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Mister Heartache
Positive PPD, Negative Quantiferon = do I have latent TB infection or not?
I took a PPD skin test last November and it was positive. I was told to take a chest x-ray and the result was negative.

My doctor then suggested me to take INH for 6 months but I did not, considering the liver damage it was going to cost.

I went to a new doctor this July and told her about my situation. She told me to take another chest x-ray. Again, it was negative. She assumed that I had LTBI and suggested me to start taking INH and B6 vitamin for 6-9 months. This time, I listened and had been taking it since.

Last month my doctor called and informed me of a blood test Quantiferon TB-Gold. She said it was a sensitive test that could eliminate the chance of false positive in PPD as I had a BCG vaccine about 7-8 years ago. I took the test and this time, it was negative.

I met with my doctor today to discuss the result with her. She said since my QFT and chest x-rays were negative, the PPD was probably a false positive. She said I could either choose stop taking the INH or continue taking it for the full course because after I have completed the treatment, the LTBI would be gone anyways if it was ever present.

I thought I would just continue taking the meds anyways because of that.

My questions are:
1. With the results I have, does it mean that I was not infected at all, given that the doctor has diagnosed me as a false positive?

2. I have been taking INH for 2 months prior to taking the QFT test. My doctor said it might interfere the result a little, but she seemed very clear and certain that I was a false positive and do not need further medication if I want to. What is your professional opinion on this (if you are a physician/RN/health-care worker)?

3. In your opinion, should I continue taking my medicine?

Thank you.

well, here'ss what i know
a positive PPD does not necessarily mean that you have TB
it just means that you have antibodies against the TB causing bacteria

and since you've had the BCG (which is basicaly the the weakened TB bacteria shot right into ur body) then i'd say its pretty normal for you to have a positive PPD

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