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 Canker Sores and Hot flashes? HIV?
And I am a little stuffed up. Is this probably Acute HIV?
Additional Details
But canker sores are a symptom of HIV....

 Is it ok to have a bit of red wine when finishing chicken pox?
I had chicken pox 6 days, just finishing it off and recovering with the wounds....

 gol bladder?
had a scan today on my gol bladder doc said to the nurse there is a duck what is ...

 How does combined immunodifiecieny syndrome differ from aids?

 could i have the chicken pox?
ok so yesterday at about 9 in the morning i felt an itching sensation just below my chest, i didn't think anything of it at the time. when i got home as i was changing my clothes i started to ...

 Would marijuana be detected in someone who was being tested for meningitis?
Curious here....

 Am i sick? Am i in a danger?
i weight 90.2 lbs or a bit less, my height is 5'5.4, yes i do/did have ED, i lost my period and my pulse is 47-54 per minute. i don't want to be sick anymore, i heard people die with weight ...

 I have a red eye and it's not pink eye, what is it?
I know it's not pink eye, since it was not crusty when I woke up. It was just.. completely blood shot. So, I went back to bed, and when I woke up it was even worse. I'm not sure if I should ...

 does the mmr shot hurt?
i'm getting it at 2:00 today. i am extremely scared and i absolutely hate shots.please let me know if the mmr shot hurts (measles, mumps and rhebelum...) also if you know any ways to make a shot ...

 Is there any DEFINITE treatment for Dry Eye disease(watery)?is it curable?
i want 100% effective treatment for my dry eyes(watery) disease.i did a lot but none of those worked....

 Can Herpes Simples 1 turn into Herpes simplex 2?

 Herps 2 VALTREX or Acyclovir and Famvir?
I have herps 2. I take dilantin every day. which VALTREX or Acyclovir and Famvir pill doesn't block my dilantin?

 Eye problem combined with yeast infection or bladder infection. Has anyone had experience with this??

I thought I had a yeast infection, so I went to the docs to make sure that's what it was. The doctor examined me, and agreed that's what she thought it was, but they're ...

 How do you tell a 12 year old that his older sister has HIV.?

 Flu Symptoms??
I work in a middle school and yesterday one of my students went home because she was suffering from flu like symptoms, and was running a fever 100.5. I was around her for like an hour. About an hour ...

 What is the difference between the MMR Vaccine and the MR Vaccine?
The header says it all.

Please Help, thankyou<3...

 What illness do I have? Doesn't seem serious, just a cold, but I want to be sure?
I've got a headache (slightly irritating usually, sometimes get painful.)

Runny nose on and off. I sneeze every now and then.

Bad cough. w/ flem., very raspy, hurts ...

 Sore throat for 3 days?
I never get sore throat's ever... since I had my tonsils taken out when I was 3...

Anyway, Tuesday I had a bad taste at the back of my throat (which is what happens when i'm ...

 What could be wrong with me based on these blood tests????!!!!!HELP!!!?
Additional Details
Seeing specialists next week just want ...

 Has anyone ever thrown up from a throat culture?
my biggest fear in the world is throwing up and i'm supposed to have a throat culture but I'm afraid i'll gag. I'd way rather have a painful blood test with needles or ...

My cold went away, came back?
I had a cold for a couple of weeks and felt better for about two days, so I stopped taking cold medicine.

Now, the cold is back.

The only things I can think I did wrong are that
I did not change my tooth brush like people say to do after you have been sick.

Also, I ate a burrito using a dirty spoon in my office desk.

Could that make me sick again?

I am drinking bottled water with Emergen-C 1,000 mg of vitamin C packets dissolved in it.

I did not eat a real dinner one of those days because I did not feel hungry.

I just got a new job in the last month or so, and
I did not want to take sick leave to go to the doctor.

Wouldn't a doctor just say, oh, you have a cold?

(no signs of infection or anything).

You could have an allergy. Try taking a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day to help your body develop immunities to all the air born irritants around you. Cold medicines will dehydrate your body and sometimes irritate your sinuses and cause infections. You could also be looking at degradation of the kidneys-because of dehydration, over time. You say you just got a new job? You could be allergic to something in the office. LOCAL honey will help you control allergic reactions to mold, mildew, smog, dust, pollen and pet dander as well as keeping cold and flu symptoms to a minimum. Like all herbal remedies, it will take time to become effective but it will SAFELY stop the cold, flu and allergic symptoms if you have patience.

Sudeep K
there is no real medicine for cold.
its just your illusion.
it is caused by virus.
whenever you get proper immunity, then the cold will relieve you.

just keep your hands wash and eat good so you can fight the cold. with the dirty spoon somebody that use could of had been sick and now you have it. hope you feel better!

Anne M
It seems like this year that's happening a lot. I know a few people (myself included) who got sick, then got better, then a couple of weeks later got sick again. I don't think it has anything to do with not taking cold medicine. Cold medicine just reduces symptoms; it doesn't treat or cure the cold. I don't think it has anything to do with eating a burrito with a dirty spoon, unless the spoon had just come out of the mouth of someone with a cold. I think it just has to do with the kinds of viruses that are circulating this year. Also, if you just started a new job, you are probably being exposed to new germs you're not immune to yet, AND you're probably under some extra stress, which could reduce your immunity also. So I don't think there's anything much to worry about.

As far as going to the doctor, I wouldn't go unless you run a high fever or other severe symptoms. If you go, they might give you antibiotics, but if the cold is a virus (which it probably is), the antibiotics wouldn't really do much for it.

I would say, get as much rest as you can, drink liquids such as fruit juice to cleanse your system, and get some Purell to take to work and wash your hands with it often. Other than that, just wait until the weather changes. I think when the sun comes back these viruses will go away!

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