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 i have fever today nd cough is it means that i have swine flu? my temperature is 37.6?

 Blood type?
Is it possible for a person to have such a rare blood that it doesn't have a type, My boyfriend claims that doctors were unable to type his blood. If so is there a place where he can get his ...

 If someone has herpes can their children inherit the herpes by birth?
I just found out my mother has herpes she stated it was whle she was with my father, I dont believe her because it was never mentioned before but if that was the case Does that mean I have it? I have ...

 How many times have you been hospitalized ? and for what?

 what is the difference between bacterial and viral infections?

 what country did the swine flu originate from?
help please....

 Can you die from the swine flu?
just ...

 OMG is this SWINE flu ???? SCARED!!!?
Ok, I am a bit hypochondriac, anywayz, today at work a colleague of mine who seats opposite to me , distance say like 3 meters, said "oh i am not feeling well, i must have fever, my stomach and ...

 I think I have swine flu...what should I do?
Hello, I've been feeling quite a few of the symptoms that the news said was synonymous with swine flu - my hands are slowly becoming cloven hooves (you have no ides how difficult it is to type ...

 Is there anything to help with a stomach flu?
Any suggestions to settle a stomach when you have the stomach flu. Serious answers plz. ;o)...

 so far swine has spread bigger in?
Official swine spread locations apart from Mexico
USA (LA, NYC, Texas)
New Zealand

do you think swine will get much ...

 starting signs of swine flu?
Can anyone tell me the starting signs of swine flu ive found advice for people with swine flu but not people who think they may be getting it. Ive had upset stomach, feelings of nausea , headache ...

 what types of Diseases can you catch by using a public bathroom??

 is it safe for my three year old to have the mmr vaccination now that he is older?

 Think my golden ret might have insecticide poisning Vomiting lose of balance really sick!! she is 14yrs HLP?
I sprayed around the house last night. Help She means alot to me !!...

 Does it hurt to get a Booster Shot?
Well my mom told me that if your a girl that you have to get this shot when you are 11?Is it the Booster Shot and does it hurt?...

 Why does a vaccine prevent an illness, but cannot cure an existing one?
My understanding is that vaccines contain a weakened version of a virus, and it "trains" the immune system to fight the real virus. Why doesn't this mechanism allow the immune system ...

 HIV, Blood & Cell phones?
Hey guys, got a question for you. An acquaintance of mine, not really a friend but someone I know, asked to use my cell phone. I didn't really think twice about it and handed it over. When he ...

 Tounge kissing with Dog? Is that gross or what?
Do you think that it is normal or gross?
I have seen many TV ads that have dogs licking peoples faces and people opening their mouths. Is this effective advertising?...

I have a sore throat, i'm not tired, like i could run around if i wanted to, and i have no fever, but i'm worried about getting mono.

what are the FIRST symptoms you get when u ...

Reshni M
Is cancer an infectious disease?

oi oi

Some forms may be infectious such HPV. Not to mention animals with cancer that are ground up and mixed with hundreds of other animals and sold as hamburger meat, if you ever get a half-cooked hamburger at a fast-food restaurant, remember that. One of my neighbors sold his cancerous cow at the stockyards auction (the auctioneer announced the cow had cancer and the farmer figured a dog-food company would buy it since it would sell cheap), and when he got his sales ticket back, it listed McDonalds Corporation as the purchaser. I don't eat there any longer after his wife told me that story.

Todd A
No it is not.


No. but cancer does run in families.

There is some evidence that while cancer is not genetic or contagious, it can be situational...meaning that the way we are taught to eat and manage stress and where we live may be a real factor in developing cancer.

Mum Mum
No !

UK browsing
Interesting question. Cervical cancer does seem to be an infectious disease which is why teenage girls are immunized against it.

I have seen cancer surgeons advise people (in the operating theatre!!) to stay away from newly removed cancers.

Weise Ente
No, but...

Many viruses and one bacteria are known risk factors for cancers.

There is also a single known instance of a contagious cancer. Mouth cancers in Tasmanian devils is contagious and is destroying their entire population.

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