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 I recently ate an earthworm, and ever since then I've been paranoid that I have parasites. Should I worry?

 how long does it take to die from hepatitis C??? answer please?
you guys never answer my questions, and i seriously need help with this.
Additional Details
i do have hepatitis C, i just found out yesterday....

 Can Anyone Relate To This Staff Infection bs?
Curious if anyone can relate? Had a staff infection now for 2 wks but wasn't aware of what it was until Monday. Started antibiotics Sulfa something on Tuesday morning. It's red, round, hard,...

 Why is everyone so freaked out about the swine flu?
Juuust wondering.
Additional Details
I'm seriously not that worried about it. And I should be! I live in Texas... which is connected to Mexico....

 Why do some people not get the swine flu?
My husband had the swine flu for about a week and the entire time I was with him I didn't get sick. I washed my hands often, but I didn't think it would actually work, because, like I said, ...

 Can a 14 year old girl die from swine flu because she has asthma?

 Urinary tract infection?
can i take Lasix as a medicine (antibiotic) for my UTI?...

 What am I doing wrong to be getting ear infections all the time?
For years it seems I have been getting ear infections and according to family I got them alot when I was younger too (baby and toddler years). I do swim but not underwater, atleast not recently and ...

 Is it possible that you can get sick with the stomach flu again a week later?
not hungry ...

 symptoms of Worms in the brain?
I have been freaking out about my health lately. So when little things happen I worry. What are the symptoms of worms in the brain? or even the body? Please answer : (
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 what is it called when you get sick from thinking that you are sick?
i want a specific name of the ...

 has there been any cases of swine flu in people who have NOT travelled to Mexico?
in the uk?...

 Scared of swine flu i don't want to die!?
there have been 5 cases in my town and most likely it will spread. If I get it I really dont want to die! Im very very scared. any tips would be greatly appreciated....

 how do dragon flies help eradicate malaria?

 Is the zombie virus actually real or does it only exsist in the movies?
the question says it all....

 What's this I hear about the government taking people away?
If they might have or have swine flu? :S
where exactly are they taking these people/families?...

 How do people die from swine flu?
Is it sudden? You start feeling better and then you collapse or does your fever climb or what? Also do you know what determines why some people survive and some people don't?
Additional D...

 Throat pain - remedy ?
Hello, I've got a throat pain - probably bacterial.
its especially more when I wake up in the morning.

In India, we use Erythromycin.
I'm new to the US. what is the ...

 Stopping The Fever?
I have been having a fever for five days now and have been taking motrin and all kind of the pills to stop the fever. Today was the first day I felt fine duirng the day but at night my fever went up ...

 what is good for sore throat?
it has got that itchy ...

Ron F
Why do i have diarrhea all the time?
I have been getting diarrhea a lot lately why,


gross why would you put that on the intranet?


i don't cater to the man

Go to the doctor. Constant diarrhea depletes your body of electrolytes and dehydrates you. Don't let it continue.

you may have difficulty absorbing something in your diet - but you might want to see your doc about stool cultures/colitis and get the well tested!

I hate Y!A Trolls. get a life
u might be depressed! u may not think so but u might..
i had the same problem recently, not sure if i was dep or not, but it went away after like 2 weeks

Michelle :)
r u constipated if u r then that's y

Mate diarrhea should only last 2-3 days at max...if it keep coming back then something your consuming is making it happen..go to your doctor because it could be something worse.

Roll Tide Roll!
You might be coming down with something? Have you been coughing, sneezing, feeling bad, etc.

Next to that is Dehydration. Make sure you drink enough water to hydrate your body!! Diarrhea comes from being dehydrated usually.

Also, if you've been eating different foods, it could be that. You might be eating some meat that your body doesn't react that well to.

Chad B
Too much fiber? Stress? change in diet? Cold/flu? Food intolerance? Could be anything really.

It is most likely generated by something you've eaten recently and often in your diet. Have you eaten anything strange lately? It can also be due to different types of organ diseases and disorders, as well as an overwhelming amount of stress. Feel better soon :]

Miss Lucat
Well it could be many reasons. Its whatever your consuming in your body. Not a good diet. And I agree like everyone else, if it keeps up go see your doctor. You need to eat good and excersise...

You could have irritable bowel syndrome, which is basically where random food upsets your stomach. You should see a doctor though and find out what's going on. Diarrhea can cause bad dehydration and other problems.

Infection by bacteria (the cause of most types of food poisoning)
Infections by other organisms
Eating foods that upset the digestive system
Allergies to certain foods
Radiation therapy
Diseases of the intestines (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis)
Malabsorption (where the body is unable to adequately absorb certain nutrients from the diet)
Some cancers
Laxative abuse
Alcohol abuse
Digestive tract surgery
Competitive running
Diarrhea may also follow constipation, especially for people who have irritable bowel syndrome.

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