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 Is it possible that you can get sick with the stomach flu again a week later?
not hungry ...

 symptoms of Worms in the brain?
I have been freaking out about my health lately. So when little things happen I worry. What are the symptoms of worms in the brain? or even the body? Please answer : (
Additional Details

 what is it called when you get sick from thinking that you are sick?
i want a specific name of the ...

 has there been any cases of swine flu in people who have NOT travelled to Mexico?
in the uk?...

 Scared of swine flu i don't want to die!?
there have been 5 cases in my town and most likely it will spread. If I get it I really dont want to die! Im very very scared. any tips would be greatly appreciated....

 how do dragon flies help eradicate malaria?

 Is the zombie virus actually real or does it only exsist in the movies?
the question says it all....

 What's this I hear about the government taking people away?
If they might have or have swine flu? :S
where exactly are they taking these people/families?...

 How do people die from swine flu?
Is it sudden? You start feeling better and then you collapse or does your fever climb or what? Also do you know what determines why some people survive and some people don't?
Additional D...

 Throat pain - remedy ?
Hello, I've got a throat pain - probably bacterial.
its especially more when I wake up in the morning.

In India, we use Erythromycin.
I'm new to the US. what is the ...

 Stopping The Fever?
I have been having a fever for five days now and have been taking motrin and all kind of the pills to stop the fever. Today was the first day I felt fine duirng the day but at night my fever went up ...

 what is good for sore throat?
it has got that itchy ...

im not really a big pot smoker, but i smoked it about a week ago with my friends we were just chillin, and then i smoked it again today about seven hours ago.. i have to take a drug test either ...

 Does cat's saliva contain any harmful diseases???

 Do i possibly have a UTI with these few symptoms?
for the past few days ive been having to pee nonstop, and it burns just a little, but im not sure if these are symptoms of a UTI or something else?
any help would be wonderful!
thanks :]...

 how can i prepare for swine flu?
Hi i live in England and my family and i want 2 be prepare just in case of a pandemic. We're not sure what we can do to be prepared though, also we dont know where we can find masks. Any help ...

 What is the difference between swine flu and a regular flu?
Okay, everyone is getting worked up about the swine flu, and some people are saying it's going to become a worldwide pandemic. But what are the differences between swine flu and any old flu? L...

 do you think i could have the swine flu.. i have most of the symptoms D: ...?
* Fever and chills
* Cough
* Headache
* Sore throat
* Body aches
* Fatigue
* Vomiting and diarrhea (in some cases)

i have all of thoughs exept the last one, ...

 The Spread of HIV in this way?
Kinda random but just wonderin, if there was infected blood on like the edge of a piece of cardboard and it scratched your skin and it started bleeding like two seconds later, would the blood most ...

 swine flu,facts and will the vaccinations be safe to take?
hi everyone,i hear swine flu is getting out of control,and vaccines wont be available for a few months,however are they safe to take?can they cause complications,also what can you do in the meantime ...

Dolar Tha Scholar
What's the term for an organism that lives on or in another ?

Daniel F


The Last Scion
An ex wife! JJ ! a parasite

Genghis K
a parasite


a parasite


Parasitism is not strictly correct. Parasitism is a subcategory of symbiosis (the participants are symbiotes). Symbiosis refers to a close association between two diffrent organisms. Parasitism is a relationship in which one species benefits while the other is harmed. There are forms of symbiosis in which both species benefit or in which one benefits or is harmed without the other being affected or that is harmful to both species (mutualism, commensalism, amenalism, respectively and I cannot remember the term for both being harmed). These are not stricly speaking parasites, but are still symbiotes and live in close association. Symbiosis can be further devided into ectosymbiosis (one participant lives on the other; this includes within the digestive tract as it is technically outside your body) and endosymbiosis, in which one participant lives within the tissues of the other.

A tapeworm would be a parasite (benefit for it, harmful to you) that is an ectosymbiote (lives in the intestine). Plasmodium falciparum (cause of malaria) would be a parasite (benefit for it, harmful to you) that is an endosymbiote (lives in the tissues/blood). Your gut flora that help in digestion are generally mutualists. We benefit from their presence (except when they cause gas) and they benefit by being there.

Parasitism if the organism harms the host.
Commensalism if the host isn't harmed but doesn't benefit.

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