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 could i have the SWINE FLU?
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My son has a fever of 102.6, what do I do?
Oh and I just put him in a cool tub for about 15 minutes.
Additional Details
My son is 3.5 months old. I took him in at 4am this morning. His fever was 101.6. I've been giving him tylenol for the past two days. He would just start screaming out of no where and look very confused. He had a slight cough, it developed into his sickness he has now over the course of a few days. It is now nearly 9pm. His fever was at 102.6. I have been giving him tylenol on top of antibiotics from this morning that were perscribed to him. I can't contact his pedi. I called emergency to ask if I should bring them in and they said "we can't give you medical advice over the phone"....whatever, lazy *****. I'm sure if someone called in and said they stubbed their toe they and wanted to know if they should come in that girl would have replied, "no." Anyway....What do I do?

take him in to the emergency room

its karlarockstar dude
hurry up and take him to a hospital as soon as possible because if you don't he might be in great danger

My four month old had the same thing last wk call the dr or the nearest er if it reaches over 206 it could cause brain damage.

Do not give him tamiflu

Cupcakes Make The World Go Round
Take him to the ER right now!!! WOW, what a great mother! Seriously....your son is sick and your on the computer doing nothing?

send him to the ER DUHHH?????

That is almost 103, which is very high..Let me remind you that around 105 the child is in SERIOUS Trouble. If I were you I would take him in...Thats just something you don't want to test your luck with . I remember when I was little, I had a temp of 104 and I had to go in... He may be severely dehydrated..An IV of saline solution may help his condition greatly...

Raj M
1st of all donot panic.... do not cover you son's feets with sheet or blanket.2nd take a hanky and make wet with cold water and put it on his forhead and make that wet again and again... do this procedure atleast 10 minutes . the temprature will come down without any side effect

The Tylenol isn't working and I think you need to bring him into the hospital!!

Whenever I had high fevers I got really delerious so I can only imagine how he feels. Poor thing. Its really an awful feeling. Try putting a cold wash cloth on his forehead and holding it there.
You could try giving him a not so hot bath to cool him down.
Honestly though, if he's bad still you should probably take him in :( Long night for you :(

Andrew S
have you been putting cold compresses on his forehead? not too cold, just cold enough to help keep his temp down? if that's not helping, I'd take him in, brain damage can begin occurring at 103-104º

get in the car and go to the nearest hospital

Guapote Yo
Give him bath to cool him down then take to E,R. Fever all day is no good and seems to be in pain.

Take him to the dr. ASAP.

You GO to the hospital???!?!?!!?!?!??!??!?!!?

Do you want your kid to over heat and die?

You seriously need to go to the doctor. That could kill your son! :[
If he's hott try sticking him in a ice tub. No lie! Thats very dangerous.

There is always someone on call for your pediatrician. Call his office number and after hours, there is usually an emergency number listed or how you can reach someone. And, hospitals cannot give medical advice over the phone - that is the policy of all hospitals because of the liability of missing something serious. You must rely on your own judgment as to whether you or your family needs to be evaluated. Make sure you are dosing your child according to his weight only, not his age. The antibiotics will not start working well for at least another 2 days. You can stay the course, you can try to reach your pediatrician or someone on call for your pediatrician - there is always someone on call. A 102 fever is not dangerous - it is the body's way of killing germs by raising the core temperature. Dress the child lightly, offer extra fluids, run a humidifier in the bedroom where he sleeps.

Vernon Dozier: Redux
Why the Hell are you on the internet? Go take care of your kid. If it really worries you, get in your car and drive to the hospital.

if it gets to 103.5 rush his *** to the emergency room. For now just keep cold pack on his forehead and try o cool him off. At 103 i reccomend putting him in a cold bath to lower temp.

♥Sky iz herre♥
3 month old baby?
for a 3 month old baby at the Temp. of 102.6 it`s possible he could get brain damage!
He!! to what the people at the doc. say!! Bring him in now into the E.R!
before you go make sure he has a cold ice pack on his forehead in the car to cool his temp. down!
Remove the ice pack ever minute or two so he won`t freeze to death.
If the doc. do sentt do anything hes most likely to be too lazy to do anything-after the doctors make sure you give him a not so hot bath and make sure he drinks alot of fluids such as Water,Orange Juice,Milk, etc....

I hope this helps!!
Poor Kid..

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