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 SWINE FLU................................?
How long will it take me roughly to get over swine flu without using tamiflu or relenza??...

 I think i might have HIV HELP ME!!!! Please please please open! PLEASEEEE?
Well i got a lip pirceing on friday and well it got infected .......
well whats really bad is the the man who did it had a bad rep that i diddnt know about untill i went to a DHEC sertified ...

 whos wrorried of the swine flu?
is it me or are the media just exgaterating. about the swine flu i know it can kill but maaaan!! im so wrorried that I started walking to and from school im scared to death i dont wanna die early!!...

 Swine Flu? Do you think I have it?
We had a family get together at my grandmas house last weekend. My uncle said he had the flu and he wasn't feeling good so he was sleeping and we woke him up to eat with us. Well, we found out a ...

 I can't eat anything because of canker sores in my mouth.?
I am now really hungry. What can I drink to get all of my nutrients back and to satisfy my hunger?...

 can i go to school with mono?
i got diagnosed with mono today, but i've had symptoms for 2 1/2 weeks. ive missed the last two days, but can i go to school? i didnt get blood work done, just the doctors word. she thought it ...

 So is The Swine Flu Just Like Any Other Flu, Or A Little More Severe?

 what is cure for hiv+ person?

 How should I be buried after I die from swine flu?
What is the safest way to have my family dispose of my lifeless body after I inevitably catch and die from swine flu?

I mean a traditional burial sounds fine, but will burning me to ashes ...

 How can i make myself ill for monday?
Okay then something happened last week and i really want to miss school, on monday , please can you tell me some ways to make myself ill.

Please dont lecture me on how important ...

 How do I keep from getting sick all the time?
I have been sick now for quite some time. Now i think i have some sort of stomach flu. I have been like this for quite some time. I know that stress and working in the schools for the first time will ...

 how do u get rid of a fever?

 will swine flu stop please answer?
i wonder if swine flu would stop also will swine flu become very serious
and is swine flu in indiana if so what part
Additional Details
also how did bird flu stop do u think this ...

 Can Everybody please calm down (swine flu)?
Here are some facts
1. we are not in a developing country so we wont even come close to dieing
2. the reason everybody in the WHO is concerned is because imagine if this infection landed ...

 I'm scared of shots. And my parent's are making me get the Gardasil shot.. ?
Any tips??
Additional Details
also do you have to get all 3 shots in one day?? like one after another?...

 what do you think Swine Flu?

Additional Details
a lot of poeple die in Mexico cos health care is not that good....

 can you get a disease if someones's urine touches your skin or clothes??
for example sharing toilets or urine being transferred from shoes to clothes or clothes to clothes??...

 Swine flu??????????????
will i die?
Additional Details
iz it bird flu but with swines?...

 White spot on the back of my throat?
Ive been sneezing and its turned ito a really really painful sore throat and a little bit of a cough.So i was curious to see if there was anything doen there coz its really hard to swallow and i ...

 Is the swine flu curable?
=| cuz if i eva catch it...i want to get cure cuz i dont wanna die =]...

how do u get rid of aids?
please help me i have a problem...
is it going to kill me?

More likely than not it will kill you.

Dr. Rank
the only cure for AIDS is super AIDS.

no but seriously, there's no cure. you're screwed

About $200,000 cash injected directly into the bloodstream.

Zac G
aids kill you smoke marijuanna it will take the pain away trust me my friend kyle has aids

HIV (the virus that can lead to AIDS) damages the immune system by killing CD4 cells, which help our bodies fight infections. Once the CD4 count drops to 200 or below, diagnosis changes to AIDS. People do not actually die of HIV. They die because they get another infection, such as colds, flu, pneumonia, or some other infection, which their body can no longer fight off.

There is no cure for HIV, but medications can help many people who have HIV live longer, healthier, and increase the amount of time between diagnosis of HIV and diagnosis of AIDS. It is critical that people diagnosed with HIV see a specialist and follow the specialist's advice regarding treatment. Doing so will give the best chance to live healthier, longer.

There are treatments, but no cure

ok, is this a joke?

you'll die sooner or later if what you're saying is really true. No cure as of now, but only medicines to prolong your life

Nevada Smith

You wrote in your previous questions: you are 16, your boyfriend is 24, he has kids, he wants you to have his kids, he cheats on you, you are dating 3 different men... and if your previous answer to someone else's question is true, you have a child and that man left you right after you gave birth. If this isn't a joke, you not only infected yourself, but your baby. Way to go.

big rd
there are some experimental drug trials but none fda approved you should enter won and hope it works but so far there are no cure for aids

There is no cure for aids. IF your serious, you need to consult your doctor.

I question the seriousness of this post. When an aids test is revealed positive, the doctors usually explain alot of things to you and hand you some information because they basically just handed you your death certificate. It's a very serious situation that people don't take lightly. So I doubt you were told "Hey so..you have aids, have a nice day".

| Matt |
close the pool

You can't.

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your problem.
Best wishes.

sorry to say but yes

There is no cure at this point. However in France they are trying a bone marrow transplant and are having great success with it.

Kay Kay
You cant get rid of aids..the only thing you can do is see a doctor, take the medicine he prescribes and stay safe!

definitely going to die, but it wont be the reason you die, you;ll die of a simple cold, the real question is when
that and who gave it to you, then go stab that person.. good talk, now get out there and be somebody!!

Julia S
sorry there is no cure but there is treatment...go t o this site. http://www.aidsportal.org/overlay_details.aspx?nex=48&gclid=CIz238TpgZgCFSAUagod5FUnEA

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