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 is soap and water enough to get someones elses blood off you hands incase of a deaseases
i had somes blood on my hands i washed it but i want to makes sure i cant get anything and the person was a gay so i wanna to makes sure just incase....

 How does being sick cause weight loss even if you dont have a fever?
How does infection cause weight loss? ?
reading up on why im losing weight un intentionally still waiting for the doc though. Starting sunday i ate a lot of food at aparty and didnt gain ...

 Swine Flu Symptoms or Just Normal Fever?
My little brother just came down with a fever of 103 tonight. He did vomit once, but now he's sound asleep. He didn't have a sore throat, cough, runny nose. Are these symptoms of the Swine F...

 What does it mean to have a low MPV count?

 Recovering from flu, anybody else get very tired?
In the last 6 weeks I've gotten ill twice quite badly, so that I was bed ridden, this isn't like me and was quite unusual. The first time they thought it was swine flu, fever, sickness, and ...

 What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
I've had a sore throat for about 3-4 days now and its killing me. I also had it last week and it would go away and now it seems to be sticking. What is the best way to get rid of it?


 How serious is Swine Flu and regarding symptoms?
How can you tell the difference between normal flu an swine flu. I was just looking at the Government (UK) website

''Should I avoid contact with people suspected of having swine ...

 Do you ever eat cause you're cold?

 What is the most dangerous disses?
i have this test and wants to no what is the most dangerous disses....

 Do you get sick from the flu shot?
My 3 year old daughter got the flu shot on friday and she started to get cold symptoms last night. Now she has a runny nose and a cough....

 Does spicy food help with cold and flu symptoms?
I have been sick for 4 days now and all I feel like eating is Thai Laksa (which unfortunately is $10 a bowl lol) I just 'feel' as though eating it will make me feel better, it is VERY spicy ...

 why do colds last so long?
completed along haul flight 8 days ago and cannot shift the cold that developed 1 day after ...

 when did start HIV/aids in the world/ Ethiopia as epidemic?

 What are some drugs that can reduce HIV?
Describe how the drug will work either on the virus or the host cell.

thanks see ya.... =Y...

read my previous pregnant question it may help too... but yesterday i wasnt feeling well in my stomach and today i woke at 4 and vomited :S i took a shower rite after.. then i vomited after that.. ...

 Exactly what are the symptoms for Swine flu?
I have a little chest cold, and I know for a fact that I don't have Swine flu. I don't have a very high fever, nor am I feel body aches, but I would still like to know what the symptoms ...

 What's the big deal about swine flu?
i get it, there's no vaccine. But for the regular seasonal flu, not everyone takes a vaccine for that either and they're able to fight the flu off. The 5 year old boy in mexico and had ...

 what could be wrong with me?
ive had this cold for 10 days, and i don't seem to feel any better. It's getting worse and worse each day. i started off with a cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose. but now its turned ...

 How are people with swine flu dying with no underlying health problems?
They never say and I think it's important to know. Is it that they are letting themselves go to long without seeking medical attention? Are they coughing and hacking something horrible and it ...

 Questions about whooping cough?
People don't tellme that i need to do my own homework because i actually did my homework but its that i dont undertand what its actually trying to ask and i looked it up but i cant find the ...

how many cold/flu pills do you take to robo trip?
just wonderin

Ms. Anna
Cordicidin Cold & Cough... I've done it a long long time ago because someone said it was like being drunk & it was the worst experience ever. You cant function, walk, talk. I dont recommend it & would never do it again. I only took 9, some people can take like 7-8 and get messed up. I had a friends who took 15 and we almost took her to the hospital.... I hope you're not looking to do it because it's really bad for you and not very smart either

whats robo trip?

How about don't robo trip? Then you won't have to worry about it :)

You wouldn't take any cold/flu pills to Robotrip. You would drink about a full bottle of Robotussin cough syrup.

These is a dangerous activity, however. And taking a boatlaod of pills sounds extremely dangerous and possibly fatal. Be careful.

hmm..yeah..."just wonderin"...yeah like thats not obvious..congratulations on a fail of a cover. We all know you are taking drugs! and the Feds are gonna show up on your doorstep in 5 minutes

Take as many as you need to feel the warmth of a straight jacket in the mental hospital

Brandon, Brandon F
If you wish to "robo-trip" your best bet is to get the Robitussin coughtgels long lasting for the meer fact that it has only Dextromethorphan...Any other active ingredient stay away from for the fact that they will only make the trip a little more sickness for you...So doing the mathup to 375mg's of pills is a normal trip just like drinking a whole bottle...So dont listen to everyone saying how "dangerous and stupid it is" which in fact it's one of the safest drugs to abuse and is the second strongest behind acid.

The amount you'd have to take is equivalent to the amount it would take to land you in the hospital. If you have to ask this question here, you haven't researched this enough and have no business tripping this way. Go to bluelight.com and research a bit more. While I don't condone it, it might keep you from killing yourself if you talk to people that know a lot about it. I refuse to give you any advice other than "don't do it", but knowing you probably will anyway, please use the reference source I gave you so you don't die.

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