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 Does anyone know anything about the Flu epidemic of 1918?
I'm doing a project on it and I was wondering if someone knew anything about it....

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 Can you catch oral herpes from drinking after someone?
Can you catch oral herpes from drinking after someone? I believe a girl i work with has oral herpes and i accidentally drank out of her coke bottlle. Can i get herpes this way?...

 What's the best way to get the real situation of bird-flue in China?
China has a really strict control on every kind of negetive news to the government. Now there are already couple of people dying of bird-flue in China, but the government still cannot give the real ...

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 what is asiano bacterian?
what is the effect in treatment of hepatitis c viral infection ????...

 Are most doctors willing to perscribe tamiflu to be on hand incase the bird flu hits the us. Why or why not?

 I have the beginnings of a head cold. Is there anything I could take to reduce it or make it go away quickly?

Additional Details
I looked up Zicam on the internet, and this is what I found!

 HI nurses or someone can you please tell me if?
my mom is in septic shock? she has been in S.I.C.U for a month now after she went in for a simple repair the doctor found 4 hernias and cut her colon accidentally now she is running fever, on trach ...

 does a bitter sensation in the tongue necessarily imply an infection?

 Can OFLOXACIN TABLETS be taken to cure cough cold and fever along with paracetamol and citirizine ?

 Is there anything I can do to help prevent reoccurring pancreatitis?

 What is a good quaternary disinfectant?
I need to clean biowaste....

 Flu Remedies?
Does anyone know any flu remedies? I've got the flu and I'm miserable...I'd most like to know how to get rid of the nausea and sore throat. Please help me!...

 how long does lindane stay in the body?
It was used to treat ...

 can mono be harmful if you are h.i.v. positive?

Will antibiotics make my yeast infection worse?
I treated a yeast infection three days ago but now need to take antibiotics. If I do will the yeast infection get worse? The symptoms are mostly gone.

yes it can make it worse try taking some activa yogurt.

that's a definite YES. and just for your info yeast is naturally present in everyone's bodies, but when it grows out of proportion that's when you get yeast infections (and many diseases and conditions brought on by that). but the good news is that you can actually control the amount of yeast that grows in your body by avoiding certain foods.
i really recommend these books:

Well all I can tell you is what happens to me.....Everytime I pick up a bottle of antibiotics at the pharmacy I go ahead and buy yeast infection medicine at the same time.
So, if you are like me, yes it probably will come back. Sorry

Mr. Peachy®
Since yeast infections are fungal (candida albicans), not bacterial, and our body's "friendly" bacteria tend to keep the yeast under control, I would say that a course of antibiotics will most likely make it worse.

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