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My 3yr. old has a fever of 103.1 . What should I do?
My 3yr old has had a fever since 9:00am this morning. Her temp. has gone up since giving her Tylenol. Any suggestions?

Meghan G
Wow! 103.1 that station is horrible!

guinea pig owner
take her to the ER
just to be safe

angel _girl13
hospital try cold ice oh her head

u REALLY need to take her to the doctor... instead of sitting here aking what to do. honestly, if ur 3 yr. old child has a fever that high, ur first thought isn't to go to the doctor? anyone coulda figured that out.

i'm not tryin to be mean or rude, but really...

Dont freak, while a 103 temp seems high I woudn't get too worried until it gets above 103.9. Motrin is the BEST for bringing down a fever. Switch back and forth between tylenol and motrin every 3 hours. Get a lukewarm, room temp bath ready for your son. This will a lot of the time break the fever. Just a lot of love and snuggles, motrin and tylenol after the bath, but motrin is the best. I just went through this with my 12 month old daughter this weekend, only hers was 103.7. This is exactly what the oncall doctor told me to do.

Laurie M
Take her to the doctor. Or if you can't get in right away go to the ER. You won't have to wait very long. Anyone with a high fever is given priority treatment in the ER. High fevers can be more dangerous in children than in adults.

Take her to the hospital IMMEDIATELY.

♥emily schmemily ♥
well you said it has gone up, and 104.0 is the temperture that is highly reccomended to take the sick person to the hospital. if you let it get worse, it could be fatal or cause seizing and brain damage

Try a tepid bath by craddling her in your arms in a few inches of water and using a washcloth to wet her down. Do this for a few minutes and then dry her and put on her diaper. Put her in a light t shirt and socks if the house is really cold. She will fuss and cry at being wet but this will work fast. DO NOT USE COLD WATER. Alternatively, wipe her with a wet washcloth and fan her with a magazine. Once again, she will fuss and cry but it works fast. Keep pushing cool fluids to keep her hydrated. Alternate tylenol and motrin doses. Cool washclothes on the hair and under her armpits work too, change frequently. Call your doctor and tell her what you are doing to treat the fever and ask for suggestions if she has anything else in mind.

take her to the ER or the doctor...asap

Have some pedialyte on hand. Give pedialyte to her from time to time. Also, alternate between Motrin and Tylenol. It seems to be more effective. If it goes up any more. Call your doctor immediately. I've heard of some allowing the temp to go up to 104, but would not recommend it. Other than alternating between the two, you can place a cold wrag on her neck, and forhead to bring the temp down. You could also give her a warm( not too warm) bath. Give her plenty of fluids to keep her hydrated, especially if she has loose bowel.. well, hope she gets better... Keep in mind.. if the temp is being monitored through non oral, ie, under the arm, you need to add .9 to the temp..

Hospital or doctor.

Go to the hospital.

why are you here instead of hosptal? 104.0 is practically dead! Dial 911 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Track II
Ibuprofen appears to be slightly better at decreasing fevers over 103 F. The temperature can also be brought down by a lukewarm water bath.

However, your child may have an ear infection or other so if it does not go down with a couple of days you will have to take your child to your doctor for a thorough checkup.

if your child get fever the first thing you should is call your Doctor. mean while keep him/ her warm.

Italian Stallion
doctor, shes probably sick

You need to get your 3 year old to the doctor. A fever of 103.1 is approaching a dangerous level. The higher the temperature gets the more likely it will cause her to have what is called a febrille seizure, which is a seizure due to a high fever. You can spray water on her and fan her lightly this will help reduce her fever and get her to the emergency room pronto so it can be determined what is causing the fever so it can be treated.

you should take her to the hospital. seizures can occur from fevers that high, plus they'll be able to get her fever to break. fevers that high are very dangerous. get her to the e.r. immediately.

go to the hospital NOW

Since her temp has gone up I hope you are not around to read this because you are in the emergency room. Please take her in especially since the tylenol is not working, Good luck.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Lillie TTC # 1 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
yes you need to go to the hospital ASAP. That is a really high fever for anyone, Brain damage can occur when they hit a temperature of 104. If it was my child I wouldn't be on here asking the question I would be calling my doctor (not trying to be mean)

ⓣⓨⓛⓔⓡɹǝlʎʇ :)

Doctors straight away. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES.

Get her to a doctor, not emergency room, but at the very least a quick care or urgent clinic.

Brain damage can occur if temps above 104 are sustained.


and shower herrr in a cold shower...tell her to drink alot of fluidds. that are cold obv.!

Mrs. Sanchez ♥☮♥
Most definitely take her to the E.R., she can get brain damage from her temperature being too high. Especially if you've already given her medicine.

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