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 what will happen if swine flu is left untreated?
im 16 and i went to mexico on a cruise and came back and about 4 to 6 days later i started getting a few symptomes, (which it might just be the flu, idk)

i have a stuffy nose
bad ...

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Karina R
What type of sickness do I have ?
Okay so I've had this since thursday night. I have a big lump on the side of my throat, it's all swollen, my ear pounds like hell, and I can hardly breath ( cuz my air wall in my mouth ] is closing up and I can hardly spit, i hardly get any saliva in my mouth. What could this be ? Please answer immediately.

ღ Pregnant with number 2!ღ
Eek, that sounds kind of worrying. I wouldn't go on wondering what it is, i would just go to the doctor i find out whats wrong!

Might be serious.

I think you should visit a doctor very soon !
It sounds sorta serious. Hope your okay =S

Sounds like it could be strep throat. You need to see a doctor b/c a throat infection like this can effect your heart.

That could be an allergic reaction or an ear/ throat infection.
My answer might not be accurate, I think you should see a doc... since those symptoms are pretty serious.

Curious mind
You could Web M.D. and speculate as much as you wanted to, but to tell the truth...no one here, nor I, knows what is wrong.

Too bad House isn't there to diagnose you ;)

On a side note I just watched a House episode, and the patient had a lump in his throat and his saliva glands stopped producing spit. He also had trouble breathing and couldn't blow out a light held 2-3 feet away from him. Didn't have the ear thing though.

You might want to get it looked at; or call House. Your choice.

If you are having trouble breathing, you really need to get to the ER.

As I suspect you'll read this first, check a few things. Do you have a fever? Look down your throat, or ask someone to, with a flash light. Do you see white spots on your tonsils?

Try gargling with salt water. Take a couple of advil or tylenol. Try Popsicles or ice chips.

Get well soon.

You need to get to an emergency room, NOW!!

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