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 will swine flu stop please answer?
i wonder if swine flu would stop also will swine flu become very serious
and is swine flu in indiana if so what part
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also how did bird flu stop do u think this ...

 Can Everybody please calm down (swine flu)?
Here are some facts
1. we are not in a developing country so we wont even come close to dieing
2. the reason everybody in the WHO is concerned is because imagine if this infection landed ...

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 what do you think Swine Flu?

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a lot of poeple die in Mexico cos health care is not that good....

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 Swine flu??????????????
will i die?
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iz it bird flu but with swines?...

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 Is the swine flu curable?
=| cuz if i eva catch it...i want to get cure cuz i dont wanna die =]...

 Is mono contagious?
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My sister in law is Hiv+, she accepted her status and seems to be doing ok. She doesn't have any friends?
anymore so i invited her over to our house for a couple of days. One day i left her by herself and work to when i came back she had the stereo up so loud that she didnt here me come in and then i found her in my bedroom with my wig and clothes on standing and dancing in front of the mirror, she had applied my make up and was wearing a pair of my favorite earrings. She was so shocked to see me. I kept quite and when my husband came back from work i told him the story. Obviously i was upset and he said he was gonna talk to her, the next day she wasn't talking to me in my own house.

Was i wrong in telling my husband......and was i wrong for getting worried about my own health safety. I had to throw away all my make up....blush, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick. I'm not even sure what else she used.

You can't get HIV from wearing makeup. But, I would talk to her about using your things and respecting your property.

i think your sister ws a bit dissapointed wit you throwing away all those things.you might as well throw away all the dishes that she uses and make sure u disenfact the whole house.she was wrong for doing that but sometimes u just have to sit her down and tlk to her dont take things rationally.

The only way your cosmetics may have been contaminated was if your sister had an open wound

Rosen J
Damn, she is YOUR OWN SISTER !!! You didnt have to talk with your hustband and everything would be allright...every brothers or systers at all have a little secrets between them ...

There is nothing wrong with being cautious, but I dont think HIV is trasferred that easily.

I dont think you were wrong in telling your husband, but you did know he was going to talk to her about it--and now she probably thinks you're a tattle-tale (bit childish, but adults can be childish at times).

Ralph G
Its easy to be judgemental, and say you screwed up

But if i were you, i would have just thrown the things away

and not told your husband, because now you created a rift

between you and her

I think you both need to sit down and talk....................

I don't think that you were wrong in telling your husband. If the sister were not HIV+, I would still be pissed that she was going through my stuff when I wasn't home.

But, as the others said, the stuff probably wasn't contaminated unless she had an open-wound.

Im a germ a phobic, I would have been mad that she was using my stuff.
But it sounds like she was just trying to have fun.
And yes the earrings I would be concerned about.
And I would not hav etold my hubby if I were you, ya know he was just going to get mad.

Enjoy your time with your sister, Ive lost many friends to the disease.

I think you should have confronted her yourself. WHY wait for your husband to get home. 1ST and foremost, YOUR BEDROOM is OFF LIMITS. And if it doesn't belong to her she doesn't touch it. She isn't talking to you doesn't seem to be a problem YOU Need to tell her your room and bel;ongings is off limits to her.

NO your not wrong. I don't care what's she got I wouldn't won't her putting on my make up!
We are taught not to share makeup. We can pass germs. and YES I know you can't get HIV that way but still............ugh
She shouldn't have been messing with your personal belongings.
That's just nasty with or without the HIV

jahiem T
well your just trying to protect yourself, on the other hand you need to speak to her about the matter in a subtle way. please dont let her feel offended.

