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i throw up whenever i eat/drink something, i cant hold ANYTHING down?
Story Time! (please read, it will help with my prognosis)

So Monday morning i had breakfast, it was a glass of apple juice, and one egg (sunny side up)
i went to school, and i was still hungry so i went to the cafeteria, and i had cinimon toast, along with honey nut cherrios which i ate with white milk

now, im not sure why, but whenever i drink apple juice in the morning, i usually get an upset stomach. and ONLY in the morning, but it never has led to me throwing up...

for lunch i had 2 slices of pizza, along with a pint of chocolate milk.

the rest of the school day was horrible.. i really needed to go to the bathroom, but didnt..

so when i got home, i immediatly went to the bathroom, and took a dump. now what i pooped out was pretty much all watery, and stuff.
But going to the bathroom solves everything right?

i rested my head down on my bed, and within 2 hours of going to the bathroom, i vomited.
Wow. I felt sooo much better, after all throwing up helps, so they say

so i was fine, just very very weak, about 45 minutes from throwing up i got a tylenol, and a glass of water that was room temp, i drank it and felt fine... for like 10 minutes

after that, i threw up the water that i had just drank.

i felt better after i threw up, but again still very very weak.

my mom made me some hot tea, and guess what?
yup again...

i went to bed right after that, which would be around 8 pm. i woke up again, just about 30 minutes ago, and i was very thirsty. so i got up and got some water. and not a minute too late, i threw it up within 2 minutes from drinking it down

so my ultimate questoin is, What the Heck is wrong with me?
soo sick that i cant even hold down water??

please, help me out.
i probably going to see the docter tuesday morning. but until then, any recommendataions?

yes you need to see a doctor (gastroentorologist or internal), you might need to have an IV/dextrose (i dont know what it is called in your country, saline pack?) coz u may be getting dehydrated.
it could be your liver, gastritis, or gastroenteritis, i dont know, let the doctor see you.

Colleen A.
Food poisoning.

My brother had a bout of this last year. He was bedridden for three days and, like you, couldn't keep anything down; not even liquid.

Because of the loose bowels you had on the first day, I imagine that you picked up the toxin the day before your symptoms started. People are wont to think that food poisoning comes from meat; but it could have just as easily been a piece of raw fruit or a vegetable.

You're going to feel 100% awful until your body purges out the last of the toxin. Keep drinking! Even if it makes you throw up; you are at high risk for dehydration. Try small sips of ginger ale or 7up. The bubbles will help your stomach.

If you throw up blood or have bloody diarrhea, go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY. These are signs of a very serious illness and you will need hospital treatment to get better.

Other than that; hang in there. I have been too sick to keep down water, too. Your body is fighting hard to get you healthy again. Drink clear, fizzy liquids and get plenty of rest.

greg t
the most important thing is to try to keep water down...stick to water to begin with. keep trying every time your stomache calms down. when it does and you can handle water consitantly, move to soft foods like toast and butter. from there you'll be fine.

if after 2-3 days you can't keep water down, you are in danger of dehydration and may require a saline pack in your vein from the hospital.

It sounds like a stomach flu. Don't worry too much if you can't hold anything down the first day. As your body needs a chance to rid of the toxins before getting better. Take small sips of water to prevent dehydration. You can also try Ginger Ale, plain 7up or Sprite (with fizz stirred out) or Gadorade to help stay hydrated. In a day or two, you should be able to hold down some plain food (saltine crackers, dry toast, applesauce) in addition to the liquids. Again, just eat very small portions. It'll probably take you 3-5 days before being fully functional again, but at least this illness goes away pretty pretty quickly compared to others.

alaska mama
sounds like a stomach bug...it's miserable but most last about 24 hours...for fluids, try sipping clear fluids..sprite, ginger ale, 7-up but FLAT..pour into a cup, stir out the bubbles....sip don't take huge drinks. then, when you feel up to eating, remember the BRAT diet.
Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast! My doctor told me that when my kids were young. Not in large quantities...take it easy, you're stomach reflexes are wanting to purge out right now. I'd start with crackers or a slice of toast (plain-no butter). when you get up to rice, make sure it's bland and white..no fancy stuff. :)

hope that helps and you're feeling back to normal soon.

mary kathrina s
throwing up everything will really cause you to be weak. that's because of the loss of the important electrolytes from your body. and your stomach is still not conditioned to take in any solid food. try to drink gatorade or electrolytes-rich drinks..

If you haven't been able to keep anything down, you need to get liquids. Go to your local ER and get some IV

Most likely it's the stomach flu. It is getting to be that time of year and since it seems to have been rather short lived, it's probably not anything too serious. I wouldn't worry yourself over it. Just try to get rest and drink fluids SLOWLY. Take a couple small sips every 15 minutes. That will keep you hydrated but should be easier on the stomach than a whole glass of something. Also, make sure it's not really cold or really hot - that will irritate the stomach too. Room temp water, slowly.

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