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its beeen happening for the past freaking 2 months idk wth to do!!!! its CRAZY i always get sinus ...

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how to cure a blocked nose..?
i currently have a horrible blocked nose and cannot breath thru it at all.

any tips on how to get rid of it..


the guy
Boil some water and then put some menthol herb oil into it and breath the vapors. Take care not to breath those hot vapors. Breath from a decent distance. It should help a little.

dat 1 and only

i am allergic 2 catz and i cuddled a big fat, furry one and i can't get this f**king nose prob away

The Afrin nose spray over the counter works really well. The only thing is you can only use it for three days or you'll start to get rebound congestion. You can use it three days on then three days off. Or if you are uncomfortable using nasal sprays something like Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) can help relieve some congestion. You have get it from behind the pharmacy counter and present your driver's license to purchase it.

Hope this helps.

Depending on what you're allergic to, your proximity to it, the severity of your allergy or just how blocked your nose actually is

Treatments vary. I've used this hypertonic nasal solution that you basically squirt in your nose... its basically a strong saline (salt solution) that dissolves excess mucous. It doesn't hurt at all. There are likely several brands available at any local pharmacy.

You could also try antihistamines. Antihistamines basically slow down mucous production, but since mucous is used to moisten the air before it reaches your throat or your lungs you may end up getting a sore throat later on (unlikely though).

Lastly, taking a hot shower / breathing in steam from a humidifier always helps. Eucalyptus oils rubbed in the area may reduce pressure and at least help you feel better. Keep blowing your nose too, and don't inhale too much.

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