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 Will everyone get a payout like Leslie Ash for catching MRSA in hospital?
And will they get it as quick! Very doubtful.
Additional Details
If, by reports of a family 'tiff' at the time she ended up in hospital, why should she get anything anyway. Her ...

 Why is rubella also known as 'GERMAN' measles?

 Should we teach our kids to kiss or make contact with their saliva to a cat or dog's saliva? That it is safe
to do so? Or is this a danger to our kids?
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June, what you said. And what expert will tell me such? There are relatives in our family that have taught my daughter to ...

 Should I Get the Flu Shot?
I can't tell you how many horror stories and conspiracy theories I've found on the web through Googling. I've also looked at the adverse effect reports, and I don't want to take ...

 Hmm I'm pretty sure I have swine flu?
Hello :) ok so ever since last week, people in my area have been getting swine flu. one person also died. (but she also had pneumonia + a septic shock) so now I think I have it. I have all the ...

 How come mosquitoes don't bite me ?!?!?

Additional Details
I heard it has to do with sour blood O.o
Ah well lucky me =D...

 If the Swine Flu is based in Mexico City, how in the world did it make it to New York over night?
Let's say the flu is very contagious. It can spread like wildfire. Fine. But even if it did, it's not going to jump several thousand miles over night.

Okay, so someone will ...

 swine flu better not mess up my life! please help?
ok so apparently there going to close school to stop the spread of swine flu but if they do this im going to get well behind on my gcse's . what will they do to make that time up for me ? if i ...

 Besides AIDs, what other infectious diseases spread through dirty needles?
plz list a ...

 How can I protect myself and my family against Swine Flu?
We live in London (recently moved here) and don't eat pork. I know we can still get the virus even if we don't eat pork so how can we protect ourselves? I am really worried especially with ...

 Baby's temp is 35.5c/96f should I be concerned?
I don't know whats going on, my temp is 38.1c/100.5f, i know that is not really i fever but i'm not feeling that great either. I thought I should check my 4mth old and his is 35.5c/96f. S...

 what is a pandemic???
ta ...

 Strep Throat or Mononucleosis?
Ok, so..... I just got rid of a cold sore that I got from my best friend( it's actually 95% healed). It was pretty bad; nothing I've had before. It was about the size of a stretched out ...

 Flu shot survey!!!! Those who have had the shot (this season or in the past) only please!?
Hi. I only have a week to complete a science fair project and am pretty sure I want to do it on the effectivness of [common] flu shots. I need at least 100 people to complete this short survey so PL...

 i had the flu, and now im rly hungry, but should i take it easy with the food? or not?
ok, like yesterday i woke up and had the stomach flu, then today i felt sick till about 330 when i woke up from a lil nap, i started feeling better, ok so i couldnt handle any food, whatever i ate i ...

 what to do to get a good immune system?
My new years resolution is to become more healthy, i do not smoke, i drink about 7 glasses of vodka every saturday night is that bad?.. bare in mind that i do not drink through the week. when i go ...

 um i just got bk from mexico plxx im rele afraid?
i think i have the flu bc i have alot of the symptoms and i just got bk from mrxico bc of thr school vacation im 14 years old ....if i do have it will i die ????? plzzz answer im like freaking ...

 can you get swine flu from eating pork?

 will there be school closures due to the swine flu?
cause everyone in my Class was saying that if another person in the uk contracts it, that schools will start closing?
i bet im just being extremely gullible but i just want to be sure..?

 How has H1N1(swine flu) affected our daily lives?

I feel like i'm getting sick, how can I prevent it?
I am starting to feel sick. My eyes are dry and red, i'm getting a runny nose, and a headache. Its not bad yet but I feel like i'm going to wake up tomorrow feeling terrible. I can't get sick because I have 4 major tests this week. And exams coming up in 2 weeks. I can't afford to miss school, what are some things I can do to prevent it and get to school?

Caroline C
Drink orange A LOT of orange juice. It works i had a cold before the night of a concert i was going to and i was drinking lots of orange juice and that night i felt a little bit better. Then the next morning I was almost completly better. But keep drinking it until your simtums go away.

Drink as much orange juice as you can. Or take vitamin C pills. Just try to get as much vitamin c into your body as you can. Vitamin C builds up immune system and can help fight off a cold or flu.

Ron L.
Sounds like you need a tall glass of cold water, and then some rest

You need to take something with an Antihistamine in it. Such as Benadryl, Alka-Seltzer, or Nyquil! Get a good nights sleep and drink fluids!

Tickled pink
Drink lots of Fluids ( Water ) ...
Get lots of rest.
Take some vitamins.
Maybe some allergy medicine at night.

na.. don't listen to pranks.. I've been doing all that and nothing went away.. you pretty much just need some powerful antibiotics and a lot of vitamin C the pill that dissolves in your mouth cavity. Then make sure you get plenty of sleep more than you do usually. Don't go out to play or to run that only makes you sweat and the wind will just worsen it to the max. Go outside take some deep breaths of fresh air for about 15-30 minutes then go back inside your house (apartment) again sleep more than you usually do and drink a lot of liquids such as water and gatorade so you're hydrated. I actually didn't do these things when It started and it just beat the Shi* out of me :D it got me sick .. gave me regular flu then after that because of cold water and because of what these ppl said down here I got anemia I still didn't get over it...so be careful this isn't jokey stuff :D

Orange Juice and get a lot of sleep!

Get lots of rest and drink a lot of fluids such as water, green tea, or Gatorade.

Be healthy.
Exercise more and eat healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables. don't eat as much junk food. blow your nose. stay at home in bed until you're better or see a doctor

Nicky Batson
sleep and drink a lot of fluids

Take goldenseal (it's an herb, can be found at your local health food store) and drink green tea.

First, you need to change your thinking. Chances are if you think you will wake up sick, you will. You just might be feeling all of the pressure of exams coming up. This alone is enough to put you in a state of panic. I suggest you just keep thinking healthy thoughts. A runny nose can be caused by allergies running ramped right now. If it was anything like an infection, your sinus's would be congested making it hard to breathe. Red eye's are caused by either needing glasses or too much studying. Take a break from all of the studying and rest your mind. Go out and have some fun for awhile. You will feel a whole lot better and will be ready to go back to some reading if necessary. Remember that laughter is the best medicine and then make sure you laugh everyday. Make others laugh with you if possible, it's contagious. Have some good jokes at hand, but don't overdo. Moderation in everything is the key. Then wake up knowing that you will pass each exam as they come up. Make sure your attitude is right for what you need to face. This has always worked for me. Try it. The best part is the suggestions are free. Good luck and God Bless

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