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 Is there a cure for Cyber Cooties?
I was diagnosed with having cyber cooties yesterday by a crazy American, I hope it's not too late to get treatment......

 Can a nurse dicuss a patient's problem to anyone outside of the hospital staff?

 Is swine flu just a big rumor to jumpstart the economy by making people spend money on the health industry?
Because swine flu is one of the top stories on every news media resource, many people who have normal flus or even colds, are going to the doctor's office or buying lots of medicines and drugs. W...

 Why does swine flu have this name?

 Do you believe these new diseases are released by drug companies so they can make millions selling Vaccines?
Bird Flu, Swine Flu, these diseases have come from nowhere... then all of a sudden governments order billions in Vaccines....

 I think Im catching a cold what do i do?
i feel like i feel, im not sick yet, but i hope i dont get sick. just in casue from personal experiences any tips how to prevent from catching the common cold virus gahhh! I cant catch a cold this ...

 Would you swim with a person who's HIV positive?
Check out the story below and gimme your honest answer.

HIV-Positive Toddler Banned From Pool

 I took xanax, and also got a swine flu shot. am i going to die.?
yes? no?...

 Throat pain after kissing girl? * PLEASE HELP, BEST ANSWER :POINTS!?
I made out with a girl and then 5 minutes later my throat starting feeling weird and now it has been 4 hours after and it's gotten worse. It doesn't exactly hurt yet, it just a very weird ...

 How to relieve cold symptoms? Any suggestions?
I'll be going for an interview on Saturday. I have the beginnings of a cold and by the time it's Saturday it will be a full blown cold and I will end up sneezing every where. It's one ...

 how do i know if my daughter has a cold or swine flu?
my little girl is 3 years old she got up this morning with a really bad cough it has just started over night (she doesn't get coughs usually) tonight her temp has started to rise not by much at ...

 Could you name a virus that can be cured?
I can't think of any...hmmm, are viruses even curable?...

 Is the stomach virus going around contagious? ?
i sit next to a kid in my health class that is getting over it ...am i in trouble?????
Additional Details
cuz he said he no longer has symptoms so i wanted to know if i could still get ...

 Does it sound like I have the swine flu?
Also body aches.
Additional Details
I don't mean to be annoying and paranoid.
But i've reached a temperature of up to 101.7
I have the chills, I feel lethargic and ...

 How can a person get AIDS?

 AIDs - can you get this by doing...........?
Can u get aids or HIV by kissing?
Can you get it by sharing blood?
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can u get herpes on your ...

 is it dangerous for my 17month old to come in to close contact with my 5 year old son who has the chicken pox?
chicken ...

 should we avoid eating pig products because of the swine flu ?
okay, i eat ham sandwiches everyday at school for lunch, but now im thinking of switching to turkey because of the swine fl, just to be safe, should we avoid eating anything that comes from pig ...

 What are all the states swine flu is In right this miunte?
plzzzzz help me!
good luck staying away from it too, god bless everyone....

 Can strep throat come back?
Ok, so I recently got over strep. I had to take medicine for 10 days and I finished 2 days ago. Well, I woke up yesterday and my throat hurt. Sometimes I would wake up and my throat would hurt,but it ...

how can you cure a yeast infection?
i know this person who has yeast infection and she tried every thing but, nothing works.

dont lie. your the one wit the yeast infection

One Big Shoulder
its ok we know its you



Athlete's foot is treated with topical antifungal medication (medication placed directly on the skin) in most cases. Severe cases may require oral medications (those taken by mouth). The feet must be kept clean and dry, as the fungus grows in moist environments.

Jorge's Wife
eating yogurt and try monistat!!!

The insinuation is clear don't be ashame of it it isn't abnormal to get an ease infection infact you can even get it from your underwear it also depends on the sevareity of this infection if its really your affiliate then she should consult a doctor.

Vagisil works or Monistat... Monistat comes in different courses. The 7-DAY, 5-DAY, or 1-DAY (most expensive) but worth it so you could get rid of it faster.

eat a lot of yogurt and plenty of cranberry juice

Tell her if nothing is working. That she really needs to see her Doctor.

She better see the doctor. All means have been exhausted and so it's important she sees her doctor before everything gets complicated. If you go to your doctor to get a prescription, any responsible doctor will first check to see if your problem is really yeast. this will unfortunately involve those horrible stirrups and nasty, probing swabs, digging for a sample.

That person needs to go see her doctor, because it might not be a yeast infection.

some people seem to get them often, and i think the more you use the over-the-counter monostat stuff, the less effective it is. i would suggest seeing a gyno for advice.

Over the counter stuff works well. Try the one day insert. If that has already been tried it's time to go to the doctor's.

lol im sure you "know this person" and you arent them. but seriously they have stuff at ur local pharmacy/store or whatever

Get PLAIN yogurt no sugar no flavor and get a tampon injector and empty the tampon out and fill it with the yogurt and inject,,, sit for 15-20 mins longer if you can with the yogurt inside, it helps alot do it 2 times a day more if you can and it should go away in about 4 days. Also taking acidolphilis pills helps alot they're about 7 bucks at your local drugstore.

Amy R
This treatment worked for me:
good luck

try drinking Yakult, yoghurt or taking inner health plus vitamins anything that adds good bacteria into your body

truth teller
see a Dr

David B
first - baking soda liberally
second - vinegar over the baking soda

Kathleen Archer
You should tell your friend to go see a doctor. Some infections can seem like yeast infections, but are actually something else. And since by "everything" I'm assuming she's tried over the counter creams/suppositories, it seems like this is something other than a yeast infection.

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