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 is it true thst bird flu mainly affects below 5 years and above 60.?

 Can you please share something about BIRD FLUE? What are the precautions I can take?

 are parasite worms do sever damage to your body? how do you avoid them?

 primary complex?
my child 3years &2 months old he got primary complex his waight is 12Kg Drs. given medicine 1. rimactazid disped one tablet per day on before food and 2. Adliv 1/2 morning and night 1/2 table ...

 Why is this happening to me?
I got a two week break off from school. The first day i caught a sore throat. Then three days later when it went away i got the cold. Now i have an ear infection and might need a blood test. Why is ...

 many antibiotics are fungi...but?
what role would this serve in fungi?...

 Will antibiotics make my yeast infection worse?
I treated a yeast infection three days ago but now need to take antibiotics. If I do will the yeast infection get worse? The symptoms are mostly gone....

 Is this just a bug? I think it could be worse...?
Is this just a bug?
i been feeliing sick for about a week
loss of appatite

is this just a bug?...

 I think Im am Starting to develop a sore throat what are ways I can prevent if from getting worse?
And just get rid of it completly...before its to late! {Gasp}...

 I work at a bank and handle money all day. What are some things I can do to keep from getting sick?
I work at a bank and handle all the checks that come through for that day. What are some things I can do or medications I can take to keep from getting sick? Does hand sanitizer work if I can'...

 When you contract hepatitis c do you know it right away?
I recently used needle drug's. I have nevr done this before. I used a needle that had been bleached of my supposable friend. She and I later got into an argument and she told me she was ...

 Are there any videos concerning balantidium coli or balantidiasis?

 I poked my fingers in my girlfriend's gina :), I noticed that there was some blood from her gina....?
I stopped doing what I was doing and washed my hands. Do you think I made the right move?...

 Has there been recent cases of the bird flu in California?

 At what point should I go to the hospital? Doctors and nurses, answer please?
I need to know if I should go to the hospital. Please read the background information before you answer.

About two weeks ago I devolped weird marks on my face. Almost over night my ...

 Can i Exercise while having chicken pox....???
I've got a daily routine of exercise, can i do pushups & stuff while having chicken pox. I am just confused about what all i can do and what all i can not do while having chicken pox.

 how do i get kid's at my school to quite making fun of my disease?
i have a disease called bits. i have cataract's premature, i have kidney problems, i walk on my tip toe on my left foot, i'm a little on the bald side because my hair is falling out, both ...

 what are the symptoms of dementia?

 meaning and spelling of eradication?

 Does anyone know anything about the Flu epidemic of 1918?
I'm doing a project on it and I was wondering if someone knew anything about it....

can i catch scarlet fever off my grandson?
the doctor said my grandson has scarlet fever today 27/11/06 can i get it off him im 52 yrs old

What is scarlet fever?
Scarlet fever is a disease caused by a bacteria called group A streptococcus, the same bacteria that causes strep throat. Scarlet fever is a rash that sometimes occurs in people that have strep throat. The rash of scarlet fever is usually seen in children under the age of 18.

How do you get scarlet fever?
This illness can be caught from other people if you come in contact with the sick person because this germ is carried in the mouth and nasal fluids. If you touch your mouth, nose or eyes after touching something that has these fluids on them, you may become ill. Also, if you drink from the same glass or eat from the same plate as the sick person, you could also become ill. The best way to keep from getting sick is to wash your hands often and avoid sharing eating utensils.

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