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 how long does it take a cold sore to heal and no longer be contagious?
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 Can you catch gastroenteritis for sick bays?
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susie q
Why am I getting so many staph infections?
I've had 2 staph infections and I'm on my 3rd. I had one last year today, last month, and now another one. My first one was very serious because I didn't know what it was so I had to be hospitalized. My second one was detected early on just like this third one so it's not life-threatening but my doctor has told me that staph infections are very serious and can be fatal. I find it odd that all three have popped up within 1.5 inches of eachother and that I get them even though I stay very clean, shower daily, wash hands frrequently and RARELY do I touch the infected area even when it is not infected.
Anyone have any comments on why these keep happening to me? Am I more susceptable than others to getting more staph infections?

dirk diggler
Hello, I'd like to be ur friend :)

People get repeat infections when their immune system has been compromised and not strong enough to fight off the offending pathogen. It depends on your age and health condition too. There is a staph that is resistant to common antibiotics and requires a special antibiotic to treat it. The staph is called MRSA (methacyllin resistant staph aureus). You find it mostly in nursing homes, long term ill patients and those whose immune system is weak.
Yes, staph can be very dangerous and a certain type can be fatal. We normally carry staph and other bacteria on our skin but, when the little advantageous bugger finds a cut or sore where he can enter the body, it's UREKA! I've found the buffet line!

it seems like your immune system is really low,try changing your diet fresh fruits and leafy green vegetable they should cover 3/4 of your plate.

um.... maybe you should clean your showers. I got an infection on my leg from that. I don't know if that is helpful

I myself have just had MRSA, a staph infection and was in the hospital for 9 days with antibiotics and surgery to remove 2 large abscesses. I get tired easily. Have an appoitnment with doctor next week. This is my first time having one. It isn't fun.
Do you have open sores? A lowered immune system can bring it on too I've heard.
In my prayers.

gangadharan nair
Staph skin infections are contagious. They may spread to other areas of the body, and may spread to other people. It is not uncommon for several family members to be affected at the same time. Poor hygiene, run-down physical condition, friction from clothing or shaving, and similar factors may make these infections more likely. Diabetics and people with suppressed immune systems are more prone to development of staph skin infections, as are people with dermatitis (skin inflammations). Often, however, no direct cause is found for furunculosis or carbunculosis. However they may also occur in healthy, hygienic individuals.
Please see the web pages for more details on Carbunculosis, Boils and Cutaneous abscess:bacterial infections.

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