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 Is the swine flu vaccine dangerous?
Im supposed to get my vaccine after the 7th of december but im scared,I'm used to needles and all but is the vaccine dangerous?...

 if swine flu get to level 5 would the school be closed?
swine ...

 When (approximately) do you think the Swine Flu will be over?

 HELP, swine flu.....dont know what to do?!!!!!!!?
kk, i dont know if i got swine flu, but i really dont want to get it. anyways how can you tell if you have swine flu are there any symptoms or anything like that, and if you do get it what should you ...

 what is salmonella, a disease?

 Will everyone get a payout like Leslie Ash for catching MRSA in hospital?
And will they get it as quick! Very doubtful.
Additional Details
If, by reports of a family 'tiff' at the time she ended up in hospital, why should she get anything anyway. Her ...

 Why is rubella also known as 'GERMAN' measles?

 Should we teach our kids to kiss or make contact with their saliva to a cat or dog's saliva? That it is safe
to do so? Or is this a danger to our kids?
Additional Details
June, what you said. And what expert will tell me such? There are relatives in our family that have taught my daughter to ...

 Should I Get the Flu Shot?
I can't tell you how many horror stories and conspiracy theories I've found on the web through Googling. I've also looked at the adverse effect reports, and I don't want to take ...

 Hmm I'm pretty sure I have swine flu?
Hello :) ok so ever since last week, people in my area have been getting swine flu. one person also died. (but she also had pneumonia + a septic shock) so now I think I have it. I have all the ...

 How come mosquitoes don't bite me ?!?!?

Additional Details
I heard it has to do with sour blood O.o
Ah well lucky me =D...

 If the Swine Flu is based in Mexico City, how in the world did it make it to New York over night?
Let's say the flu is very contagious. It can spread like wildfire. Fine. But even if it did, it's not going to jump several thousand miles over night.

Okay, so someone will ...

 swine flu better not mess up my life! please help?
ok so apparently there going to close school to stop the spread of swine flu but if they do this im going to get well behind on my gcse's . what will they do to make that time up for me ? if i ...

 Besides AIDs, what other infectious diseases spread through dirty needles?
plz list a ...

 How can I protect myself and my family against Swine Flu?
We live in London (recently moved here) and don't eat pork. I know we can still get the virus even if we don't eat pork so how can we protect ourselves? I am really worried especially with ...

 Baby's temp is 35.5c/96f should I be concerned?
I don't know whats going on, my temp is 38.1c/100.5f, i know that is not really i fever but i'm not feeling that great either. I thought I should check my 4mth old and his is 35.5c/96f. S...

 what is a pandemic???
ta ...

 Strep Throat or Mononucleosis?
Ok, so..... I just got rid of a cold sore that I got from my best friend( it's actually 95% healed). It was pretty bad; nothing I've had before. It was about the size of a stretched out ...

 Flu shot survey!!!! Those who have had the shot (this season or in the past) only please!?
Hi. I only have a week to complete a science fair project and am pretty sure I want to do it on the effectivness of [common] flu shots. I need at least 100 people to complete this short survey so PL...

 i had the flu, and now im rly hungry, but should i take it easy with the food? or not?
ok, like yesterday i woke up and had the stomach flu, then today i felt sick till about 330 when i woke up from a lil nap, i started feeling better, ok so i couldnt handle any food, whatever i ate i ...

how many people died from disease during the 1800's?

For a start there will no records anywhere which can tell you these figures....are you talking about UK or worldwide....there were no antibiotics to speak of in the early 1800's nor were there immunisation, so a lot of diseases we can immunise against today such as measles, smallpox, diphtheria etc used to kill thousands of people....TB was a major killer which today is rare condition....so your question can't really be answered other than to say that many diseases were fatal back then.

millions. Due to lack of hygiene and medications.

I think it's impossible to answer your question, because figures weren't collated during the 19th century in the same way as they are now. Additionally, as well as those who died from diseases such as TB, Cholera and Typhoid, whilst at home, there were thousands who died from disease whilst away fighting wars. To give you some idea, the first link below will take you to a site that details deaths during battles in the 19th century; they also include deaths from disease, some incurred as a result of injuries. And the second site will show you just how many diseases were prevalent at that time in history.

Wild FireF
cant count!!!!!!!!!!

Why do people ask these questions that CAN NOT BE ANSWERED? There were few records kept then and, you didn't even say WHAT COUNTRY... there is more than ONE you know.!

Too many i supect, and are you talking world wide, UK, where, and probably a question that cannot be answered.

Sarah J
wow what a vague question we don't really even know what you're asking so it can't be answered. try being more specific

14 people

oh you are making me dust the cob webs from my brain

at the turn of the century, only 6 diseases could be cured. the morality rate currently (with malaria drugs) is about 1.6 million world wide. (remember we have drugs now to prevent this disease.

musca domestica (filth flies) kill more people than do mosquitos by moving diseases to people that otherwise would not be exposed.

illness like flu have devistated the populations in times past along with plague and other things.

the number of people who died in the 1800s from disease was vast, and i do not believe we will ever know how many world wide. Specific populations of developed countries like england and the netherlands might be available but in the americas which was still expanding without a stable infrastructure to maintain records, our numbers are not known.

malaria in this country was not taken care of until recenly in our past. We still have other viral killers carried by mosquitos that make appearances from time to time, equine encephilites is/can be fatal for example.

if someone gives you a set number they are lying

email if need some help with this for school

almost all of them.

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