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 Hi, I'm HIV Positive and have been taking Lamivir - S40 and Efiverenz 600mg and Septrin since May 2005.?
In January this year - 2006 my CD4 count was 130 from 2 in May last year - 2005 but I went for my second CD4 Test last week Friday and I was called in to my doctors to retake the test this Tuesday 29...

 How likely is it that i'll get the Swine Flu?
I'm from the south of england (winchester) over 400miles away, and one suspected case in manchester which is over 200miles away,but i am really scared about catching 'pig' flu,as all ...

 what can i do for fun if i am in bed and sick??
i am sick with mono and have nothing to do!!!!!!!!! =((...

 The Woman who got Dystonia from the Swine Flu Vaccine?
That is so fake, it's ridiculous....

 is there anything you can take to prevent food poisening?
i had a beefburger it was raw in middle but i had allready eaten half of ...

 Can you get swine flu from smelling bacon?

 50,000 people hiv positive in united kingdom?
is it true that only 50,000 people of 60 million who live in the uk are hiv positive? i need ...

 Does a 21 year old with a 103.2 degree fever and flu symptoms need to go in?
My boyfriend has a 103.2 degree fever, coughing, vomiting, headache, body aches, and violent chills. He can't keep down fluids, food, or even manage any sleep. He's constantly cold and ...

 Is Swine Flu as severe as we think it is?
I am just wondering, because I have heard rumours that is just a big propaganda scheme to convince people they need to buy medicines and/or vaccines against it, therefore creating a lot of $ for the ...

 chicken pox is it possible to have twice in life?
i remember having chicken pox when i was about 7 years old and i remember my mum covering me in camomile and the spots i am now 26 years old my brother is 28 . but my brother got chicken pox about 4 ...

 Can you get HIV from sharing needles with a blood relative?
I know you can get HIV from sharing needles but how about if you share them with a blood relative? Is it any different than sharing needles with somebody you're not related to?...

 Do I or don't I get my daughter the flu shot this year?
I am wondering if I should or should not get my daughter (8)vaccinated this year with the flu shot. Last year within a few hours after recieving the flu shot she was violenting throwing up. It lasted ...

 Ummm guys, I have Swine Flu?!?
and you just clicked to read this, and now YOU have swine flu. when they say "very contagious", they mean it. even over the internet. sorry guys. :(...

 How do i give myself a fever?
dont give me any crap about why or i need help just answer the ...

 How are infections spread in hospitals....please help!?
How do infections get spread through out hospitals??
Coursework ...

 A question about H.I.V.?
I used to think HIV and Aides are the same thing. but, I hear people say someone is HIV positive but not aides. what is the difference?...

 how can you try avoid getting the swan flu?
yeah how do you try to avoid getting the swan flu ?! cause i do not wanna get it &* its already in my state just not in my cityyy !...

 Mono virus symptoms, do i have it?
I think i might have mono. I have been feeling fatigue for the past 4 months, and now i am starting to get extremely fatigue. But the only symtoms i have now are headaches usually at night, and the ...

 Will eating pork give me the swine flu?
If i eat pork from a pig that had the swine flu will i get it?...

 what do you think of the swine flu?
What are you going to do if it gets serious?
im not gona eat fast food or shop for food....

can you get bell's palsy again?
I am starting to feel the same pain in my neck and behind my ear.I still have problems from the first time 9 months ago so I don't know if it could be a part of that.but I am scared it is happening again

Krystin =]
i am not sure my mom had it and she started getting pains like that agian and the doctor said she was okay but you might need to go to a doctor and see

Bell's Palsy is a paralysis of the facial nerve sometimes caused by a viral infection, it's quite possible it's back.


Calidoc is right, however I have seen patients take at least a year to fully recover(regain all facial functioning). It can come back again or maybe you never completely recovered.

Good Luck:)

My uncle had it twice.

you can. viruses can re-infect your nerves (in this case, the facial nerve), just like shingles (herpes zoster chickenpox virus). see a regular doc or neurologist right away.

yes, I have also twice. It needs proper treatment, exercise

Bell's Palsy affects the facial nerve (as others have said) but this is a MOTOR nerve and has NO sensory fibers in it. The only sign this nerve is inflamed is paralysis. The palsy of this nerve often is accompanied by neuritis (inflammation) of other nerves, such as the trigeminal nerve (the sensory nerve of the face) or others. If you had pain the first time you had the palsy, it is possible that the return of that pain is a recurrent neuritis (such as "shingles" also known as herpes zoster). This can also affect motor nerves again.

The best thing to do is see a doctor right away. You can start antiviral medications and steroids to halt the process. Usually acyclovir or valcyclovir along with a short course of prednisone are all that is necessary.

I am a little concerned that you "still have problems" from your first episode. Do you still have the same palsy? Did it ever get better? Does your face move at all? There are other causes of pain and facial paralysis besides Bell's.

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