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 What can you do to prevent Salmonella once you consumed raw chicken?
My husband and I went out to dinner tonight and ordered boneless wings, after he had consumed half of the boneless wings he looked down and relized that the compelte center of one was completely RAW.....

 can i have my hair dryed at the coeiffeur and i used 2 have chiken pox 20 days ago?
my chicken pox started 20 days ago.. and am recovering and am 21 years old.. i want 2 know if i can have my hair dryed or not????????????????...

 i have a cold?
and my temperature varies from 99.4-100.5
i feel tired and without energy.
someone please tell me what i can do to feel better....

 What danger might impaired senses present? How has modern form of noise and environmetal pollution afected ou

 Are pigeon-fanciers more at risk from bird flu than duck-pluckers?

 Babysat grandchild saturday p.m. she started with stomach flu sunday p.m. Was she contageious while with me?
I drank after her sunday a.m. before she left....

 Why did aids do not spread through mosqutos.?

 Is peeling normal after 1 week of chicken pox?

 what is a phlebotomy used for and best prep advice for the patient?

 my 3 yr old has fever just had his shots a week ago what shold i do?
has had fever for two days....

 My mom's Insulin pen needle wounded me accidentally but slightly. Could I have got infected with Hepatitis C?
Mom's got Hepatitis C. I made sure to bleed my wound and sanitize it with Dettol. Is there still a possibility of infection? What should I do?...

 Can you make HIV into this?
can people take an infected HIV blood and body fluids from a person to make it into pills, powder form, dissolve solution and dust in a lab? Some of the answers i read say yes and im curious because ...

 raw chicken meat with a paper cut?
I got a bad papercut today, and later I was handling raw chicken meat, pulling the skin off, i realize after 2 pieces that i had a cut so i washed my hands and put sanitizer on them.... but am i in ...

 Why is it every time I catch a cold, I lose my taste? What can I do to get it back?

 I think i might have tonsilitis? how do i know?
Its so painful to swallow, i have a massive headache and muscle stiffness. would this be tonsilitus? and if so how can i treat it besides bombing myself with paracetamol?

:-) thanks very ...

 How can I Get Rid of a cold fast?
ive been sick for about 4 days and i really want to get better because there is a basketball game that my friends r going to tonight and they want me to come....my dad said if i keep feeling like ...

 Bioindicator-Bacillus stearothermophillus?
micro organisms used as bioindicator for ...

 what is an Emergency Room Technology?

 how would i know if i had malaria without going to the doctor
well my mom is worried, i'm in nigeria and both me and my brother are sick. what are the symptoms?...

 how to get out?
of a ...

Is it true that you will never get the EXACT same cold twice?
Since a cold is a virus, and our anti-bodies remember viruses that it encounters, will I never get the exact same strain of the rhinovirus again?

yes its true...you may think you have the same cold as before, but there will always be a slight difference in the virus strand as it changes all the time...and as you get older you are less likely to be sick because your body has already fought off that particular strand...and another thing...if you do get a flu shot...remember that you are only getting a shot for 1 particular strand, you can end up getting a cold that is a different strand

Every time you get a cold or virus, your body builds up immunity to that particular virus.
But don't worry, there are 1000's more!
Your immune system will be getting lots of work out in a life time.

Yes, it's true. I didn't believe it as first because I used to be sick with a "cold" all the time. But then I realized each time I had different symptoms. The common cold has 100's of forms.

It's possible, but unlikely that it'll be the exact same strain, just due to the fact that there's so many out there. Just like it's also possible for lightening to strike twice in the same spot.

It's also likely that this could happen in the case of people with bad immune systems, as well.

That's what the basis of the flu shot and a few other inoculations are. So, it must be true.

That's true. The cold virus mutates constantly. If you were exposed to the exact same virus again, your body "remembers" and can fight it off before you have any cold symptoms. However, a new mutation is not recognized, and can produce all the symptoms all over again.

Re: the flu shot. (above)
Influenza is NOT the cold virus - it's completely different, and mutates much more slowly. That's why they can predict with reasonable certainty which variety needs to be in the flu shot. It is NOT worthless.

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