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can i go to school with mono?
i got diagnosed with mono today, but i've had symptoms for 2 1/2 weeks. ive missed the last two days, but can i go to school? i didnt get blood work done, just the doctors word. she thought it wasnt necessary, because i faint at the sight of needles, but can't write me an excuse for school unless bloodwork is done. so im wondering if i can go to school? or if i should just go get blood work done to miss?
Additional Details
How long would i be out of school?

sure just don't go around kissing people, sharing mouth stuff (drinks), or drink out of the water fountains :)

Hannah :]
you can go to school with mono, you just don't participate in gym.

Yes just don't kiss anyone.

Mono is contagious, which means you can spread the virus to other people who haven't had mono before. Even though you can get mono from kissing someone infected with EBV, there are also other ways you can get it, but they all involve contact with saliva. Sharing pillows, straws, toothbrushes, or food from the same plate also spread mono.

Therefore as long as you keep your mouth closed you will be fine!

Candace M
That's a weird/retarded rule. Go get your blood drawn and close your eyes when they do it. They shouldn't have to draw blood to know you have mono, just a throat swab. Alot of people don't like the sight of needles. Mono can be dangerous if it's not treated.

I would think that the health department would step in at some point.

That is very contagious.

It sounds like you are not sure because your Dr. can't be without a blood test.
If you faint, just turn your head or lay down on that bed thing in the exam room when they take your blood.

Its just a little sting, and don't last but a few seconds.
Sometimes you don't even feel it at all. It just depends on how good the blood taker is.

Why would you even ask? You actually like school or something?
Get the blood work done. It's your only chance!

Kelli D
Mono isn't your average illness. When I got it, I had symptoms early, but once it was full blown, it was misery. However, before and after it got really bad, I still went to work. Just don't share ANYTHING. No drinks, No food, nothing that saliva can be transferred. If it gets worse, you'll have to do blood work most likely because you'll need medication.

Hope this helps some.


Go get your blood work. I was out of school for 3 months because of mono. Some can come back as soon as 2 weeks. Some as late as 6 months. You just don't know.

my friend bill got mono and was out for a few months

MrDover ♥ U
go in stereo,, you'll be fine

lawl nickname
Go to school, infect the people you don't like.

you shouldn't be going to school your putting other at risk, but your also not getting an excused absence so get the blood work done to get a letter from the doctor

Aspiring Author
get the blood work done, you will probably fall harder academically if you go with mono

Get the blood work done. Please.

Go get the blood work done and don't go to school.

no, dont be a moron and spread it around

First off, NO! Do not go to school with Mono, even if you do as soon as your adminstrators find out they will send you home. Really your best bet is to get the blood work done to prove you have Mono. The reason she can't write you a note is because she really has no proof besides symptoms, blood doesn't lie. So my answer to you is to man up and get some blood drawn!

get blood work done.
don't take any chances of going to school and spreading it around.
mono can get bad.

Get the blood work done.
Doctors told me I had mono, I got the blood work done and I ended up being diagnosed with tonsillitis. I still get tonsillitis and doctor always diagnose it as mono until I get my blood work. Plus it's like a free holiday where you eat ice cream.

Good Luck.

I had mono last year too I had bloodwork and for a certain time you are contagious but the real thing is if you are feeling better the chances are you are getting over it. For some people its 3 months for some its a few weeks. Honestly just the thought of getting bloodwork is bad I swear you will barely feel it and it will tell you how sick you really are. Thanks Payton :)

No. Not until you know for sure.

yes you can but wear a sign that says you have mono, it is only fair and you will help in not spreading it.

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