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Kool Aid
What kinds of diseases can you get from cutting yourself?
DONT TELL ME IM AN EMO...OR THAT I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont rly wanna hear that...i just wanna kno y its so bad...and i just need 2 kno the infections, diseases, anything useful...just so i can b careful.
THANX for any help:)

i contracted happiness one time.

Mad piper
Ok, I am not here to just tell you about getting bacteria or viruses in an open wound. You need a serious head shake my friend, cutting yourself seems to be only self serving for some kind of need you are missing out on. Get a different hobby to fill your time other than a self indulging destructive one. You want to express your self get a camera and take pics of what is bothering you.
Over and out!

Emily S
oh my god hat is so sad. well my dad is a doctor so i asked him and he said this...
1.) the sars can last a lifetime
3.) you can also et lucimia since it is a blood cell cancer and you are breacking blood cells
4.)What is infection?
Infection is defined as the process by which germs enter a susceptible site in the body and multiply, resulting in disease. Infection is a common problem in persons with cancer. Persons with cancer are at increased risk of infection as a result of:

* The underlying disease, for example leukemia or lymphoma effects the body's normal defense against infection.
* Side effects of treatment that interfere with the body's normal defense against infection.

The body's defense against infection includes:

Organs that are part of the immune system:

* Skin and mucous membranes: The skin is the largest organ in the body and our first line of defense against infection. Any break in the skin is a potential site of infection.
o For example: surgical site, or site where the IV catheter is inserted is susceptible to infection.
* Thymus: Is a small glandular organ that is situated behind the top of the breastbone. It consists mainly of lymphatic tissue and serves as a storage place for T cells of the immune system
* Spleen: Is located in the upper left side of the abdomen. It has many infection fighting functions such as filtering out foreign organisms, removing old or damaged cells, helping form some types of white blood cells. The spleen can be removed if damaged but this may lower your resistance to infection.
* Lymph nodes: Are small collections of infection fighting cells that exist in chains along the course of the large blood vessels of the body. There are hundreds of lymph nodes throughout the body. These nodes filter lymph fluid, removing foreign substances such as bacteria that get trapped in their web-like structure. Then the infection fighting cells such as macrophages, antibodies, and T cells can destroy them.
* Bone marrow: Located in the center of the bones of the body particularly in the bones of the spine, ribs, breast bone, pelvis and upper arms and legs. It is the principal site for production of blood cells.
* Infection fighting cells of the immune system: Particularly the white blood cells (WBC). There are five main types of WBC's - lymphocytes (B and T cells), macrophages, basophils, eosinophils and neutrophils. When your white blood cell count is low there is an increased risk of infection.
o The level of risk for infection depends on several factors:
+ How low the WBC count falls
+ How long the WBC count is low
+ Which type of WBC is low
+ One measure of risk for infection is the absolute neutrophil count (ANC). The ANC is calculated by multiplying the total WBC by the percent of neutrophils (also called segmented neutrophils, segs, polymorphoneucleated cells or PMNs, polys).

Total WBC x % neutrophils* = ANC

* Neutrophils may be reported as segs & bands (a band is slightly less mature form of a seg). In this case add the % of segs to the % of bands then multiply by the total number of white blood cells.

(% bands + % segs) x Total WBC = ANC
Risk of Infection based on Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC)
ANC greater than 1500 No increased risk of infection
ANC 1000-1500 Slight increase in risk of infection
ANC 500-1000 Moderate increase in risk of infection
ANC 100-500 High risk of infection
ANC less than 100 Extremely high risk of infection

Since we know drugs and diseases that can decrease the normal body defenses against infection and the types of infection likely to occur in patients, most types of infection are potentially preventable and often treatable.

When your white blood cell count is low you may NOT have the usual signs and symptoms when developing an infection such as:

* Redness
* Swelling
* Pus formation (at the site of an injury or incision)
* Cough
* Sputum
* Nasal drainage (from a sinus or respiratory infection)

Therefore, it is extremely important to be alert to any change in how you feel and report and discuss what you are feeling with your doctor or nurse.

Things you can do to manage infection:

Learning needs: There is some important information that you need to learn about infection and how infection relates to the treatments you are receiving. This includes:

* What to do to decrease your chances of infection.
* Signs and symptoms of infection
* When infection is most likely to occur
* How to manage infection if it does occur.

Your health care provider will tell you when you are getting treatment that may cause your white blood cell count to be lowered. Additional information to ask is when the white blood counts will most li

You could accidentally cut a vein which would lead to death, i'd stop immeditely if I were you, just saying..

tom delcus
you can get tetanus, flesh eating disease, blood poisoning, the urge to wear makeup and write poetry. believe it or not cutting yourself is actually a side effect for a condition known as not enough attention deficit disorder

------ -
I don't care if you warned me not to. wtf can you get from cutting? Nothing but a bunch of scars. I'm not gonna call ya Emo but I will tell you to stop.



well I should start off with you shouldn't cut yourself... It doesn't make anything better but... oh well That's up to you.
And it depends a lot on what you use to cut yourself... It has to be something clean otherwise that wound can get infected and that can be really bad.

OMG yay!
Tetanus (if you're not up to date with your shots). You can get anything really from cutting if the razor(?) isn't sterile.

Miss America
Well it depends on what the cut is exposed to. You can get any blood-borne disease through an open wound on your body. You could get salmonella, hepatitis or worse if you cut with a dirty blade.

Well you could get ANY kind of infection. You open up your skin your pretty much taking a knife to the biggest defense your immune system has. Staph is pretty common these days.

Really you just need to quit cutting yourself because you love yourself to much to do it. I quit cutting when my boyfriend told me my body was ugly from all the scars. how shallow is that. LOL

Cutting is most often a symptom of a common mental illness among women. Borderline Personality Disorder.

Codey S
too many to list think of all the bacteria getting in ur blood making ur body weaker everytime u do get cut

just saying.. u dnt have to even read this.... u dnt even have to put down tht blade....jus pick up the phone and talk to someone please

if you decide u wanna talk 0845 766 0163 or 0800 1111

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