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 can someone have parasites and not know it?
I read in a lot of holistical medical articles that some people have parasites and don't know it. Could this be true?
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they say this is the cause for feeling bad ...

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chris lee s
can parrots and cats carry hepatitis? We are watching a parrot and 2 cats for a friend &both owners have hepC?

no. and even if they did, the virus is only spread via cross contamination of blood. hcv corpuscles found in all bodily fluids minus blood are not infectious.

now, have you been tested? many folks have no idea they are sick! everyone has one risk factor for hcv infection-that is why there are over 4 million in the united states that have it.
many are not aware how they contracted it.

hcv infection can happen to anyone. less common ways of transmission are dental visits-before 1995. (surgery of anykind too).
more common are those who received blood transfusions, skin grafts or share drugs. veterans also have a high probability too due to the mass innoculation program (which is also responsible for those youngsters in the mid 70's who also have gotten hcv that way)
there are millions of ways one can get hcv-ie, blood to blood.
a good example:
johnny picks his nose at school, he makes himself bleed. at play time he handles a ball. another child comes along, plays with the ball and then picks a scab....if there is even one teeny tiny blood droplet on his finger, he risks transmission of hcv into his body because he made himself bleed by picking his scab.
it is highly doubtful, but it does happen.

hcv is still transmittable even after the blood has dried-IF the window of oppotunity exsists.(bloodstream)

transferring hcv from animal to human is non-existant. animals like cats and birds or dogs cannot contract hcv.

Simple NO and dont worrie you cant get it from them easy hep c is just blood trans. diseases..
-sharing drug equp.
parrots and cats no but monkeys and gorillas do have it...
Now dogs and cats have ther own hep i am not sure which one think is hep g

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