There is nothing wrong with what you did. Your Sister N Law did not respect you or your privacy and HIV or not that would have made me mad. You should be cautious as far as your earrings go. You need to tell your Sister N Law that you don't mind her coming over to visit but to please respect you by staying out of your stuff. I would recommend you putting a lock on your door. I know that may seem bad but it is not. If you invite someone in your home out of the kindness of your heart and they go thru your things like that then they are taking advantage of you and you need to protect yourself and things. Do Not Feel Bad! I would have done the same thing. Good Luck!

here to help
no, its good that you thought about your health. if you feel that you dont know what she used, sit her down and talk to her. tell her that you still care for her, but you do not really feel good about the fact that she used some of your stuff. see if she will tell you what really was used. if you dont trust her, wash all your clothes alot of times and throw away what you dont feel safe using.

Number one, HIV is not transferable that way. MAAAYBE through the lipstick because it could have come in contact with her saliva, but it's still highly unlikely.

I don't suggest you go dig the make-up out of the trash or anything, but as for the earrings and whatever else, just clean it with some alcohol if your really that worried or just want to play it safe (I would too, no offense to anyone or anything, HIV just isn't something to take lightly), but generally the virus can't live outside the human body for longer than an hour or 2. So your stuff is probably fine.

But anyway, think of it this way, HIV aside, how you would have reacted if anyone else had done that? Would you have told your husband then? Would you have still gotten so upset? I probably would have been upset just because she violated my privacy by going into my room and using my stuff, but that's not because of the HIV situation at all.

You have every right to up upset though. Just talk to her, and say that you're not that upset based on her HIV status, but because she violated your privacy and your trust. You leave her alone for just a little bit and she goes through our things and using personal supplies without permission. She's probably absolutely mortified that you caught her, so try to keep her friendship, after all, she's still family. Try to solve it and put it in the past.

Although in regards to telling your husband, that's perfectly fine. He's your husband, it's his house too, and it's his sister. He has every right in the world to know. He probably would have been kind of hurt if you hid something like that from him. I know I would start to question what else my significant other was hiding from me if they didn't even tell me something about my own sister. So don't feel bad about that.

Good luck!!

You're wrong! Some of my best friends have HIV. You cant get it if she wears your clothes, your earrings, your blush, lipstick, or any of those things. Not even the toilet or the shower. How could you make her feel like that?You need to get some information about her condition. You both should apologize.

While I agree you were justified in being upset that she invaded the privacy of your belongings, and it was very disrespectful of her to be in a place she did not have permission to be in, or using things that did not belong to her, your reaction seems to be derived from your lack of total understanding about HIV and Aids. The fact you feel compassion for her is commendable, and if you truly wish to be helpful to her, your husband, and your family, you need to take the time to research her disease so your actions are inspired by knowledge instead of paranoia. You were right in notifying your husband, and you were right in feeling betrayed by here invasion of your privacy, but you must ask yourself if this was the real reason for your actions, or was it fear of something you do not fully understand. Having HIV or Aids is pressure enough without seeing fear in everyone's eyes when you enter a room. Love conquers fear, so love her enough to know her and what she is dealing with. It doesn't mean she should be allowed into your home to act like an invader, and to use her condition as a means to get her way. There should be ground rules and boundaries, and they should be presented by both you and your husband as a sign of unity so there is no chance of playing one against the other. She may act like she's under control on the outside, but I can guarantee she is a frightened and disoriented little girl on the inside. If you truly want to help her, offer to go to councelling with her, and to her doctor. She needs to be able to count on somebody, and if you can't count on family, it is a dark and miserable world to have to live in.

I'd be more worried about the earrings than anything else. You had no reason to throw away your makeup, and it's things like that make Americans look ignorant about diseases. YOU need to educate yourself on how this virus can and cannot be spread. She is probably embarrassed, and also is feeling down because you thinks she's "contagious" by touch.

First of all - you didn't actually have to throw away your make up, though I can understand that you were scared. Unless she had open sores on her face, the virus isn't tranferable.

Second, I think you were right in telling your husband. She is, after all, HIS sister, and she should be the one to deal with this, not you. I'm sure she is just embarressed right now, and when she calms down she will talk to you and be okay.

Being diagnosed with AIDS is a really, really hard thing for a person, even if they seem okay. Keep this in mind, although I know it must be hard for you too.

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