flu Has Been Blown Out Of Proportion?
People die from the normal flu all the time! The only reason people are making a big deal out of this flu is because it has a different name from the common flu! The media is the one's who have ...

 Give me some common viruses besides the flu virus...?
Something easy to research. I'm doing this for health, and I need five. First good answer gets best answer. I'm not picky. :)...

 How long should i stay at home for after swine flu?
i still have swine flu, aswell as tonsillitis, strep throat, pharyngitis, laryngitis and conjunctivitis (all caused by swine flu) but once everythings gone, and symptoms are gone how long should i ...

 How can i know the difference between an allergy and swine flu?
I have the common seasonal allergies like allergic to pollen and all that but i started coughing and i don't know if that's normal. How can i tell the difference between a swine flu and an ...

 Is your school closed for swine flu?
I am a teacher and I just found out that the school I teach in will be closed for two weeks because of the swine flu. I am just wondering how many others have been affected by the flu. Since ...

 My Best Friend Has Swine Flu?
she was sent home from school on thursday with 'a cold'
on saturday she went to the doctors and was sent the results today.
I got the news and cus i have a slight cold im worried ...

 Is there any prevention of swine flu?
Is there any prevention of swine flu apart from precautions?...

 is thrush really not an STI?
my friend said you can get it from uncomfortable underwear?

No, we don't have thrush ¬_¬...

 Should we get vaccinated from the swine flu now?
I think they should vaccinate the people who are in crtitical state first and people who are hospitalized with the flu this checks if the recovery works and if we can improve the ...

 Sclerossis of the liver.?
My brother is 52 years old.We found out he has sclerossis of the liver.
He doesn't like to talk about it but we know that he quit drinking for 6 months,then his wife came home with booze on ...

 My 5 yr old is running a temp of 103. Besides Tylenol how can I get temp down/
Her fever started on Friday. It reached 103 around midnight. I gave her a tepid bath. I got temp down to 100, then by noon on Sat. it went to 103 again. I took her to a Childrens Acute Care and ...

 My sister has swine flu, I feel like i have a clogged chest at the moment , and my nose is blocked!?
lil headache nothing major, blocked nose, but primarily, my chest feels, constricted....

 im going to purto rico soon...should i take any medication or flue shot?

 is asthama a completely curable disease ?

okay, so I'm 11 years old, and lately I'm having a sore throat (maybe a strep throat). I've been on the computer a lot this weekend and I've been staying up late listening to ...

 How do I get rid of my cold?
Hi, I have had a cold for almost 9 weeks now, despite only eating healthy foods such as salad. I have lost weight too. It is only a cold, but it is really starting to bug me, especially because I ...

 Is the Swine Flu the next Spanish Influenza?
We talked about it in History class about how its the same kinda virus that mutates as the 1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic, I want scientific explainations though. Is it really THAT serious?


 How long does a cold normally last for?

Additional Details
I've had a cold for about 9 weeks now, and it has not gone away. Just wondering how long the should last for....

 Can you cure people of kissing in public and is it catching?

 I have the Swine Flu and no health insurance...what now?
I live in L.A. and don't have health insurance. Anyone know of any way I can get treated if I think I might be infected (without paying an arm and a leg)?

Thanks in advance....

hunna <3
is hemorrhoids dangerous?
is it life threatening or dangerous to my health? i have it and im just ignoring it... is that bad?

Its not dangerous but, pardon the expression, they are a pain in the ***. You should go to your doctor or get some cream.

If they get too large or you have many of them or they get infected, then they can be. Hemorrhoids can burst and you could bleed out alot if it got bad enough, or an infection could harm you.

You should treat them when you get them to avoid them possibly getting to that point. They might go away on their own but they might worsen, too.

Green N
You must treat your Hemorrhoids sooner is better (Hemorrhoids become worse if you don't treat them)
I would recommend you to try natural treatments.

You could learn about available hemorrhoids treatments here:

Jenny N
If you just ignore them they may go away eventually but will probably come back.

If you're suffering from constipation, try eating a lot more fiber and drink at least 6--8 glasses of plain water daily.

But if you want a fast, effective treatment for hemorrhoids, then visit http://www.InstantHemorrhoidRelief.info to cure hemorrhoids and piles naturally within 48 hours without side-effects.

As long as they don't bother you then there's no problem.If they start to itch or hurt then just get some OTC cream and use it as directed. Any brand is fine. Generic are cheaper and have the same ingredients. If you see any blood when you go or wipe or have pain that doesn't ease up, even with the cream then go see the doctor. They can become infected, but this isn't the norm. They might go away too. A good thing to remember is not to strain when you go. If you're having any trouble then drink more water and increase you're activity and you'll go when ready. If you increase you're fiber intake it'll help too. Good luck.

depens on the 'roid'. Your best solution is to go to your MD and see what he/she says. Some can be handled with medication.. some will require surgery.. ALL Of them will grow to the point that it will become painful. (Now you know why those 'donut' seat cushions exist.)

Best bet is to go see the md.and be sure.


Not really, in most cases it goes away.

Hemorrhoids can be dangerous if they begin to bleed and become infected. This can lead to a septicemia (infection in and of the blood).

You can have either external or internal hemorrhoids. Preparation H or Anusol both work just fine, and a combination of the cream for external hemorrhoids and suppositories for internal hemorrhoids is best to be safe.

Hemorrhoids can come from straining to have a bowel movement, or from standing for long periods without much walking.

Preventitive treatment includes being sure you have adequate fiber in your diet, or taking a bulk laxative such as Metamucil, or a saline laxative such as milk of magnesia.

Treat your hemorrhoids for about a week, or at least three to four days after the symptoms go away.

They are not dangerous, but the can be very painful. See a doctor... don't be embarrassed, they see this ALL the time.

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