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Jasmine J
My dog died last night of kidney faliure... what could have caused this?
she didnt have a very good diet because she was spoiled by my grandad and ate alot of things she shouldnt really have eaten.
could this have caused it? or is it genetic? she was pedigree so i doubt there would have been much variation in her genes
Additional Details
she was 4 years old

I ♥ Wicked!
kidney failue was the most likely cause.

Dear Celinka K:


Thank you.

I think the food your dog ate would have been a big reason for her death. I'm sorry for your loss.

Pedigree dogs are more prone to diseases.Never give a dog chocolate or milk,and make sure it has plenty of water to drink.
Get a mongrel.

The Food he Was spoiled too much but RIP

I don't think it would have been genetic...maybe she just ate something she shouldn't, maybe poisoners. That probably caused it.

lee-ann m
It could be a problem with the pet food. They are still having problems with food from China with traces of melamine which does cause kidney failure.

miss piggy

I am so sorry to hear about your dog... :-(

You don't say how old she was, kidney failure is something that generally happens to older dogs, however it could be a number of other things.

Could she have got at some chemicals..rat poison etc?

Also many foods that are human consumable are toxic to dogs chocolates, grapes,onions, mushrooms to name a few..

I am also sad to say many of the commercial dog foods have so many additives and preservatives in them that do not have the same regulations as human food.

I work with dogs and have done quite a lot of research into commercial dog foods after one of my charges started having renal/liver failure from eating an extremely popular brand.

I feed my own dogs Burns (you can purchase from vets) which is holistic and entirely natural mixed with a little fresh meat and maybe grated carrot.

Alternatively she could have just had a kidney defect..just one of those unfortunate things.

Dont dwell on the causes too much though or you will end up beating yourself up with' "what ifs?" Enjoy the memory of her and the good times.

p.s. If you are thinking about getting another dog in the future I am a great believer in cross breeds..much healthier less in vets bills and there are many in pounds or rescue centres across the country who would love a caring new home :-)

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