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 i have a few questions on Swine flu...help?
if i get it can i just get over it like a normal flu?or do i need medical attention?
what are the symptoms of it?
how long do you have to seek medical treatment before its too late to treat?...

 If I get enough high fructose corn syrup, will it protect me from swine flu?

 Do you think the swine flu will be spread flu virus will spread accross the world?!!!?
Im freaking out!!! now its in china so im scared it will be all over the world!! please help me! and im so scared if it comes to florida and i live in ...

 What are foods and drinks that I should avoid if I currently have a throat infection?
I am pretty sure it is not a bacterial infection.. anyway here are my symptoms fyi.. They are pretty typical though: pain when swallowing fluids and solids and lot of white mucus... no headache and ...

 is drinking milk bad when you have a cold or flu?

 does reducing fever prolong the duration of a virus?
I know that the body heats up causing a fever in defense to an attack on its immune system, im not sure of the exact temperature but virus's usually die when exposed to high levels of heat. Is ...

 Do I have the Swine Flu?
Or are there flu viruses going around this time of year besides the swine flu? I threw up and have had to go to the loo many times this morning. I do not have a sore throat or coughing, but since I ...

 Why is my chest infection getting worse after taking antibiotics? Please help me!!?
I've been on antibiotics for about 4 days now. Amoxillin, 500mg, to be taken 3 times a day. Theres only enough left for one more day, and my GP said that if I don't feel better by the time I...

 Do I need a perscription? Pig Flu!!?
just kidding I dont have swine flu but I wanna be ready in case I do get sick so does anyone know if Tamiflu can be bought over the counter like at a drug store chain? I dont want there to be a ...

 how do u feel when u first get swine flue ?? and what do u feel like ??.....?
plz help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 how many of you think that the "swine flu"H1-N1 was a hoax?
just wondering,, someone said it was a bio weapon something about operation northwoods report too ???????northwoods??????...

 Why do some people get the flu when they get vaccinated for it ?

 should the cooked food (dal,sabzi)be kept open in the refrigerater?

 What makes some illnesses contagious, and some non-contagious?

Additional Details
Nope. It's not homework actually. I'm just curious as to why some illnesses are contagious, because half the kids in my school are sick with something, so I ...

 Swine Flu and SARS question?
I was listening to the radio tonight and someone said "This is like SARS all over again" when talking about the swine flu... I was young during the SARS thing and as a kid didn't pay ...

 A friend had a blood test, her ALT levels are 369 (40 should be the highest) what does that mean?

 Why doesnt food with salmonella bacteria in it taste or smell bad?

 Will a person always produce hiv antibodies?
If a person is hiv posotive does he or she always produce hiv antibodies? or do you only produce them when you are sick from hiv? how long do you produce them for or do the antibodies eventually go ...

 How do I get rid of my parotiditis!?
I was just diagnosed with parotiditis, and I am in so much pain it is unbearable! How long does this last and what do I do to stop the pain more please help!?...

 what should i do i just found out that im hiv+ and im only 16?

Mrs Cleavers hairless beaver
I feel like Im getting the flu, what can I do now to make it easier?
My son (18 months) threw up earlier. Now I dont feel well, flushed face icky tummy feeling, headache, sore muscles etc
Last year I was hospitalized from the flu so Im trying to not get that sick this time
I am drinking as much water as possible and rest but what can we do to avoid getting as sick as last time?
Additional Details
No I don't get vaccinations (Religious thing) no debate please I don't feel like it! lol

I have the immediate answer that will make everyone happy again!


Woohoo! Now you have your ginko biloba and get shot up with it too!

Mrs James Dean (Mrs C)
MamaSmurf needs to get laid, maybe she'll get the bird flu and go into the great beyond

take lots of vitamin c supplement pills

Organic Girlâ„¢
drink vitamin C.
Take orange juice or lemonade (without sugar.) wherever you go.

Personally, I agreed with Mamma. And I also agree with the above answerer when he said with what ever your religion is it it give you a pissy attitude. How can you NOT care about others getting sick???? Get the vaccine and quit banishing those that disagree with you. You asked the question. Deal with it.

!!**Obama is our Prez**!!
Have you had the flu shot yet and if you are currently sick ask to get the mist. and wash your hands a lot through out the day, and maybe go see your doctor.

Tom Foolery
Hot and Sour soup from a chinese restaurant. Can't explain why it works, but it does. At least for a few of us.


You have to take it within 12-48 hours of the onset of symptoms but it can cut the duration of the flu down by 1/2.

Otherwise, lots of vitamins, fluids, and rest is about all you can do. And Tylenol for the fever of course.

PS. Whatever religion it is, it sure is pissy :P

You can go to the doctor and get a rx for tamiflu, it lessens the severity and life of the influenza virus if taken within 48 hours of symptoms. I comes in pill form, not a "vaccine", but i don't know if it conforms to your religion. That is the only proven way to actually control the severity of the flu.

You don't get vaccinations because of a religious thing. But you don't mind infecting those that are around you or causing someone with a chronic illness to become extremely ill or even die from what they caught from you. But you will go to the hospital cause you had the flu so bad.....get vaccinated....No debate...don't feel like it. ....Enjoy your case of the flu and stay away from others......

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