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try azo not working any ...

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 food poisoning or 24 hour flu?
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I had chicken pox when I was a baby can I get them again?
My sister (14years old) caught the chicken pox from me when I was about 6, so that makes her just less than one years old back then. Today she has woken up with Red itchy spots all over her legs bum tummy and her back, she says her arms are also getting itchy, she has none on her face..yet. My mum says it's not shingles and they're everywhere, but I've been told you cannot get the chickenpox twice. We'll get some camomile lotion, but what else could it be and what does anybody suggest?

Not normally very rare.
maybe measles

Generally you can't get chickenpox twice - your body is pretty good at mounting a decent enough defence to it once its dealt with it once before.
However, there are some people who do get it more than once (myself included), its not common but it can happen.

This is the sort of situation I would keep an eye on - you say it happened when she woke up, has anything changed in her bed recently? (new bedding etc) Could be an allergic thing or irritants.

Get something to help stop the itching but if it carries on for too long then go see a doctor. While its probably nothing to worry about you have to remember that most mothers aren't doctors and while they're pretty spot on most the time there's always a benefit to going to doctor

If your sister had a mild case of chicken pox, she may very well have them again. She will need to see a doctor for confirmation. Shingles is quite different from chicken pox in presentation; shingles will appear most often at the waistline first and is limited to one side of the body in almost every case. Shingles blisters are painful more than itchy.
There is now a chicken pox vaccine available which in the US is recommended for anyone who has never had the virus, had a mild case of the chicken pox or has a low titer.
Chicken pox vesicles are raised and fluid filled. Of course, it is best NOT to scratch them. Aveeno or oatmeal baths can soothe the irritated skin, oral benadryl or banadryl cream can help to tone down the itchiness and applying calamine lotion or something similar to dry out the vesicles will be helpful.

Chicken pox usually break out in warm areas first, such as the underarms and groin area. I highly recommend your sister being seen by a physician first. Perhaps rather than chicken pox she is suffering from an exposure such as poison ivy.

The doc.
The virus exists in your trigeminal nerve and will stay dormant. If a second outbreak of Varicella Zoster occurs it occurs as shingles. So u can't get chicken pox again but you can get shingles.

You will never get chicken pox again. However, the virus exist in your body forever, and can be re-active in one day, it is called shingles when it reoccur.

yer you can, but is more likely that you could get shingles, chicken pox and shingles are both caused by the herpes virus they can lay dormant for years and reactivate, unlikely but possible.

Kernow Lady
You can get it twice. There was a good article in the Mail the other week about this. You can get mumps twice as well. Might not be chickenpox, could be an allergy.

Old Folkie
The virus that causes Chickenpox (Herpes zoster) can re-activate in Adults and show as shingles. Even mild cases can be very painful and should be checked out by your GP or Health practitioner.
www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Shingles/Pages/S… - Cached - Similar for more info.

Yes, you can, but this is very rare.

Once you've had chicken pox your body develops immunity to it. There have been, however, rare cases when chicken pox has hit the same person twice. To confirm that someone has had a second case, though, would need your doctor to have sent samples to a testing laboratory for confirmation that the first time was varicella zoster virus, and the samples repeated on the second occasion.

What happens with chicken pox (Varicella Zoster Virus) is that once you've had it, it normally lies dormant within your body. It can reactivate at a later date, but this normally develops as shingles.

Shingles would normally affect one side of the body with pain, rash and fluid filled blisters.

Whatever the cause, I wish you a speedy recovery.

I think its possible........ call your doctor 2 be sure.

Dr Frank
without seeing the lesions one cannot be sure. One option would be an allergy rash however. Seek local medical advice.

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