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 what is mean by Aids ? ?

 is hemorrhoids communicable or infectious?
is it true that we can get hemorrhoids from sitting on someone's chair who is suffering from this disease?...


 Anyone had a case of the Mumps as an Adult?
I had a very severe case of the mumps when I was 25. Kept going to the emergency room with terrible swollen glands and an extremely high fever. After a week of being told it was just tonsilitis I was ...

 blood poison?

 Can anyone tell me how soar eye spreads?

 I went to the Merton Hotel in jersey for our holiday on the 29/7 -5 / 8 06cold you let me know if Norwalk viru
as on the 7th August i became very ill sick and diaroeah and i can remember reading an letter at the merton about this ...

 What is type E strep, and how seriouse are the diseases it causes?

Additional Details
Looking it up on the CDC website, type E strep is a subdivision of the beta-hemolitic strep group. Apparently, this group has been subdivided into types A-H. It ...

 what is gallstones and what are the symptoms?
please help, i might have one....

 amox tr-k clv will this treat a sinus infection?
will this treat a sinus infection....I am misserable and dr offices are closed....it says 875-125 mg....this was perscribed to my husband...he weighs twice what I do so I was thinking of cutting pill ...

 abnormal childs doctor in india?
abnormal childs doctor in ...

 Description of the virus herpes lifecycle?
Which host cell this virus targets?
How it attaches and enters the cell and uncoats?
How it undergoes synthesis and assembles new virus?

and the rest of the cycle...


 Have you noticed a sudden spike in flu cases in your area?
I have flu symptoms, and I'm one of those people who manage to never get sick. I was wondering if there's been reports about a spike in flu cases. So, when I did a search on Google under &...

 Epithelial tissue covers all inner and outer:?
I was thinking A

A. surfaces
B. spaces
C. ears
D. nervous systems
E any of the ...

 Is it normal to get shingles at 10 years old?
When I was 10 I had shingles. Is it normal?...

 is this a sore throat or a strep throat?
well when i just sit here, my throat hurts, but when i swallow, its like OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWCH DAMMMMMMMMMMMMM. thats how much it hurts when i ...

 briefly describe the steps of the inflammary response.how does it helps the body fight infections.?

 Has anybody had conjunctivitis for over a year?
I have had a white discharge in my eye for nearly a year i have used ointments drops but it still does not clear it. I had a swab test and they said they couldnt see anything bad, so then prescribed ...

 How to get the flu? Causes?
This may seem like a stupid question, and something no one wants but it's very important. I would like to know how to catch the flu/influenza. What are the biggest factors and causes?


 Is there a virus or disease that does this?
Does anyone know if there is a virus or disease that literally eats away at you from the inside out? If so what is it called? Is there any chemical or toxin that can cause it? I'm only wondering ...

MRSA in the blood is it dangerous and is it contagious?

patricia c
very !next to HIV or aids this is the worse problem that keeps growing.this is methacillian resistant staff orious,it means that all the antibiotics related to the penicillin's will not work on this bug.if its in the blood then , they are very sick , high temp.rash,red and swelling,draining wounds.this bug can cause a lot of internal damage.its only dangerous if its blood to blood contact.but look this up don't take my word for it.

it can be dangerous if you have a compromised immune system ( you are taking immuno-supressants or you have a immuno compromising disease i.e. cancer or HIV). and yes it is contagious. "MRSA" is everywhere and it has been around for a long time. The best way to protect yourself is basically to wash your hands and dont come in contact with other people's body fluids. You dont have to live in a bubble.

Tarheelg has got it right. Depending on which MRSA that you are speaking of dictators just how much precaution needs to be taken. Low immune system is a number one contributing factor in contracting MRSA and can be very deadly once it reaches the blood stream. Check with your local CDC (Center for Disease Control) online to get more info on MRSA be it HA or CA....Good Luck, Druski337

Believe it or not, most people carry MRSA in their blood, but their immune system controls it. Lately, more and more people are getting MRSA that is next to impossible to get rid of and control. Yes, it is dangerous, and yes, it is contagious. Enough so that when we get a patient in surgery with MRSA or a history of it, we have to use extra precautionary procedures to prevent us from contracting it, or from passing it to other patients. It is not something to play around with.

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