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 whos wrorried of the swine flu?
is it me or are the media just exgaterating. about the swine flu i know it can kill but maaaan!! im so wrorried that I started walking to and from school im scared to death i dont wanna die early!!...

 Swine Flu? Do you think I have it?
We had a family get together at my grandmas house last weekend. My uncle said he had the flu and he wasn't feeling good so he was sleeping and we woke him up to eat with us. Well, we found out a ...

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I am now really hungry. What can I drink to get all of my nutrients back and to satisfy my hunger?...

 can i go to school with mono?
i got diagnosed with mono today, but i've had symptoms for 2 1/2 weeks. ive missed the last two days, but can i go to school? i didnt get blood work done, just the doctors word. she thought it ...

 So is The Swine Flu Just Like Any Other Flu, Or A Little More Severe?

 what is cure for hiv+ person?

 How should I be buried after I die from swine flu?
What is the safest way to have my family dispose of my lifeless body after I inevitably catch and die from swine flu?

I mean a traditional burial sounds fine, but will burning me to ashes ...

 How can i make myself ill for monday?
Okay then something happened last week and i really want to miss school, on monday , please can you tell me some ways to make myself ill.

Please dont lecture me on how important ...

 How do I keep from getting sick all the time?
I have been sick now for quite some time. Now i think i have some sort of stomach flu. I have been like this for quite some time. I know that stress and working in the schools for the first time will ...

 how do u get rid of a fever?

 will swine flu stop please answer?
i wonder if swine flu would stop also will swine flu become very serious
and is swine flu in indiana if so what part
Additional Details
also how did bird flu stop do u think this ...

 Can Everybody please calm down (swine flu)?
Here are some facts
1. we are not in a developing country so we wont even come close to dieing
2. the reason everybody in the WHO is concerned is because imagine if this infection landed ...

 I'm scared of shots. And my parent's are making me get the Gardasil shot.. ?
Any tips??
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also do you have to get all 3 shots in one day?? like one after another?...

 what do you think Swine Flu?

Additional Details
a lot of poeple die in Mexico cos health care is not that good....

 can you get a disease if someones's urine touches your skin or clothes??
for example sharing toilets or urine being transferred from shoes to clothes or clothes to clothes??...

 Swine flu??????????????
will i die?
Additional Details
iz it bird flu but with swines?...

 White spot on the back of my throat?
Ive been sneezing and its turned ito a really really painful sore throat and a little bit of a cough.So i was curious to see if there was anything doen there coz its really hard to swallow and i ...

 Is the swine flu curable?
=| cuz if i eva catch it...i want to get cure cuz i dont wanna die =]...

 Is mono contagious?
My friend has mono and she gave me one of the cookies she baked in home ec class. she told me after i ate the cookie that she ate some of the dough (with her fingers). will i get mono?...

 does anyone know what a cadaver is?

I have swine flu. What should I do?

Alert your local hospital and ask their advice. My mom and friends who work in the medical field have been advised by the CDC to tell patients to simply stay home, rest, get lots of fluids, and take flu medications. Basically, treat it like you would the normal flu. Just be careful and be sure to head to the hospital if your symptoms get incredibly bad.

No soup for you!
First of all, build your immune system. EAT RIGHT...its that simple.
Honey, yogurt, cauliflower, carrots, garlic. Those are great preventive measures. If you don't have a healthy immune system then go get tested at your doctors office and the results of the test take about an hour. Tamiflu and Relenza work best if the Swine Flu is treated in the first 48 hours.

Thats what you would do IF you had it.

make a will

your boaring me.

not much you can do mate (:
good luck

Find a trough

Well i Never!
Dont joke kidda!!!!!

No you don't. You would be far too ill to want to sit at your computer.

Unless a medical testing lab has done a culture and confirmed that you have contracted swine flu, then it's probably not a good idea to go around saying you have it. And if you have a confirmed case, it means you've already seen a doctor about your symptoms and are receiving treatment, so there's no need for this question.

Anyway, assuming you're sick and haven't seen a a doctor, do the same thing you'd do if you had any other sort of flu. STAY AT HOME, get some rest, drink plenty of water and take Tylenol for the aches and fever. If you develop a fever over 101.3, a really bad cough, or trouble breathing, call your regular doctor's office and let them advise you on where to go in order to receive medical treatment.

You can take Tamiflu or Relenza if it's really serious. Other than that, there's nothing you can do except rest and drink lots of water and/or fruit juice.





kill whoever gave it to you and then do a bunch of life or death things like skydiving and sword swollowing

No you don't, this isn't even funny.

I bet you feel pig sick

go see a doctor and get some treatment

you probably dont.
get over yourself.. you attention seeker

Bo Ner
Enjoy it.

Kill the swine that gave it to you.
Then do yourself in?

Take some tylenol and buy american

Self diagnosis is a terrible and frightening thing.

kiss your a$$ goodbye!

bounce bounce
You need some oinkment for it...

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