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 Did I catch a cold? If I did, what should I do to make it go away?
Okay right now I don't have any dizzy spells but I feel really weak, like I could collapse any moment. My lips are dry and I don't feel cold but whenever I touch myself I feel excess heat ...

 Will Legal Aid in Ontario,Canada take my case?Ex g/f knew she had herpes simplex and didnt tell me .?
can i make a case against her for putting me in harms way intentionally by not telling me about it?after all its her responsibility to tell me. i will have this for the rest of my life, it has left ...

 Oral thrush and bladder symptoms?
I have had unusual bladder symptoms for the past month. I feel like I have to go all the time but nothing comes out. I've had 2 bladder infections in my whole life, so I went to the urologist ...

 what is polymerase chain resistance?

 What is the best way to preserve collected blood for days ?

 What is Chickungunia ? Any medicine for it??

 Are people with blood group AA, O+ more prone to malaria or illness in general?
I mean do they get ill more often than others?...

 Re: Power of Attorney for Medical, will that make me reliable 4 unpaid bills 4 the person I have POA on?
This is my father-in law and he was living with my husband and I. He is VA but due to an emergency his was admitted to a regular hospital. He now has MRSA and is finishing his recovery at a nursing ...

 What is an example of a viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan disease using the skin as portal of entry?

 Dad with Hepatitis C, factor 9 deficient, struggles?
My dad was recently found to have Hep C from getting blood transfusions that hadn't been tested (back in 86' or whatever) because he is factor 9 deficient, can't clot, and needed ...

 if you were innoculated for tb back when you were in grade school, can you get tb now, or how long does this i
we frequents a club in which a patron we socialize with has positively been diagnosed with tb, so the health department has asked for a list of names of all people that have been in contact with him. ...

 Is the Hep B shot effective if you don't receive the 2nd shot within a month?
I had my first Hepatitis shot in 2003, and failed to go back a month later for the 2nd shot. In February 2006, i went to the health clinic to continue my shots. The health clinic told me it was ...

 Is it true that one way to prevent the DENGUE is to take vitamins specifically B1 Thiamine hydrochloride?
Some previous studies reveal that intake of high doses of vitamin B1 (25-50 mg 3x a day) may be an effective repellant against mosquito bites. Vitamin B1, or thiamine hydrochloride, in a safe and ...

 accute hepatitis b?
Does a pain on the right side just under the ribs show that there is damage going on in the liver? is it a sighn of an accute infection or a chronic one. please can only health experts or people with ...

 health tips in rainy season?
health tips in rainy ...

 Is rifampin approved in the U.S. for the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aures infections?

 Lime disease. Heard of any PA. Townships reporting presense of the tick?

 spelling? .sounds like ..Benz-mite-is-zol used to fill human worms as per TV program "House" Tuesday pm.

 Smallpox scar?
I know back in the day the smallpox vaccine caused a scar. I was wondering if the same vaccine was still administered the same way that causes scars.
Additional Details
I know for a fact ...

 What would cause a bacterial eye infections after retinal surgery?

What could craving for salt (in Tobasco sauce) be from?
I have been craving salt lately, especially that found in Tobasco sauce. I am slightly anemic and am on iron supplements and high blood pressure medicine. My last round of blood test showed by iron levels ok so my doctor cut back on the iron. I have had colonoscopies and upper GI's. I have also had small capsule test. Prior to this I have always craved ice which was somewhat a sign of being iron deficiency. However, this latest craving of the salty taste has me puzzled. I don't have to have the table salt - in fact, very rarely use it. But I can sit at my desk or at home and "sip" on a bottle of Tobasco sauce.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
Tabasco sauce is like catsup. Try habenaro suace for a real kick.



With your blood out of whack like that it could the combination of the other ingredients in the Tabasco sauce. Like the balance of the vinegar and the salt. It was always my pet theory when my wife was pregnant that her cravings were just her body's way to adjust some chemical imbalance in her system. This could be whats going on with you. I'm not a Dr. just a person that has looked at herbal remedies a lot, to help with his own health problems.. Good luck, hope you get better soon.

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