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 Ä°f you had last 3 days to live , what would you do?
you went to doctor to realize about your sickness and then suddenly he said " you have 3 days to live " then what would you do in this 3 days....

 Question about swine flu?
Are you going to take the injection that is going to be released soon?
Because i was reading something the other day and i cant remember what year but a while back when swine flu was out ...

 Should I Be Worried About Swine Flu?
I live in Rhode Island and my parents live in Ohio. Should we be worried about this swine flu?
Additional Details
It is so spoty. New York, Kansas, Minn....

 swine flu???...............................?
just like that peanut butter scare , i wasn't too scared of this swine flu

But....... do u think i have the flu .... when i woke up this morning my body was really ache ...

 Ways to fight off a cold and ways to prevent getting a cold?
I currently have a cold for a week now and have been taking some medicine for it, sleeping a lot and drinking juice, are there things that i can do get help speed up the process. And are there things ...

 Can you get Swine Flu from eating meat ? please i need and answer and a true one?
I really need to know if you can get swine flu from eating meet or just from passing it on from like in the air ? please i need an answer and a true one not something fake. Thank Y...

 Whats the worst tasting cold/flu medicine you've ever taken?
And did it work?

I'm battling a cold and I've just taken Lemon Lime Alka Seltzer. I'm pretty sure it's liquid death in a glass. Yuck. =[

Good news, it&...

 can i take a shower if i have fever?
ok so i have fever but i really want to take a shower couse 2morrow is monday n probably will go to school if my fever is not high,but i like taking showers with really hot water,is it a good idea? ...

 Has Anyone Survived Swine Flu?
Im Scared if i Die Of The Sickness.....

 How to cure the common cold?

 what treatment options are there for appendicitis?
I'm 12 and I am freaking out:----------(...

 Just recovered from the H1N1 virus, but still got weakness, cant sit in air con and feel drowsy. What to do?
Hi I just recovered from the H1N1 virus after taking Tamiflu,
but I still got weakness, cant sit in air con and feel drowsy. What to do? I feel paranoid that I will fall sick again....

 how do we can stop swing flu?

 If HIV kills your immune systtem and your vulnerable to any sicknesses than why not put a person in a steraliz
If HIV kills your immune systtem and your vulnerable to any sicknesses that will kill you than why not put a person in a steralized environment so that person doesnt get sick and die from any ...

 i think i'm getting the flu but how will i know if it's swine flu or not?

Additional Details
do i need to go to the doctor for a check up or is it possible to find out without going there?...

 Avoiding the Flu?
My dad is sick with the flu and I don't want to catch it, but I've had a sore throat for about 3-4 days now(But i had it before my dad got sick). So how can I avoid catching the flu from ...

 swine flue concern still in mexico?
I'm going to Mexico this week and I'd like to know if the swine flu is still a concern. Anything I should be aware of? PS. Going to Juarez, Mexico. A few minutes away from the Mexican/A...

 how many people have died form the swine flu shot?

 Am i going to get the stomach virus!? helpp!! im terrrified!?
wellll...i have a huge vomiting phobia..

and for some reason my stupid friends never tell me when there siblings are sick.

so i go to his house like we put our stuff like at his ...

 Do you think the WHO are using this swine flu is just a global exercise to be prepared for the real one coming?
its like theyv been saying wev been preparing for this with all the country's in the world and doing pretend exercises ..do you think this is actually THE exercise because its not that bad ???<...

Is it normal to get two colds in a row?
I have asthma and I am 7 wks pregnant. Is it normal in the winter time to get two colds in a row? No negative remarks please this is a real question.

I agree with Emmabugg on this one. I have COPD with cronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. I have a cold longer than anyone in my house and it comes right back. I usually have to go to the doctor to get medication 2 times when everyone else is better withing a few days. Maybe you should talk to you doctor since you are pregnant now. You should also use sanitizer alot when not able to wash your hands - like in a store, car, or other public places. And when I go to the doctors office I never touch the seat that i have to sit in while waiting and I use my own pen when signing in- there is sick people there so I just sit with my hands on my lap - i probably look stupid but I really don't care i just don't want to get sick.

I've seen it happen to me on a number of occasions. You can't catch the same cold twice if you have a properly functioning immune system, but you can certainly catch two colds back-to-back during the winter.

So yes, it's normal - but you do seem to be slightly unlucky.

its quite possible. having asthma makes you more likely to get a cold and when your immune system is weakend by one thing another thing can come right in. keep your immune system up with some orange juice everyday.

I have before. It's cold season, so dont be too surprised. If your concerned a visit to the doctor can do no harm.

DJ Kevin
, you could get 10 colds in a row, you just getting immune to each kind of bacteria

I don't know about "normal", but it's certainly possible. Colds are caused by a virus, and if you're exposed to it, then you can catch it.

Confused For Life :/
maybe your fist cold never went way....

germ guy
of course.

I get about 4 colds a year - because I have small children at home.
you probably have some young children also - do any of them go to day care? that's a guarantee for repeated colds in your family.

It's also fair to point out that pregnancy is an immunodeficient medical condtion - yes, that means that when you are pregnant you are immune compromised, and are more prone to infections.

nothing for you to worry about, nothing for you to do differently.
But if you're really serious about not getting colds, keep your children home - not in day care. Especially if you or your children have asthma, this is pretty important. If there is any feasible way to avoid day care, it will help a lot. (:-)

you certainly can.


<<Viruses cause the common cold and the flu. Over 200 different viruses can cause colds. There are not as many viruses that cause the flu. That's why there's a shot for the flu and not for colds.>>

since each is different, you can have 2 or 3 or more at the same time, never mind in a row.

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