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 Me and my family are going to Nevada (Las Vegas) this friday, has the Swine Flu reached Nevada yet?
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 Do I have Swine Flu or a cold?
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i have fever today nd cough is it means that i have swine flu? my temperature is 37.6?

Adopted by Madonna
Go to a doctor and get tested. Let's hope you don't have syphilis or gonorrhea.

Ὺṑṵ Ḻṑṽẻ Ṁỷ Ṃṻḟḟḭṅṣ
so do i but i took some cold and flu tablets and i feel better.

I have a "suspicious" case which doesn't necessarily mean I have it but it is probable. I am not high risk so they aren't doing testing unless they're is risk for serious complications. I had the worst possible body aches you could imagine. I bad cough that is dry, sore throat, fever that was a lot higher than yours at some points but was about 37.8 on average.

Wait until tomorrow to see if you feel better, if you don't, go to the doctor and if they think you have it they will give you Tamiflu, the antiviral. It only works in the first 48 hours. I am having nasty side effects though. I feel worse than before. Nausea and diarrhea.

Hope that helps, feel better.

Craig C
No it doesn't. get checked out asap

Having a fever and a cough doesn't automatically point the finger at swine flu. These 2 symptoms are shared by a great number of conditions, including seasonal flu and the common cold, so a diagnosis of swine flu isn't based on symptoms alone. 37.6 is nothing to be concerned about. This isn't a fever and it's still considered to be within a normal range albeit the high end.

no of course not, swine flu is not as common as you think and the odds that you have swine flu are very unlikely. only if this continues, you should go to your doctor and evaluate the situation with him.

no it don't mean you have the swine flu. The only way of finding out is go to the doctor. It could be possible, but just because you have a fever and cough does not mean you have it.

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