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 please help !?
ok, i went to a party with a bunch of my frineds sat. night including my friend Jenn. <--(fake name). anyways, we went out to dinner and i accidently put my mouth on her straw thinking it was my ...

 Positive PPD, Negative Quantiferon = do I have latent TB infection or not?
I took a PPD skin test last November and it was positive. I was told to take a chest x-ray and the result was negative.

My doctor then suggested me to take INH for 6 months but I did not, ...

 I have been bitten by a dog 2 years and 6 months ago.After many years is rabies still dangerous?
the doctor inject me an anti tetanus then she told me that i must observe the stray dog. sadly i did'nt. several days later(maybe 3 days or 1 week) i got a cold and headache then after that ...

 Sickle Cell,Desferal,Vitamin C?
is 1000mg Vitamin C too much.i read in Desferal pamphlet that max dose is 250mg and my son has 1000mg a day.he is 13yrs,sickle cell major,on Desferal pump 1500mg/day for 6 days/week.i can not see the ...

 I need a cure for.... (Odd answers)?
One for the flu, a cold, a fever, headache, coughing, and more.

And I don't want normal answers for these like take alka selter or something. I want things like family cures and such....

 Strep throat?
Okay so two days ago I woke up with a slightly sore throat. (it hurt a little bit to swallow). It got worse through the day and I started getting really tired. Yesterday, because it didn't go ...

 will a hot tub make a fever worse?
I want to get into my hot tub and relax but I have a fever of 101.2.. is this a bad idea?...

 Blood in my poo ? Should i be worried ?
I noticed today that i have these little red bits in my poo, Should i be Worried ?

I know this is gross but i had alittle closer look and put a glove on and looked at it , I found that the ...

 what are the differences between a healthy cell and a cell that is infected with a virus?

 what are the treatmeNts for sickle cell?

 what is Epstein barr virus?
i have never had signed of mono but my doctor says i have this and its the cause of me being tired?? but what is it exactly?
Additional Details
diagnosed a year ago with it

 should i go to school with glandular fever?

 Please advise me?
can some please advise me as to what a ureaplasma parvo infection is what it does and how it is treated....

 what are some over the counter meds that will help with the stomach flu?
my boyfriend has the flu, and he's throwing up, his tummy hurts, he has a fever, his throat hurts, his head hurts. I bought him nyquill cold and flu yesterday and it helped him for a while, it ...

 What are these symptoms of?
I feel like throwing up. I am so I tired I can barely move but I can't sleep at all. Stomach keeps growling at lower stomach. My hands ache and my legs feel very strange. Every time I try to go ...

 Is this normal for a bug bite?
you know when you scratch your skin and you get a red traised line then it goes away well I was walking my dog in the grass and I got bit by something it was dark so I scrachted it a couple time and ...

 Does anyone know of a successful lawsuit for getting hospital acquired MRSA?

Additional Details
fell and broke my leg 11/14/2007. I crushed the proximal end of the tibia and the tibia also split almost all the way to the ankle. The fibia was also broken. I had ...

 I think I have mono. Help?
I was looking up information for Mono after my dad said I might have it. I have all but two of the symptoms. High fever and sore throat. Although if I poke my throat on the outside, right behind my ...

 how is red tide transmitted?
you jump into the water and you are immediately infected with red tide? or you have to swallow it? or it gets in your cuts and you get sick? or how??...

 briefly explain the tearms antibody and antigen?

What does it mean if you have white bumps on the back of your throat?
Because, on the left side of the back of my throat, in the tonsil I think, is like half a pea sized white bump. It's kind of in a way, in the shape a star, but it's a curvy star. And, it get's bigger. It look's like there's a hole in my tonsil, but the curvy star, fills it in. It's weird. And, it's scaring me.

your going to die.

Brogan :)
This sounds like a throat infection or the early signs of one.
You should go see your doctor and they will confirm or diagnose this.
You probably will get an antibiotic to be taken for a week or 2 if its a throat infection.

its probably strep throat. i had strep throat a couple of months ago and i had a bunch of pus bumps and pockets in the back of my throat.

do you have bad breath? does your neck hurt when you touch it? does it hurt to swallow?

these are some tell tale symptoms of strep throat. you have to get a prescription (amoxcillin usually) to get rid of it.

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