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do I need shots if I get bit by a dog with no rabies?
I was at my friend's house and her dog bit me.she told me it didn't have rabies.What do I do?
Additional Details
I am positive the dog has no rabies so do I need shots or not?

Diana D
Hi Sweetie,
Positive isn't a 100%, I'd get the shot to be on the safe side. R U not the owner. Ask the owner 4 proof????? That wud be a tag & papers from the Vet! Don't just take her word for it!!!!! Before the shot. She wud of shown u the dogs TAG if this is true? Go back & ask 4 something in writting r RABIES TAG!!!! Don't be nieve Plse.

LOL, Diana D

Call a poison control hotline for advice.

Was the animal provoked or did it attack/bite you without reason? The poison control hotline will ask you questions such as this and they will also help you decide thru protocol if you are a candidate for rabies vaccine.

I was bitten this summer and advised to take these shots.

Believe me, you do not want to take them if you dont have to. The below link is an article I wrote about my experience and it has a wicked picture of my animal bite as well. Why dont you check it out and see if you find some useful info that might help you out.

I dont know how long ago it has been since your bite but animals are usually quaranteened 10 days. If they dont show signs they are released. If its been over 10 days and the dog is still fine then dont worry yourself any more. Check out my article and see if it answers any lingering questions in you mind.

Just thought to mention....rabies cases now are very, very rare. You might feel better hearing that. :-)

Bite Results in Painful Rabies Injections as Precaution

billy s
The same thing happened to me and I got the shots.Better to be safe than sorry.

a p
Your friend's dog must be "quarantined", which just means it has to be available for observation for 10 days. If it does not show signs of rabies (which are obvious) during the 10 days then it did not have rabies when it bit you. "No anti-rabies prophylaxis is needed." Which means you don't have to start the shots.

Go to this web site:


this link will take you directly to the answer to your question.

Of course, if it is a bad bite it still might get infected with something. You might want to see a doctor if it needs cleaned or stiched.

Dear Sieera S,

It matter's very little whether you are bitten by a rabies dog or not, any animal bite should be treated with a tetanus injection by your doctor or hospital.

I would ask to see the dogs shot records. If they cant be provided, then the dog needs to go into isolation and you need to start the shot series. I would say that your friend's dog is probably safe and clean, but ya never know.

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