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 what are the safest antibiotics which can be used in children?

 The Common Cold?
What is the contagious period for the common cold? Is it the first few days that symptoms emerge or before symptoms even appear?...

 I had blood cultures done in the hospital and it came back MRSA. Also had pain, redness and swelling?
The doctor removed 2 large absecces and 4 smaller ones and I have special soap to use once a month for a week. I was very sick. Thank you for the vitamin E suggestion....

 what's bacteria?
bacterial ...

 Can Staphylococcus Aureus be transmitted to the family Pet?

 Is anyone out there being treated for latent TB?
My Mom had a TB test recently and found out she has latent Tuberculosis. She's started on a medication- I think it's called INH?- and must take it for 9 months or so. She is experiencing ...

 Can dairy products be contaminated with E. coli?
On the news it said that some cows ate the tainted spinach and they already started recalling beef. Can milk and dairy products (like cheese and ice cream) be affected, too?...

 shot for strep?
can it be given anywhere besides the butt. I rather suffer than go through that again.
Additional Details
I dont like my doctor... so is there anyway that they could force me to get the ...

 does anyone know?
does anyone know what can cause gangrene in the intestines, my dad had to have his removed because of this....

 How contagious is conjunctivitis, and how can I treat it / prevent from getting it from a housemate?

 Does anybody know a website with statistics about MMR?
such as the amount of people getting the MMR vaccine, the amount of cases of measles mumps and rubella, countries which have the MMR vaccine etc....

 I've had a terrible cough for a week but no other symptoms. What could it bronchitis or something worse?
At first it was dry but now I don have some phlegm and my chest is tight. The cough came on pretty suddendly and it has been affecting my sleep and everything. Could it be bronchitis? I thought ...

 how long does a typhoid vaccine need to take affect?

 Rabies Shot for humans no joke ?
Does anyone know were I can get a Rabies shot how much will it cost and will it ...

 how are poxviruses different from other diseases?

 What is the difference between a flu and a cold? I the flu is much worse but what is the defining diference?

 what is the full form of DOTS and whether it is useful in STDs also?
DOTS is a medicinal cure for tuberculosis....

 Do you think the AIDS activists that came to Toronto & are seeking refugee status should be allowed to stay?

Additional Details
The refugees lied on their visa applications when they said they would leave Canada after the conference....

 what is the english word for the malayalam word "manth"?
its a disease , where ones leg will become similar to thats of elephant , (manth rogham). its eradicated in kerala, Causes are mosquito, and condaminated water....

 where was smallpox first found?

Is there a virus or disease that does this?
Does anyone know if there is a virus or disease that literally eats away at you from the inside out? If so what is it called? Is there any chemical or toxin that can cause it? I'm only wondering because I'm making a movie about the last man on Earth and I want the cause of all the death's to be from this virus.

necrotizing fascitis is from an infection of a wound, it doesn't start inside and "eat" it's way out.
But, most viruses, once introduced to the system will do exactly that if you have a suppressed immune system, or have no immunity to the particular virus....is why pandemics kill so many. If you want information just google pandemic.

yes there is one called necrotising fasciitis. Hope this helps

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